Positivity Wins

Gurgle, gurgle goes my stomach. Why can’t I figure out what makes my tummy do all this weird stuff? I do not like it.

But, let’s focus on the positives.

Today was a good day.

Nick and I ate lunch outside today, and the weather was just beautiful.


I had some of my leftover oat groat/zucchini/tomato/chickpea salad from the other night, plus some leftover roasted broccoli and cauliflower.


This was so filling! I brought an apple to have along with it, but didn’t need it so it will be part of my snack tomorrow  :)

Then we went and walked around Books a Million + Ann Taylor Loft. I am in love with a few dresses in that store…I hope they go on sale soon. I love new fall clothes!

I ended up having a super fun outing today at work! My supervisor took me over to that new froyo place we have here and we each got some for an afternoon snack. Yum. Today I got a small original flavor topped with pineapple and coconut – it was awesome.

Another positive was that I did yoga after work. Yummy, right Polly? I did 2 downloads today: one detox flow and a moon salutation (even though it was still light outside!) from yogadownload.com. I like being able to make up my own 40 minutes by choosing 2 different downloads! It’s fun. And it makes me feel great.

Nick ate his dinner while I was yoga-ing downstairs, so I came up and just made a quick and easy burger bowl.


I wasn’t in the mood to put a burger together, so I just put it on top of some romaine + tomatoes in a bowl and added my piece of corn. I love having meals in bowls – I don’t know what it is. I liked having a little bite of burger with some lettuce + tomato each time.


And you can’t go wrong when the corn + tomatoes are perfectly fresh.

Now I just have to floss, pack my lunch, and I am done for the night.


What are your positives for the day?

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  1. i’m just happy i got 8 hours of sleep! but good stuff is happening all around!

  2. Oh there are many positive aspects of today! The weather was perfect, I took my grandma to the botanical gardens AND I just got done mountain biking! Mountain biking is sooo much fun and is an instant mood booster! Your salad looks good, by the way!

  3. sounds like a good day to me! :)

    -even though i didnt do my planned 4.5 i did pump out a good 3.2 instead! :)

    hope ur havin a fab night!


  4. Yum for vegetables and YUMMY for yoga!

    I read all night tonight for class, and it was such a positive experience. I need to read more often!

  5. I gave up a long time ago figuring what made my stomach gurgle b/c it seems like everything does! Oh well I still love my food. Funnily enough, I’m wearing my Ann Taylor dress right ow. Love their clothes. If we were the same size I would send you some of my dresses. I’m one of those terrible people who only wears things once which really hurts my wallet!

  6. I love being able to mix up my yoga how I want.

    My positives are that I got to the trainer this morning and had a great workout while talking about her new babies…she just had triplets.

    I also was able to finish the baby quilt I slaved away on yesterday for my friends baby and bought two gifts for some great friends.

  7. my positive for today: i got paid! yay! and i lived through my run and bike. yay 2!

  8. ann taylor loft is my FAVORITE place for dresses! they’re always cute, and they make dresses that work well with my body shape too!

  9. postives:
    (made me very happy)
    got paid
    have an amazing family!

  10. Sorry I haven’t commented in a couple days! I’ve been reading! I’ve just been super busy! I love Ann Taylor Loft and Fall clothing!

  11. Your salads look GREAT!

  12. Sorry your tummy is giving you trouble. I was going to blame dairy but you hardly ate any today! I hope you get to feeling better soon!

    Yesterday’s positive was finally getting to hang out with my roommate – we are usually both too busy.

  13. mmm those tomatoes in your salad look amazing. as does the oat groats thingamajig. haha floss is def a must after corn on the cob!

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