Nuts for Coconut

The chickens came back out!



No sign of the rooster, but the chickens were just clucking around across the street this morning.


They’re getting big! We saw them a month or so ago and they were still teeny tiny.


I tried a new addition in my coffee this morning, thanks to Christie’s posts –


Light coconut milk! yum. I had some leftover from my curry dish last night and decided to try it while I had it. I LOVED the flavor in my coffee! What a fun addition.

Lunch today was good, filling, and a lot of food!


I heated up some green beans we had leftover and had the rest of my oat groat salad.


So good and garlicky! Good thing I’m home by myself  :)


and a peach that needed to go. I caught it at just the right time.


2 Questions today!

  • Favorite way to use coconut milk?
  • Favorite way to use peaches? We have 2 left!

Football tonight!

Clemson at No. 15 Georgia Tech, ESPN 7:30 Eastern – leave your pick in the comments if you’re in!


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  1. Fave peach use = baked with oat topping, or frozen and in a smoothie :-)

    Fave coconut milk use = drizzled over oatmeal! but now I’m DEFINITELY going to need to try it in my coffee – brilliant idea!

  2. Thanks for the link to Christie’s website, she’s from Richmond like me and has some good reviews of places to go! :) :)

  3. Check out my post today to see what to do with those leftover peaches!

  4. Glad you liked the coconut milk in your coffee!

    Love the chickens!

  5. Coconut milk in coffee sounds AMAZING!

    I warmed up a peach the other night and added some granola on top… it was an easy crisp and pretty good!

  6. I cant believe you have chickens roaming around your yard!
    My uncle had a horse farm and the rooster use to chase me :(

    Grill the peaches

    Never had coconut milk, where do you find these funky foods?

    My pick is Georgia Tech (peaches are from Georgia)

  7. Hmmm…I’m thinking up a recipe for ya.

    How about if you combine the coconut milk with a little sugar and boil it down to a syrup. Dice the peaches and add them as soon as the coconut syrup is the right consistancy. Then maybe pour the mixture over a slice of angel food cake? Sorta like a peaches and coconut cream shortcake minus a lot of the fat.

  8. should have said to boil it down to a SAUCE rather than a syrup. ;)

  9. Try grilling your peaches if you haven’t already dont that! seriously amazing :)

  10. look at those chickens! cute. i love peaches any which way, it is my favorite fruit ever. but on vanilla bean ice cream with cinnamon probably takes the cake. and coconut milk is best in thai cooking.. mm. have fun with the football watching tonight!

  11. I have honestly never used coconut milk. I just never think of recipes that need it since it is such a specialty ingredient.

    I love to put peaches in with a little oatmeal and milk and sugar to kind of make a cobblery thing. No recipe just thrown together. Of course I just suck the things off the pit too fast to normally make anything with them. I probably buy about 15 a week just for me :-)

  12. Thanks for linking to my contest! I was afraid no one would enter :-)

  13. We like to grill our peaches, then top them with yogurt or ice cream, a drizzle of honey and a sprinkle of granola. Yummy!

    My pick is Georgia Tech.

  14. Haha, I love farm animals :) And I love catching fruit right before it goes bad! It feels lucky.

  15. Favorite way to eat peaches: eat them plain! They’re hard to beat that way. They’re also really good with a dollop of whipped cream.

    I’ve never tried coconut milk but I’m dying to! Love the idea of putting it in coffee…I’ll have to try that.

    Do you live on a farm? Loving all those chickens!

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