3 Reasons I Might Be a Ninja

1. Last night, on our awesome run, my last mile was at 8:19!!! I have not run that fast since 5th grade.

Yes, 5th grade. I remember having to run the mile in 5th grade for our Presidential fitness test, and I ran it in 7:49. I only remember that because it was an easy number to remember, and I never really ran after 5th grade until last year  :)

About the last 1/4 mile, I saw that we were running at about an 8:20 pace (kind of flat/downhill while the rest of our run is not level at all) and I sped up just to see if I could get it under 8:00. I was so excited when I did – I told Nick we were running right under 8:00 a mile!

Once we turned onto the last little stretch of road before getting to our house, Nick said “okay – let’s speed up – just go as fast as you can to the corner”. I did…and I felt like my heart was about to explode, but I looked down when we stopped and I was running at 7:23!!! Holy moly. There’s no way I could run at that pace for any longer than I did right now, but I was amazed.


2. Second reason I might be a ninja? I caught + killed one of those stupid little elusive fruit flies last night with my bare hands in mid-flight. I think it was the granddaddy of all the other ones we’ve had lately, and I caught him with my hand as he was flying by my face AND while I was shucking corn! I am a multi-tasking ninja, at that.


3. I stayed up pretty late last night to finish watching the FSU / Miami game and I actually got up on time AND made myself a good breakfast!


I actually thought I was late getting up because my sleepy eyes saw one time on the clock, but that’s not the time it was, thank goodness!


I also thought ahead last night and mixed up some muesli, but then decided I wanted a hot breakfast today instead of a cold one. So…the muesli will wait for another day, I guess.


It’s been a long time since I’ve had oats-in-a-jar. I’ve been waiting to get to the bottom of this jar, and today was the day!

  • 1/3 cup oatbran, 1 cup water, pinch salt
  • 1/2 banana, sliced
  • cinnamon
  • 1 Tbsp flaxmeal
  • 1 Tbsp or so cooked oatgroats
  • crunchy pb


Now I just have to keep working on my other jars…


Okay, spill it – Do you have any secret ninja moves or powers? What are your talents?


  1. nice run! it’s great to power up at the end. :)
    killing buds with hand? that’s so funny! I love doing that but always fail!
    that oat-in-jail combo looks delicious!!!!!

  2. haha you are too funny–I don’t have any cool ninja like moves. However, I can pop my hips out of place and people think that is cool. It is probably really bad for me–but it feels good! haha

  3. Way to go all Mr. Miyagi on that fly!
    I’m a pocket ninja! I may be tiny, but I’ve got moves you’ve never seen before! hahaha

  4. Happy Tuesday, Ninja! Haha…you make me laugh :D Congrats on the run (and man, you were a fast kid!)

    No special powers here (that I have discovered yet!)

  5. Way to go with the run!! I hate those fruit flies! When you kill one, another one magically appears – grrr!! I’ve got pretty fast reaction time which is surprising given that I have ZERO video game skills and usually those are pretty correlated.

  6. hahaha, you crack me up!

    Have an awesome Tuesday!

  7. I really think I have Spidey Sense! I always know which was to go, especially in a mall or department store!

  8. you are totally a ninja – i’m convinced ;)

    congrats on the mile, you go girl!

  9. i’ll have to think about my superpowers, but that’s an awesome mile!

  10. hahahaha this was exactly what I needed to read this morning!

    A) I wish I could find superchunk skippy natural!! I’ve only ever see Creamy . . . boooo . . .

    B) Awesome running stats!!! It must feel awesome to be upping the speed :-)

    C) I have absolutely no moves. Not a ninja in the least.

  11. i’ve been called a coupon ninja… which is probably the least sexy type there is :-)
    i’ll take what i can get…

  12. awesome job on the mile run!! definitely ninja status right there :) and nothing starts the day better than oats in a jar-looks delish!

  13. Yeah Ninja’s rock!

    I’m the sewing Ninja. Hunni can split his pants and he does so frequently and I just sew them right up good as new.

    I’m also the Mr. Miyagi fly catcher in our house.

    And I’m the fix it all ninja. Things that Hunni just thinks need to be thrown out I can fix for some strange reason. He thinks I’ve learned all this stuff somewhere but it’s just my super mind power :-)

    Congrats on the Teenage running speed! Glad your lungs didn’t explode :-)

  14. hahaha you ARE a ninja! and mmmmm oats in a jar…i am sooo excited for cool weather because hot oats sound appealing again.

    thanks for making me laugh on a tired tuesday morning! have a good one!

    p.s. major awesome running!!!

  15. You are a complete ninja! Yay for being a speed demon – like at you go!!
    Oats in a jar…makes me feel all warm inside :)

  16. Haha, you are quite the ninja! I think I’m pretty non-ninja in my day to day life but my run on Sunday was pretty awesome!

    The oats look awesome!

  17. Killing bugs with your bare hands. kudos to you girl! hahahah you are so baller :) looove


  18. holy yum your oatbran PB jar looks awesome. I can’t wait to get to another bottom of a nut butter jar! So good.
    I don’t have any ninja talents, but I can cross one eye both ways and play the piano hahaha.

  19. Nice, B, nice!!! I really need to get back into running, but I’m just not feeling any type of motivation… I don’t know what I need to do to get myself motivated! Hey where did you say I could find the flavored PB’s. I can’t find them anywhere!

  20. Wooo, great job on that mile! And your oatbran in a pb jar looks absolutely delicious :) Hehe I made ginga ninja muffins yesterday, so even if I’m not a ninja, my muffins are! ;)

  21. I definitely agree that those are the three qualifiers of being a ninja.

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