Friday Treats

Our tickets came in the mail today, thank goodness! The game tomorrow will be fun. It’s fun to watch games on tv, but so much better to be there in person.

Lunch today consisted of some leftovers + a new yogurt to try!


I had the last of  the green beans and some of the curry pasta, plus a few cherry tomatoes on the side.

Once I got back into the office from lunch, I opened this up


My first trial was the Strawberry Chobani.


I wasn’t sure how the fruit part of the yogurt would be, but it was almost like a jam mixed in with some berry pieces. As soon as I opened this container, all I could smell in my office was strawberries.

I tasted one spoonful of just the yogurt – good! Much sweeter than just plain yogurt which is what I usually have, but the flavor was nice and I love the thick texture.


For a bit of texture + flavor, I added a bit of almond butter granola a la Polly :) Seriously, you need to make this if you haven’t. It’s awesome! Thanks again Polly!

All in all, my first Chobani was a good experience. I can’t wait to try the other flavors!

Work was actually pretty busy today, so I was working right until 5 pm when I booked it out of there to start the weekend.

I was thinking the entire way home about what we would have for dinner. We didn’t really have any leftovers, and I didn’t have anything on schedule for tonight.

After going through our options, we decided on making big salads tonight.


What a great way to clean out the fridge!


My bowl had:

  • romaine + green leaf lettuce
  • pepper from our garden
  • tomato from our garden
  • carrot
  • 1 slice bacon
  • 2 hard boiled (local!) eggs
  • 1 Tbsp or so ranch dressing


Ranch dressing is just unbeatable sometimes. There’s nothing else like it.

I’m glad dinner turned out to be a bit light…I had enough room for my Friday night treat!


I guess I’m all about the coconut lately!

What’s your favorite salad dressing?

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  1. omg, so funny! My bf picked up a bag of those M&M’s last weekend on our way back from the river. I love coconut too but they don’t taste very coconutty to me and … I think I’ll stick with peanut M&M’s, thank you very much. :)

  2. My favorite dressing to purchase is Annie’s Goddess dressing. It’s a nice sweet yet not too sweet taste. But I like making my own if possible.

  3. Coconut M&M’s?! Oohhhh yummy :) Your salad looks really good too. I love h.b. eggs in salad but never have them! If I make my own dressing I like GOOD balsamic vinegar with GOOD olive oil. But if I’m buying I like a lot of Annie’s dressings: lite rasp. vinegarette or Goddess.

  4. oh my – coconut M and M’s!!! dear me. i may have to get them.

  5. Oh, chobs.. it never dissapoints. Just wait until you try le peach!

  6. Strawberry Chobani was single handedly responsible for my conversion to Greek yogurt – my first Greek love ;)

    Glad you got your tickets!! Watching a game is fun but it’s all about the experience of being there!

    My fav. dressing – salsa and a little sprinkle of cayenne pepper!

  7. Yay for coconut m&ms and Strawberry Chobani! Both are so yummy!

  8. Okay I just had a mini-heart attack from EXCITEMENT after seeing this pack of coconut m&m’s – minor freakout over here haha – these sound amazing holy yum (I am obsessed with all things coconut!!!) :) I just frantically showed them to my boyfriend hahaha…. okay, calming down now. Have fun at the game tomorrow!! :)

  9. coconut M&M’s!!!??? OMGOSH!!!

    i loooove annies green goddess dressing.
    or plain balsamic vinigar!

  10. yum i am loving your cobb-ish salad. and i agree about the ranch! i wish i could try those m&ms, i love coconut but can’t eat candy! ranch is my fave, but not bottled. hate bottled. it is all about the homemade! that is why i constantly am putting hidden valley seasoning on everything :) happy weekend!

  11. the pineapple chiobani is my new fav… wish i could get it here!

  12. The pomegranate chobani rocks my socks, I wish it weren’t so spenny so that I could justify buying it every week!

    Bacon and egg in a salad? Girl, you know how to work it. Love that. As for favorite dressing – I like simple balsamic/olive oil ones generally but Annie’s Shiitake and Sesame dressing is literally the best thing ever!

  13. Oh my gosh! I have never seen coconut M&M’s and I am an M&M fiend! Where in the world did you get them? Your cobb salad looks very yummy. Cobbs are one of my favorites!

  14. That’s a cool M &M! Chobani recently contacted me that they are sending me some samples. I am SO excited to try them!

    Don’t like salad dressings. So I just use black pepper, and tons of good stinky cheese!

  15. salad is the way to go to clean out the fridge! favorite salad dressing? olive + balsamic/lemon + stevia.

  16. My favorite storebought dressing is Annie’s Woodstock dressing. My favorite homemade one is the Spicy Mustard dressing from Veganomicon.

    I love making huge salads for dinner. It’s so simple, but always so delicious.

  17. Favorite salad dressing is Poppyseed or Blue Cheese, but try to just go with a lighter option like Balsamic most times!
    Love Strawberry Chobani!
    Happy Game Day!

  18. Wow, great looking salad! I need to find those M&M’s soon.

    Have fun at the game today!!

  19. holy salad! girl that looks amazing. Hard boiled eggs are i think the best addition to salads :) glad work was good and i hope you have an awesome weekend love! :)

  20. I LOVEEE Chorbai with granola!

  21. I like balsamic vinegar, ranch, and blue cheese.

  22. I used to not like coconut, but recently I have grown to like it. The Coconut M&M sound really good…

    I love a simple vinaigrette with lots of lemon juice.

  23. Cocnut M&M’s? I may be on a mission to find them! I love love love coconut!

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