Loaded with Yogurt

I think I picked the wrong snack today.

I dug into my last Oikos today, topped with my last zucchini muffin.



Oh, it was great. Don’t get me wrong.

But as SOON as I finished my snack, this arrived on my doorstep.


What is this huge box, you ask?


The Chobani yogurt fairy decided to pay me a visit! I was SO excited when this showed up, I actually squealed out loud when I opened it up.


When Morgan from Chobani offered to send me some samples since I can’t find them here, I said yes, of course! I’ve heard so many good reviews on this yogurt, but there aren’t any stores that sell it here.

I honestly thought by “samples” I would get 3-4 yogurts to try. I was blown away by this package! I think I got at least one of all of their flavors, including the 2 new ones:


Pomegranate and…



Thanks so much Morgan! I can’t wait to try these!

I knew I shouldn’t eat another yogurt since I knew we were running after work, but it was hard not to.

Once Nick got home, we headed out for a 3 mile run. The weather was perfect for running. It was actually pretty cool today – it stayed overcast all day long and the high was only in the low 70s. Fall is here, it seems. Some of the trees here are already changing colors!

The run, time wise, was great.

Today was my first time ever to have an average mile pace under 9:00!

I had pretty bad side stitches the entire time, though, which stunk. I guess at least I’m learning to run with them when I have them instead of letting them bring me down. I still don’t like them, though. I used to be pretty bad about them, huffing and puffing and sometimes crying. For real – I was a pretty big baby when I first started running and I don’t like pain.

We got back, stretched, showered, and heated up a quick dinner.


It had to be fast – there’s football on tonight!


We both heated up some of the curry pasta from last night, and I still have some left for lunch tomorrow. Super.

you know what I’m about to do – sit on my butt, watch football, and probably have some popcorn.

Favorite things to put in flavored yogurts? I usually just have plain yogurt, so what are you favorite things to use in flavored ones? Or do you just eat them as is?

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  1. Holy yogurt! That is amazing! I usually eat plain yogurt, but when I used to eat fruit yogurt I didn’t mix anything in.
    For side stitch help, it might help to learn to breath using your stomach more. In high school we used to have to lay on our backs, put magazines on our stomachs, and breath so that they went up and down. It keeps you from sucking air in a way that is too shallow and gets you cramped up. It feels silly!

  2. I’ve tried the Chobani with Honey before. It’s a nice mixture, but more of an afternoon yogurt than a morning yogurt, for me at least.

  3. Mmm that Chobani looks awesome! I totally crumbeled one of those muffins in my plain fage today, too :)

  4. Lucky you! I love granola or Kashi GoLean Crunch in the flavored yogurts. I also like to put the fresh fruit of the flavor of the yogurt in too. (blueberries in blueberry yogurt, etc)

  5. I am a big fan of using a granola bar or cut up fruit to eat flavored yogurt like a dip :-)

  6. Awesome job on the run!

    I like a little crunch, so I usually put a plain cereal in a flavored yogurt (like TJ’s High Fiber O’s, Kashi Good Friends or Grape Nuts).

    I love Chobani, so glad you get to have a whole box :)

  7. w flavored yogurts i put in a very plain tasting cereal, like wheat puffs or TJ Fiber worms or something….

  8. YAY for the yogurt fairy! ahhhh exciting! I’ve only had Oikos so far, so i’m really excited to hear what you think of the chobani! In my vanilla yogurt i like to put chocolate anything in it. I bet you any combo of fruit would be great too! :)

    have a great night girl! :)


  9. Oh you lucky girl!! That looks like the best delivery EVER :) I can’t wait to see how you like the pineapple, I’m dying to try it myself too! Have a great night watchin football, we got some of that on our TV too!

  10. Oh YaY!! Chobani!! Yum!!!

  11. *yogurt envy* I would give me right arm to find that pineapple chobs!

  12. Lucky girl! You’re going to be in yogurt heaven. I’ve been putting off yog shopping for a while because I ran out of my Oikos coupons, but I miss it so much!

    That curry pasta looks sosososo good.

  13. My all time fave yogurt mess = strawberry chobani + any type of cereal (usually shredded spoonfuls, kashi heart to heart and/or pb puffins…) + a banana + almond butter & cinnamon!!! Try it, you’ll love!!!! :-D

  14. When I could eat dairy and gluten (sigh), my favorite way was with a crumbled odwalla bar.

  15. l’m anxious to here what you think of all the flavs!

  16. love the zucchini + Greek yog combo = soooooo good!

  17. That yogurt fairy must be strong to lift a box like that! How nice. I normally don’t put anything in flavored yogurt unless its more fruit and something crunchy like granola. I’m more of a plain girl so I can make my own combo.

    Let us know how you like it. I tend to buy a large container of plain so I get to have a variety of flavors of my own creating.

  18. Oh I’m dying to try those new flavors! Good job on the run pace girl!

  19. Chobani is amazing!! That is so generous of them!

  20. I like plain yogurt best too, but I’ll still toss some granola in the flavored ones. I’m waiting to hear what you think about pomegranate and pineapple… those flavors sound so interesting!

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