Changes Are a Comin’

This afternoon went pretty well – Nick and I, working side by side until 5 pm when I put the computer away!

My eyes just need a break. I like that everything is on the computer because that means I can work from home some, but it gets tiring staring at the computer for 8 hours every. single. day.

I watched a bit of the Rutgers/Cincinnati game before we headed out for a run.

It was great! The weather was nice – clouded over, a slight breeze, but in the 70s.

We did 3 miles tonight and I felt good. Came home, stretched, showered, and got started on our own little Labor Day cookout  :)


Nick grilled up some buffalo burgers (from VA!) while I cooked up some fresh + local corn and roasted some broccoli, cauliflower and carrots in the oven.


I’m going to be sad when corn season is over. It has been so good and sweet this summer.


I also had a little reading material with dinner – have you seen the newest Cooking Light?

They have a brand new layout and I love it! I actually kept forgetting I was reading Cooking Light at first because I’m so used to their older layout, but I really enjoyed their new look.


I’ve always liked Cooking Light because you get tons of good recipes, but they always have good reviews on things like beauty products, household items, plus exercise moves or suggestions.


I’ve dog-eared a bunch of recipes in this magazine already, and I think my favorite page so far is this one:


Readers sent in a bunch of their own tips on how they save money by packing lunches and how they do it!

Since Nick and I pack our lunches just about every day each week, tips like this are always helpful to me and give us some new ideas.

FSU / Miami is on! You know what that means – I’m outta here  :)

What are you best tips for packing lunches/snacks for work or school? Favorite things to pack?


  1. I always like to make dinners that will have nice leftovers for lunch – like soup, or most pastas!

  2. I go home for lunch everyday so I’m not the best lunch packer. I have to pack one for tomorrow though so I hope it goes okay.

    Good job on the run and the cookout looked great!!

  3. I always get everything possible ready the night before. People often make fun of me for my lunches because I refuse to eat the same thing everyday or just sandwiches. My favorite thing to take is a black bean burrito with cheese, sour cream and green onions.

  4. I’m determined to pick up the latest issue of cooking light – their changes look great!

    Tonight’s 2nd episode of HIMYM was kind of irritating, did you think? I hate to say it but I stopped watching!

  5. i have to pack my lunch to everyday when i go to school, so i always love a good tip! I don’t think i’ve ever bought a cooking light magazine, but this issue seems amazing! maybe i’ll go check it out! Thanks girl

    dinner looks amazing!

  6. i havent read this magazine.
    I always pack fruit, veggie, protein!! and h20!!
    cant go wrong with hugh asss salads

  7. I always pack the night before, and make sure I have a good amount of healthy snacks, because you never know what days you’ll be ravenous all day! I pack lunch while putting away dinner, since I love leftovers!

  8. I like to make myself fruit, yogurt, and granola parfaits to bring for breakfast. Lunch is usually leftovers or some sort of pasta or orzo mixture… or a salad or sandwich. I try to always keep granola bars and sometimes crackers at my desk — in case lunch isn’t satisfying.

  9. I’m going to be so bummed about corn, tomato, plum, and all good summer veggies ending their season! I def haven’t eaten enough sweet corn this summer.
    My favorite things to pack for a lunch as well as snacks are apples and AB, a good turkey sandwich on Ezekial, and usually a bar for later in the day. I always end up sneaking in a Starbucks run here and there too.

  10. i always have a supply of raw almonds on reserve at the bottom of my lunch bag. i’m not a big fan of raw almonds (I prefer them roasted) but if I leave raw almonds in my lunch bag I can eat them when I am desperate for something to hold me over without having to go to the leftover cake in the staffroom.

  11. My best tip is to have a big enough lunch box/bag. I had to get a huge one to hold all my snacks and lunch components. It made packing and taking lunch easier.

    Another thing is to know your medium. Such as certain spreads do not hold up well on breads and certain things do not taste good if they are mixed up to long before eating. I had to learn this the hard way when I dressed my salad while packing it the first day I took it to save one more dish and had to eat in the school cafeteria.

    Now I’m lucky that my office is right downstairs from my apartment. I have the dilemma you did today for lunch everyday. But I used to love spinach salads with ham, gorgonzola, and apples. I would dress it with a bit of olive oil and lots of balsamic. That and cottage cheese and pineapple as a side.

  12. Bran, I have one thing to say, Go ‘Canes!!! :)

    Holly will disagree, I’m sure. Have a great night.

  13. Your Labor Day meal looks so delicious and healthy! I love to pack salads for lunch, some lettuce or spinach, chicken, beans, a little goat cheese and some dried cranberries is my favorite!

  14. Ooo I just got my issue of CL in the mail! Can’t wait to dig into it :-)

    I love packing bagel, egg, ham, and ketchup sandwiches. Also baked potatoes are good too!

  15. LOL Rita!! Too funny. :) Seeing this after the devastating loss. BUT, FSU looked AWESOME!!

    Hi bran!!!

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