Monday Morning, Weekend Breakfast

Happy Labor Day!

Although I’m working today to bank some hours for later, Nick and I decided to start the day off as if we weren’t working.

We slept in a bit later and made a good breakfast.


We bought some whole wheat everything bagels from a local shop last week and knew we needed some bagel sandwiches.


I cooked up some bacon and scrambled a few eggs while Nick toasted the bagels and got the cheese ready.

We also had some sliced kiwi + market raspberries, and coffee.


Thank goodness this breakfast was awesome!

I’m not in the mood to work, but I want and need these hours for later, so it has to be done.

And it’s gloomy and rainy here anyways, so we wouldn’t be able to do much outside.

I’m hoping it clears up by dinnertime so we can grill out!


Do you usually cook out on Labor Day or have any other traditions?

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  1. Happy Labor Day! Sorry that you have to work…but extra money is always good :D I don’t do anything for Labor Day (not a holiday here) but when I was in the US and had the day off, I would go out with friends somewhere…with outdoor seating if possible (desperate to make the most of the last summer rays!)

    Enjoy your day :)

  2. Happy Labor Day… AND more importantly, Happy B-day tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Love bagel sandwiches! That sounds like the perfect lunch to bring to campus this week :-) Hopefully you enjoy your day even though you don’t have it off.

  4. Happy Labor Day girl! Bank those hours, i’m sure there are lots of other times when you’ll wanna be off from work then labor day! Breakfast looks amazing, its fun to make something special when normally you don’t! I want to find whole wheat everything bagels….where do you get yours?

    Have an awesome day girl!

  5. That bagel looks awesome! Good luck working – just remember you’ll have free time later thanks to this banking!

    Hope it clears up for you!!

  6. MY husband says and I quote, “that looks like my dream breakfast.” He adores Everything bagels.

  7. yum, what an awesome breakfast!

    I hope you enjoy the day even if you have to work. We aren’t really doing much today. Maybe some errands and house work kind of stuff.

  8. I’m not allowed to have a grill at my apartment so no cookouts for me! Your breakfast looks awesome though!

  9. i grew up where school started before labor day, so it was always just a “yay long weekend” not “boo summer is ending”… and since school had stared, I don’t think we had anything in particular we did… homework probably?

  10. Happy Labour Day! I hear you on the working today so that you can have fun another day. I have work to do so that this weekend I can get ready for a trip I have to take.

    For Labor Day I used to have to go to camp meetings for The Salvation Army. There would be church meetings, cook outs, and swimming. This year it got moved to last weekend because of the late Labour Day so I’m just lounging and going to test out my hip today on a run.

  11. mmmmmm this is a perfect labor day breakfast – those egg sammies look so dang good. i could love a nice chewy bagel right now, and kiwi is one of my faves.

    looks like you had a tasty, fabulous weekend :)

  12. girl with that kind of breakfast I wish everyday was labor day! Have a goood one love :)

  13. Mmm your fruit salad looks really good! Yum :)

  14. I love that you still ate a breakfast as if you weren’t working. It’s the little perks of the day that mean so much sometimes. :D And I hope your work day just flys by so you can enjoy the rest of your Labor Day. :D

    Oh, and by the way, your breakfast looks wonderful! :D

  15. Wow, that bagel looks fantastic! When I was back home in Michigan, sometimes we’d go up to my grandparents house and have a cookout with the rest of the relatives. But since I’m here in Arizona, nothing much is happening. Just chillin’ :)

  16. I love that Nick is so helpful with the cooking process! You guys seem like such a great couple. The breakfast looks awesome. Sorry you’re having to work though :(

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