Match Made in Heaven

The best things about working from home?

– Not wearing shoes

– Wearing jeans + tshirt

– Not having to dry my hair

– Being able to pick what I want for lunch


The worst things about working home?

– Um…DECIDING on what I want for lunch!


While Nick was making his grilled cheese + pepperoni sandwich, I just stood in the kitchen for like 5-10 minutes, looking in the fridge, in the cabinets, and then just standing..staring off into space trying to figure out what I wanted most.

Not an easy decision when you have a full fridge!

Of course, once I saw Nick making a grilled sandwich, I figured it out.


Match made in Heaven #1: Fruit on a salad.


Every time I put fruit on a salad, I wonder why I don’t remember to always do this. It’s so good!

Today I had:

  • 2 cups of spinach
  • 1 cup romaine
  • handful cherry tomatoes
  • 1 yellow/green squash
  • 1 kiwi
  • palmful raspberries
  • 1 tsp olive oil
  • 1 tsp raspberry vinegar (the star!)


Match made in Heaven #2: Grilled peanut butter (and anything) sandwich.

Have you ever grilled a pb sandwich?


I had never had one until a few years ago when Nick made me one for an evening snack.

If you have not done this…you need to.

Today’s was a mix of cinnamon raisin pb + banana, cooked in a skillet until browned, hot and melty.


The perfect lunch on a somewhat gloomy day.

Thank goodness the rain has stopped for now – I’m hoping to get in a 3 mile run that’s on my training schedule after work today, plus we want to grill for dinner! Cloudy I can handle, but I would rather not run in the rain.


Hey, more football!  :)

Make your picks!


What are you favorite food combinations?



  1. Favorite combination = sweet potato & guacamole.

  2. I love grilled PB sandwiches!! I used to make grilled pb and chocolate sandwiches for dessert way back in the day.

    Enjoy the rest of your day!

  3. I’m gonna say Rutgers, and Florida State. I can’t find any of the flavored peanut butters, and it’s annoying me! I wonder if I’ll have to travel to trader joe’s to see if they have them!

  4. I love PB and banana, why have I never grilled it? Looks amazing! My picks are Cincinnati and Florida st.

  5. If I worked from home, I wouldn’t be in jeans! I give you props for that! I’ve been there with ‘staring at the cabinets until something good pops out at you.’ Lunch looks great!!

  6. That salad looks INCREDIBLE! And the sandwich?! MMMMMM

  7. Hi Brandi!

    Guess what I tried for breakfast this weekend?
    Oatbran and eggs!
    I am definitely going to have them again, (when the weather gets cooler) but I really cant shake your pancakes. Oooo and I am almost at the end of my almond butter, I am going to search for your recipe for oatmeal in a jar.
    As for work on holidays, In my line of work, we are 24-7. Someone always flush’s a toilet.
    My picks are
    Rutgers (I’m from Jersey)
    Miami (never been)

    Have a nice Labor Day!

  8. steaming hot NF latte + scone, cookie or muffin

    sweet + savory on a salad, like glazed walnuts + feta,
    or dried cranberries + gorgonzolla!

  9. Um, holy yum that sandwich looks so gooey and yummy. I need to try that. I love fruit on salads too.

    Picks: I’m thinking Rutgers and I would like Miami to beat FSU so that we can beat Miami and raise our rank. Haha, I have a one track mind don’t I.

    Hope the rain clears off for your run and so you can grill!

  10. Wow WOw WOW!! Great eats – LOVE that grilled PB sandwich!!

    All my bets are on Miami…they have to win, or husband has a meltdown :(

  11. I love grilling PB with stuff. As a kid we used to have PB and nutella grilled all the time. :-)

    My favorite food combo is something sweet with salty. I like PB and fruit. I like Gorgonzola with strawberries on salad. I love adding fruit to salads with my balsamic vinegar.

    My favorite new combo has been mixing raw avocado, rice vinegar and hummus for dressing on a salad. I love to add an apple under it :-)

  12. i need to grill some pb… mmm anything crunchy and toasty is amazing
    my favorite random combo i’ve had is cream cheese, cheddar, and ham. Made it because we didn’t have much cheddar, and loved the taste the cream cheese added!

  13. What a delightful lunch! I’m glad you took your time to make your selection because you definitely picked a good one! I’ve never tried a grilled peanut butter sandwich – it looks nothing short of amazing! I’m thinking some thinly sliced apple would be good, too!

  14. Amazing lunch. like for real! that salad looks amazing! putting fruit is always the best!!!!! if we have strawberries or blueberries in the house i always add them, but i’ve never thought of adding kiwi raspberries!!!!! loving this so much!

  15. Oh man, that sandwich looks so good! I love grilled PB sandwiches. Bananas are totally an awesome match. When I was a kid, we often made grilled PB and marshmallow sandwiches. Those were the days. YUM!

    I’m glad you are enjoying your work from home days. I do that on Thursdays, and I look forward to it all week! :-)

  16. haha girlllll what do you do for a living? I want to work from home so I can make that lunch errryyyday!

  17. Mmmmm PB & Banana sandwich… mmmmmmmm
    I’m going to go and wipe the drool up now.

  18. I loved doing online courses for highschool!!

    But yes lunch was a hassle :0)

    Love PB sandwiches. I used to put Doritoes in em’–please don’t knock it till you try it! SO good. Now I use cheddar soy crisps of course :-P

  19. I need to grill a PB& Banana sandwich today!

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