Home with the Chickens

This is my first week actually trying working from home on both Monday and Thursday! The last couple of weeks just didn’t work out and I needed to go in to get some stuff done, but I’m home today so we’ll see how it goes!

It was probably a good thing I was staying home, because I just slept through my alarm and didn’t get up until Nick’s went off – oops!  :)

I did still get up and make us a good breakfast today since I had a little more time.


I cut up some strawberries + kiwi and cooked up a little bacon for us.


Plus I cooked up some oatbran to put my eggs on – Nick’s not a huge fan of grits, so he just eats his eggs on his plate with his bacon and fruit.

But I don’t want any of this to go to waste!


The oatbran or grits are the perfect vehicle to scoop up all of that runny goodness.


I tried to get a picture of our neighbor’s chickens out this morning, but I guess they went back in.

Normally, the sounds we hear / wake up to the most are either:

  • roosters crowing / chickens running around
  • jets flying by overhead
  • trains…we live RIGHT by the train tracks and they love to blow their whistle as they’re going by our house

Kind of an odd combination, but that’s what it is!


What things are going on where you live?

Dogs barking, traffic?


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  1. I’m not much of an egg eater these days but your oat bran never fails to strike a craving!! YUM! My neighborhood is fairly quiet: dogs barking, some traffic, the occasional planes (I live 2 miles from a small airport), and the God awful motorized scooters that drive me INSANE!!

    Enjoy your day today :)

  2. love the running eggs with grits! yummy~~~

    I think nothing happens here, it’s soooooo quiet! :(

  3. You’ve just inspired me to add kiwi to my breakfast this morning.

  4. I live on a busy street so the traffic during the day is loud. Thankfully I don’t work nights anymore!

    I still need to try that egg/grits combo, looks good!

  5. I grew up a quarter mile from the freight train crossing. They blow there horns 3 times. I guess I was use to them, because they never bothered me. Now I live across the street from a elementary school, so twice a week I wake up at 4:30am to a garbage truck backing up and every Tuesday at 6am to the landscapers taking care of the grounds. UGH

  6. Love the strawberry/kiwi combo–one of my all time favs!

    I always here the train going by, sirens, traffic–the typical city noise.

  7. We have dogs barking sometimes in our neighborhood but without fail, every week, the trash truck comes at 5am!

  8. There is plenty of weird noise in Brooklyn . . . the most annoying of which is cars with the bass cranked waaaaay up!

  9. When we lived in Minneapolis we were right by the FedEx runway, those are big and loud planes!
    Love you egg, grits and bacon combo, my MIL made that for us last night too!

  10. I love working from home… sitting here in sweatpants right now! So comfy.

    We have sirens, trains, people pushing carts collecting cans and bottles, garbage trucks, road noises… ah the city.

  11. what do grits taste like? I don’t think I’ve seen them in the UK…everytime I see the word I imagine grit like gravel :D

    Going on where I live…they are cutting down hedges and grass and making lots of noise! I love the smell of freshly cut grass :)

  12. I love soaking up the egg yolk! Best part!!!! I hope everything works out and you get all your work done at home! I would love to be able to work from home.
    When I’m in my hometown I live right downtown in a penthouse so I always hear cars driving by. In the mornings it’s the beeping of the big semis backing into the grocery store to unload products. soooo annoying!!!
    In Boston its the constant sound of traffic and red sox fans outside my window.

  13. seagulls.

    train toots his horn when he crosses the beach crossing down the hill from us.

    birds chirping. that’s my favourite.

  14. Hey Brani!
    I have been MIA lately but im back and still loving your blog and can finally indulge a little bit more!

    I love kiwis and I swear I just bought some and I dont know where they went! I suck at making eggs but I do love them with some grits – real southern cooking!

    I have been hearing lawnmowers like mad these days and a lot of late night traffic! I love it!

  15. What an absolutely delicious breakfast! I love mornings when I have extra time to make exactly what I want!

    *sigh* I wish I could work from home one or two days a week

  16. we just hear traffic right now… but when we buy a house the fiance has promised we can get chickens! i’m excited for that-my parents have some and they’re such funny pets.

  17. Oooh…loving the eggs + oat bran combo…I’ve never tried that before but I think I might!

    The on-goings in my neighborhood right now: I hear the garbage truck outside! It’s loud.

  18. yumm love the savory eggs with oat combo going on here!! outside my window i hear the wind blowing trees, college kids playing volleyball outside, and my next door neighbor playing quite the eclectic mix of music (classical to rap to country) haha have a great day :)

  19. yuuhhm to the runny yolks! and the colorful fruit. i wish i could work from home, that would be ideal. oh dogs barking at my house for sure.. we have 4 and live on a corner. bark bark bark bark bark..

  20. Oooh I just got hooked on oat bran and I love this combo w/ the egg – I’m going to have to try that this weekend! :)

  21. oh gosh, usually the people upstairs sadly. lol.
    they are elephants! it is ridiculous. they are up at literally all hours. including 4 am. yeah.
    other than that, pretty quiet. rabbit scratching here and there i suppose, but the cats and dog are relatively quiet.

  22. Yum, look at the runny egg deliciously flowing into the oats! Looks delicious!

    I always get woken up super early by a train that is miles away! It drives me nuts.

  23. The fruit and eggs look so delicious!

    Right outside of our front door there are birds (I think doves) that made a nest and laid eggs. Well they’re there ALL the time obviously and they make some weird noises–we like to keep our door open since we have a screen so it can get quite annoying at times!

  24. those kiwis and berries are GORGEOUS!

    i miss going to the farm – so many fun memories growing up!

  25. I hear sirens, helicopters, and buses, the joys of living in DC!

  26. we live on a pretty quiet street – the occasional car/baby/dog walking by. i miss nyc sounds!!!

  27. I live downtown and right by a bar and grill, so I often hear drunk people leaving the bar and people getting in arguments. And lots of sirens.

    That’s so awesome that you get to work at home 2 days this week!

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