Running for Bagels

Ah, Saturday mornings.

No alarm clock.

No work!

And….football, finally. After waiting 9 long months, the college football weekends begin again.

But, before that happens, we ran this morning!

4 miles done. It was actually chilly this morning when we left the house around 7:30 – probably in the 50s, kind of foggy. That weather makes for some good runs, though. You never really get hot, which is nice.

We got back, showered, and toasted up some local bagels for breakfast!


We each had a chocolate chip bagel for breakfast, and I topped mine with some crunchy pb. I love this combo, but these bagels didn’t have nearly the chocolate chips as the last batch we bought. :(  They were still good.




I also sliced up a few kiwi and the last of our strawberries for us to have.

I’m about to finish up, dry my hair, and get going!

I’ve got to go get groceries, get a haircut, and get back here. Plus, I’m late for my Saturday morning call to my mom!


What time do you usually sleep till on weekends?

We “slept in” today (i.e., didn’t set an alarm), but were still up at 7. Normally, we’re awake by 6:30, but we went to bed late last night.


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  1. I wake up pretty much the same time every morning-6:30ish. I don’t even know the last time I’ve had to set an alarm!!

    Those bagels look super good–I like making my own so I can add a hefty dose of choc chips hehe :-) Enjoy your foooootball!

  2. I “slept in” until 8:30 this morning and it was heavenly!! Just like those bagels are heavenly – yummy, I love those circles of tastiness ;)

    Have fun grocery shopping! That’s on my list today as well!

  3. I SLEEP IN on Saturdays. I love it. But I went to bed early last night and ended up waking up around 8. That’s really early for me.

    Have a good day!

  4. Usually on Saturdays I sleep till 9:30 or 10. Today I was up at 6:30 for some reason and couldn’t fall back asleep! Oh well! Your breakfast looks so perfect!

  5. i wake up early, always. The latest I sleep is 8. The fiance on the other hand will sleep till noon if given the chance… I’m going to have to wake him up soon so he can watch football

  6. For the past three mornings my alarm has been set for later and later. 6am on Thurs, 7am on Friday, and 8am today. Ha You can tell what times I have been going to sleep based on the time my alarm is set for!

  7. Bagels are a carb lovers dream :) Sounds like started your weekend off on the right foot!

  8. Sleeping in for me means 6am and 7 feels like I have slept the day away. Getting old is hard to do :)

  9. “Sleeping in” for me usually means I am up at 7:30. I’m definitely an early bird. My cat and dog are on an early schedule too since they are used to having me get up at 6:45 for school. Even though I don’t sleep late, it’s still nice to just relax and not have to rush to get anywhere on the weekend.

  10. My inner alarm clock always gets me up around 6:30 sometimes I can make it to 7!
    I’m watching college football right now! Go Gophers!

  11. chocolate chip bagels are amazin!!!! i haven’t had one in forever! yumm!!!!!

    I’m gearin up for some football too, and i’m totes excite!!! my sister actualy got to go to a game today! :)

    have a fab day! :)

  12. My wake up time is standard no matter what day of the week. Saturday is my WW weigh in so I’m up and out of the house by 7.30am. Sunday I maybe sleep until 7.30 or 8 so that I can get stuff ready for church. I kind of like not having to worry about half the day being gone before I get up.

  13. i love that you devour crunchy PB! it is the best! i just woke up a half hour ago, sooo 8:30!

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