Last Minute Letdowns

Well, dang.

2 plans today didn’t work out!

Nick and I planned to go get some froyo during our lunch break, but we went because the guy told me yesterday that they switch their flavor every day and today was supposed to be chocolate or strawberry! So, we headed over and got there to find that the flavor was still honeydew today. It’s a good flavor, but not what we wanted.

We went in our favorite coffee shop near the froyo place to see if they had cookies for a snack – nope! They were out.

So…back to work it was.

I had an apple from the market to fill my disappointed stomach.


The flavor was good, but it was a bit mealy. They guy warned me they might be, so I took a chance on this Burgundy apple. I loved the flavor of it – I’ll have to get some from the first batch next year.

I also had a hard boiled egg and some almonds for a snack later this afternoon to fuel my run.


I love the brown shells!


Good snack.

Too bad there wasn’t a run.

When we left work and got home, it was raining! The rain also cooled it down a lot – it was only 63 degrees when we were on our way home.

I’m sad I didn’t get to run, but kind of relieved, too. I started getting a bad headache at the end of the day, so it’s been nice to just come home, cook dinner, and take it easy. Plus, tomorrow was supposed to be a rest day so I just switched them and will be running tomorrow.

Thank goodness dinner was not a letdown!


When I saw that Lainie had made this curry pasta dish, I immediately put it on the meal plan for this week.

I made a lot of the same changes she did:

  • pineapple instead of mango
  • about 3-4 cups each of fresh broccoli + cauliflower
  • 3 cups total ww pasta, since I wanted enough leftovers for tomorrow + a lunch or two
  • cut the brown sugar to only 1 Tbsp
  • used just regular curry powder in the coconut milk mixture since I didn’t have the red curry paste


Ginger + curry + coconut milk makes just about anything taste good, I think.

I liked this as is, but I want to try it again when I had the red curry paste, too.


I ate dinner earlier than normal, so I’m thinking of what my snack will be tonight…popcorn? chocolate? cereal?


What’s your favorite way to use curry?

I love dishes like this or curry in soups, and we also almost ALWAYS put it in our chicken salad.


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  1. Sorry to hear about your let downs today :( That’s the worst! This weekend I went to an ice cream shop to get some froyo and their frozen yogurt machine was broken.. I was so disappointed! Hope tomorrow is better girl! xoxo

  2. ugh, one of those days eh? hope Thursday is a great success :)!

  3. Honey dew fro? That’s interesting! I’ve never actually had a true curry but I’ve used curry powder on steamed cauliflower before. Hope you have a good evening :)

  4. aw rats…i’m sorry to hear about those let downs. but hey tomorrow is a new day, and i bet you something awesome will happen :)

  5. Love that you were so flexible with your run!
    I love curry in lots of stuff- in chicken salad with grapes and mango chutney on the side, in veggie curries, curried noodles, and of course my Ireland favorite, curry fries!

  6. Oh, what a bummer about the fro yo. The Tangy Sweet near my office used to switch every week, but it seems like they’ve changed to a two or three week cycle. I need more variety. Ha ha!

    The curry dish looks yummy! I love almost anything with curry. It’s funny you asked that question today. I just posted about a curried squash and carrot soup I came up with the other day. Curry is just so cozy. Mmm… I’ll be the pineapple was awesome in your dish. Love it!

  7. Ugh, I hate when weather ruins running plans! And bummer about the froyo – we went to get it the other night but realized they only take cash, as we were staring at all the flavors. We sadly had to leave empty handed. :(

  8. First off – honeydew fro yo? That sounds pretty awesome, never seen that flave before! Sorry they didn’t have what you wanted though :/ Secondly, that dinner looks fab! I love curry, I make a mango chicken curry dish with a blended curry/mango/red bell pepper/onion sauce that I just love!

  9. i hate it when plants dont work!! :(

    i love curried cauliflower!!! and chickpeas :)

  10. Aw, sorry your froyo plans didn’t work out!

    Hey, I made your muffins and brought them into work today. They were a hit!

  11. I’m sorry about the letdowns! :-( I hope you have great weather tomorrow!

    And I’m with you — curry powder in any type of salad (tofu, tempeh, tuna/egg/etc.) is awesome!

  12. I love your idea of a hardboiled egg for a snack! I should definetely try that since I love my protein!

  13. Yeah…thanks for the shout-out, Brandi!!! Glad you liked the recipe. Definitely try it again with the red curry paste…I think it kind of gives it an added zing!

    Sorry to hear there were letdowns to your day :( That sucks. Here’s to wishing you a happier tomorrow…

  14. honeydew froyo? Sounds good. But I guess when you’re craving something else, nothing will do!
    Love curry sprinkled on top of steamed veggies. And as fish head curry!

  15. sorry about the falling through of multiple plans! and the mealy apple, HATE that. but the pasta looks ahhhmazing. seriously! so good. i put curry in that mango chutney i made sunday and it was tasty. but i will take curry any way it comes!

  16. i love curry with coconut milk. on coconut rice. mmmm….

  17. Aw sorry you didn’t get your treat at lunch!! Your dinner looks fabulous! I’ll have to try that recipe!

  18. That recipe sounds fab & reminds me I need to put curry on my grocery list now!

  19. I hate when I get my hopes up for a treat and it doesn’t work out. But that dinner looks SOOOO good. I think I may have to try it soon.

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