Doughy is what I’m going to be after tonight.

First, these arrived today!


Shannon, over at The Daily Balance, had a blogger bake sale earlier this week and I won 2 items! My first “prize” came today – Emily’s “best chocolate chip cookies”.

Let’s just say Nick and I have each tried a few (or a lot) and they are GOOD.  No baking for me tonight – we already have dessert!  Thanks Emily!! And thanks to Shannon for holding the bake sale!

Dinner tonight was my first ever try at making calzones.


I think they turned out really well for our first try!


I used Biz’ pizza dough recipe tonight and it turned out great! The only change I made was using 1/2 whole wheat flour and 1/2 regular.


This made the perfect amount of dough for Nick and I to each make 2 calzones – one for each of us for dinner tonight, and one for lunch tomorrow.

I filled mine with a ricotta/feta mixture, spinach, red pepper, red onion, and black olives.

We also had some salads while waiting on the calzones – green leaf lettuce, black olives, red pepper, red onion, feta…


and THE BEST Caesar dressing ever.


Yum. I love your dressing, Newman’s Own. Now I just wish you carried more of your chocolate + cookies here!

Football night goes on! There are 2 good games on right now and I’m watching + blogging at the same time  :)


What’s your favorite cookie?

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  1. Favorite cookie = peanut butter oatmeal.

  2. yay for winning baked goods!!!!!!

    dinner looks awesome, and i bet you could make so many variations with the calzones! such a good idea

  3. OMG I used to be addicted to that salad dressing. As in there was always more dressing on my plate than actual salad. :)
    My fav cookie is oatmeal raisin.

  4. mmmm everything looks awesome! now, i want a calzone :)

  5. Love calzones and cookies!
    Such amazing eats + football!

  6. gingersnap cookies! :)
    and chocolate chip!!

  7. i love how pizza dough recipes always have too much dough, so that you end up with leftovers-it’s another perk of making things from scratch! :-)
    my favorite cookies are chocolate cookies with peanut butter inside. pain to make, but sooooo good!

  8. Glad the dough worked out for you! I have loved Newman’s dressings for as long as they have been out. :D

    At one point today, my husband had the Boston College game going on the computer (not televised in our area) and was toggling back and forth on the t.v. AND had another game going on his laptop!

    Good thing I am meeting my sister and friends tomorrow for the first Sunday of football! :D

  9. I’m a huge snickerdoodles fan. I love cinnamon in almost anything so a cookie with cinnamon is the tops!

    Glad you had a great day :-)

  10. I love leftovers, and aren’t you lucky to have a leftover calzone for tomorrow. YUMMY!!!

    My favorite cookie… that’s tough… I love peanut butter cookies, oatmeal raisin cookies and molasses cookies, although, those chocolate chip cookies look pretty awesome too. I’m a fan of almost any cookie, as long as it is chewy. That’s my main requirement!

  11. Sounds like you had a great Saturday!

    While I don’t discriminate against any cookie, my favorite are the Coconut Chocolate Chip from Paradise Bakery. Oh they’re awesome!

  12. hehe.. this is great!! sound you had soo much fun eh? hehe

  13. favorite cookie: chocolate with chocolate chips! :D

  14. Looks great, bran. I made some gluten free cookies last night and the results were hysterical. I hope to post about it in a few days.

    But, this post has me wondering if I could make some sort of pizza crust out of almond flour. hhhhmmmmm

  15. Snickerdoodle and white chocolate mac. nut cookies are tied for my favorites!

    That calzone looks absolutely amazing!!

  16. Those cookies and calzones both look like something I woulda liked to have for dinner ha ha! :-)

    My fav cookie is a good ol’ oatmeal raisin. Still kinda healthy, so I have an excuse to eat more..right? ;-)

  17. I can’t decide what looks better…the cookies, the calzones, or the salad! I love Newman’s dressings and wish they sold a larger variety in the UK!
    I am a sucker for oatmeal cookies…chocolate oatmeal make me extra happy ;)

  18. Those cookies look amazing! :D Hope you are having a great Sunday!

  19. Easy! Kristen Suzanne’s pecan spice cookies :)

  20. mmmmmm, i love all the dough in this post. those cookies look insane, and your calzones look excellent … esp for being the first time you made them!

    i think my favorite cookies are molasses cookies.

    oh and p.s. i finally french toasted a donut yesterday!! you were right — excellent :-)

  21. I’m going to have to try that dressing! The calzones look great :)

  22. Wow all of your food look amazing! Doughy cookies AND calzones…mmmmmm. My favorite cookie is chocolate chip walnut-or any kind of nut! Love the sweet/salty combo!

  23. calzones are such an amazing concept.. soft dough filled with cheese and other goodies, what could be more perfect?

    sounds like yet another yummy day for you :)

  24. one of the best food days ever — cookies and cheesy, doughy goodness? yes please!

    glad you are lovin the cookies – thanks so much again for your support ;)

  25. this is the third time this weekend i’ve heard the word “doughy!” tee hee! such a funny word….

  26. WOAH I can’t believe you got them so quickly! The postal service is ON THE BALL! I’m glad you like them :)

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