Falling for Fashion

No surprises here – lunch is leftovers!

More of that oat groat salad with zucchini, tomatoes and chickpeas.


Plus the last of my roasted broccoli and cauliflower from the other night.


Not super exciting, but tasty!

Fall, for some reason, is the time of the year that I get most excited about fashion.

I’m not sure why – maybe all the colors, the thick sweaters, fabulous coats and scarves…it just makes me want to bundle up and look good doing it!

Plus, there is nothing I like better than wearing a pair of dark jeans and a huge sweater that just takes me over. I’m pretty sure Nick does not enjoy my “grandpa” sweaters, and I have gotten rid of a few over the years because they are not flattering at all, but I still love them! I love that feeling of just being completely engulfed in a sweater – so warm and cozy.

Since I can’t stop thinking about that dress I saw yesterday, I thought I’d do a little “fantasy shopping” with all the things I would love to buy for fall right now if I had the cash.

I also found a list of the 7 trends for Fall over at Banana Republic – interestingly enough, most of my picks fall into their categories!

Interesting to me because I normally don’t follow trends. I am a jean / tshirt girl any day that I can be, have never ever owned Uggs and don’t go shopping for the new “thing” very much at all.

Ann Taylor Loft started me on this yesterday, so I’ll start there.


Plaid dress that I’m loving – it has POCKETS!!! I am such a sucker for dresses with pockets.


This navy coat is beautiful – too bad I have quite the coat collection and do NOT need another one…but I don’t have a navy one. Everyone needs a navy coat, right?


This outfit makes me happy – it would be better if it was in my colors but I love the jeans + jacket + scarf combo.

Moving over to Banana Republic…and wishing I would win the lottery…

This dress –


And this one!


I love them both, and I think I’m just a sucker for gray. You can put any other colors with it and it always looks good.

And who knows if I would ever wear these necklaces, but I think they are awesome.



A little bit closer to my actual budget, I found some great sweaters at Old Navy!


The gray cardigan would go with just about anything, which I love. Any color underneath, all kinds of jewelry options, jeans, skirts, dresses…you name it.


I also love this deep purple button sweater, although I’m sure it’s the wrong color. I am horrible at picking out the right purple for myself! I would have to use my swatches.


And…a grandpa sweater. Love it.

It just looks so cozy!


Do you like the changing fashion for the seasons? What is your top fall item you want / have and love?

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  1. I looooove to change my clothes when the seasons change…it get all excited about the “new” clothes in my closet because I am sick of the summer or winter clothes. I need the change! :)

    If you check out my most recent post–you will see I just ordered some boots for the fall–which I am stoked about. That is my top fall item right now, but I am sure by tomorrow I will have another something I am eyeing. Bad new bad news. haha

  2. i hate being cold, but i’m looking forward to seeing if my body can tolerate winter better now that i am healthy. i used to just shiver my bones off last year. this year im not as cold all the time so im hopeful.
    cute outfits you picked out! love the jean/scarf outfit too.

  3. All fabulous picks – that I would have picked myself!!

    I love loooong cardigans & sweaters for fall!

  4. All these pictures of clothes are making me want to go shopping!! I love fall fashion a little bit too much!

  5. Those dresses from banana republic are fabulous! Fall is my favorite season in terms of fashion.

  6. I love, love, love cold weather and sweaters, but here in Florida, I don’t get to wear many of them. :( Wish I could move further north. I actually love the ones from Old Navy and the navy coat. I’m going somewhere cold in December, and will need a coat… maybe the navy one will be it.

  7. I now have to get that second necklace, the gray/silver one. I love it!

  8. Such cute fall stuff! If only I had some money to spend!!

  9. I had a boyfriend sweater like that that I loved. I wore it constantly that my students actually thought I didn’t own any shirts because they never saw them…it was cold in my school.

    Sadly my wardrobe doesn’t change much with the seasons. I go from wearing my uniform without a sweater to with. And for non uniform attire I stick to jeans and khakis with long sleeved tees instead of short sleeve. I barely own nice clothes in any season :0-(

  10. Brandi this post makes me happy! I get ga ga crazy over fashion and when i saw all your selections you picked out i then realized that you and i are so alike! :) I love that plaid dress from Ann Taylor Loft and it was a huge seller for me to knowing it had pockets. i love anything with pockets! hahah…the only upside about shopping at Banana for me, because i work within the company i get a huge discount, i’ll hook a sista up!

    Those leftovers are def not disappointing at all! lovin it girl! :)


  11. I’m very bad following fashion or trend. I wear whatever it seems pretty and comfortable to me most of the time! :)
    But I do notice that when I read more fashion magazine, I do want those in fashion stuffs.

  12. I am liking fall clothes a lot this year too, which is weird bc normally I am sooo upset when summer is over :/ Guess things change sometimes?! I hit up b.republic this past weekend, talk about cute stuff! Glad I found your blog :)

  13. My favorite new Fall clothing piece is a plaid jacket, great for MN/IA winters!
    Those are super cute necklaces!

  14. looove these styles!! and i’m totally a sucker for dresses with pockets too–gets me every time :) i love bringing out my tall boots for fall!

  15. Those clothes are so cute! I love fall and winter for the boots, but I kind of also hate fall and winter because it requires so much more coordinating. The awesome thing about summer is that you can throw on a fabulous sundress and some sandals and you’re golden. In the winter it’s pants + under shirt + sweater or cardigan + coat + scarf + gloves and then the shoes have to match. And then there’s that thing where you dress for the weather outside but it’s hot inside because everyone has the heater cranked up so you’re dying in your sweaters. Haha, but I will get over it ;)

  16. I love clothes shopping! And it’s fall, so that means new school clothes shopping (even if I’m not in school!) :)

    I tried on the first dress you posted at ATL (I fell in love with it too). It’s so cute, but once I got it on I didn’t like it on me (and that’s sad b/c it fit me perfectly & is such my style – booo). I think if it were a solid color I’d like it better. I did like the Elbow Sleeve Cowlneck Sweater though, so I might go back and get that (I have a giftcard to use up)


    Happy Shopping (even if it is just fantasy shopping online!)

  17. I love all of these looks! They so chic and polished :) Too bad they’re about 4343890 times what I can afford! Ah well, guess I shall have to stick to tjmaxx and tarjeeeey ;)

  18. Nice Fall fashion :-) They look very cozy!

  19. I love all the clothes you posted!!!! I want them all. You clearly have amazing fashion sense ;)

  20. those are some sweeet looks! i unfortunately don’t change my dressing patterns and simply switch from shorts to jeans/yoga pants and shirts to hoodies. i live life like a college student. :)

  21. Jenny — Anny Taylor/Loft’s stuff goes on sale at a fairly good pace lately and I can sometimes find better deals there than TJ Maxx or Target. It might also help that I usually check it out at least every other week to keep up with what’s on sale in the store (I go to the gym @ the mall on the weekends… one way to bribe myself to get movin!).

  22. Love love love ALL of those sweaters! I’m a huge fan of the comfy, long length cashmere sweaters that still remain feminine… they’re so crucial for anyone’s Fall attire. That and scarves and boots. Pretty much any Fall article of clothing is my favorite it’s the absolute best season!!! :)

  23. Such lovely dresses! I must look at Asos, they have an online shop of amazing dresses but never really ordered one..I like dresses a lot though I only own two.

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