Today was nice.

I took it easy so my stomach could just calm down and it seems to be working a bit. I’m still not feeling 100% back to normal, but it’s better than it was this morning.

Nick ended up going out on the river for a little while this afternoon, so I hung around here and finished up some things around the house.


I found another random serving of my veggie mac’n’cheese in the freezer, so I heated that up and mixed in some extra broccoli for lunch.


The freezer saves the day again!

In between a few more loads of laundry, cleaning the bathroom, dusting, and making the bed, I had a sliced peach


and another one of my baking project muffins. Recipe soon!


Nick got back just in time today! It was beautiful all morning and most of the afternoon, but not long after he got home, the rain started. I didn’t even think we had a chance of rain today! It’s been raining off and on for the past couple of hours – I’m just hoping it finishes tonight so we can have a nice day tomorrow.

Dinner was kind of on the fly since I made it up as I went, but it turned out pretty good!


I cooked up some chicken for us to have tonight, plus some extra to make chicken salad for this week.

I also cooked up some oat groats and made a grain salad with them.


and I just remembered I forgot to put the feta in! Drats. I’ll add it in later.

I had never had oat groats before, but they were delicious!  I let them simmer about 45 minutes and then mixed them with some diced cherry tomatoes, a raw zucchini, a can of chickpeas and a dressing made with olive oil, garlic, oregano, onion, and red wine vinegar.


That and some garden fresh green beans rounded out the meal. Light, easy, and seems to be good on the tummy.


Since all the laundry is done and dinner is put away, all I have to do is think about prepping breakfast if I want to and getting ready for Iron Chef.

Sounds like a nice night in to me  :)


Fun plans for tomorrow? Are you working or not?

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  1. Can’t wait for the recipe!!

    No school tomorrow – whoo hoo!! :-D

  2. yay for iron chef! hahah love that show!

    quick dinners are the best aren’t they!

    your veggie mac and cheese looks super awesome especially with the added brocc. do you have that recipe on your blog?

  3. I love finding leftovers in the freezer that are good :-)

    Tomorrow I have off officially but I’ll probably get some work done from the comfort of my couch :-) And I hope to get my first run after resting for my hip.

  4. I love freezer leftovers! There are so many things that are just as good or better the second time around!

    Also, this post just reminded me to put some oat groats on to soak over night! Have a great rest of your labor day weekend!

  5. Mmmm that peach looks great! Can’t wait for the muffin recipe :)

    Tomorrow I’ll be doing an easy run. My ankle is giving me trouble, so I don’t want to push it.

  6. i am definatly wanted to try some oat groats! i keep hearing great things about it!!
    you definatly made an awesome recipe for it!!

    my plans… work. work. work.

  7. I am off today, thankfully. We had a busy day yesterday so I am looking forward to just relaxing!

  8. Oat groats and chickpeas?! I love the sounds of that combo!!

    Bad news….Lifetime is showing some Medium crap. Don’t they know it’s HIMYM Day?!

  9. Your veggie mac & cheese looks awesome and so does that muffin!! I saw oat groats in TJs yesterday. I don’t really know what they are. They look good though!

  10. I love when the freezer saves the day! When I lived in the dorm, I didn’t have a freezer and I was totally miserable ha!

  11. Glad you’re feeling a little better the oat groats looks so good! I’ve never heard of them before.

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