Halftime Breaktime

Holy moly, this game is crazy!

I only have 20 minutes to get this post up, so I better hurry  :)

I had the last of my farmer’s market watermelon for one snack this afternoon –


It sure was good while it lasted.

And…I had a sampling of my baking project from last night.


Goooood. And I lied a little. I’m not posting the recipe tonight – I just don’t have time before the game comes back on! BUT, I promise to post it soon  :)

I worked on laundry this afternoon while watching some of the other games and Nick cut the grass. I also put together our pizza dough, which turned out great!

Unfortunately, we had a mishap with our food processor today.

Nick wanted to make hummus, so I bought everything and we had it going in the food processor and then we heard this weird noise and it started acting strange. The blade quit spinning, and we opened it up to find that one part had gotten too hot and fused to the top of the blade piece! so…we had to throw it away :(

We had to throw away the hummus because Nick kept finding little plastic pieces in it, so he just went and got some from the grocery store.


This hummus is good, but I’m sad we didn’t get to eat what we made. Oh well. I guess we’ll get a new food processor soon.

I cut up a bunch of veggies to have with our hummus: celery, broccoli, cauliflower.



And I had a couple multigrain chips in the hummus, too.

The pizza turned out great! We each made our own tonight.


The crust is 1/2 whole wheat, 1/2 regular flour and we rolled it out pretty thin. It was really good.

I topped my pie with baby portobellos, a pepper from our garden, some red onion, black olives, and a little mozzarella cheese.


Uhh….this times 3  :)  Plus a few reisen pieces and this:


North Carolina makes some good brews! Pretty hoppy, but good. I think Nick likes this one a little more than I do.

I hope you’re having a good night! I’ll still be up for a while, it seems. This is going to be a late night.


Happy Saturday!

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  1. I’m flipping between the VA Tech game and Food network. After your raving about College ball I decided to give it a try tonight. Not bad…don’t know if I’ll be a regular viewer but gives me something to watch on a Saturday night.

    Sorry about your hummus :0( I’m planning on trying to make some later this month after I get back from a trip. Seems so easy but I don’t know if I can do it as well as my TJ’s hummus.

  2. Its been a great day for football! Hope your team is winning, my hubby is watching that game right now!
    Too bad about your food processor! I’ve found that Athenos hummus is so, so too, definetely homemade is better!
    Have a great rest of the night!

  3. Hoping your game goes better than ours did :(

    I’m rooting for the Hokies!

  4. My bro is a Hokie! My college has been bustling with Trojan fans and tailgating.

  5. ohhhh no good on the food processor, but the brews + hummus still look amazing. i was tailgating today and totally thought of you :)

  6. I think everyone has to bust a food processor at one time or another. Must be a right of passage. :)

  7. one time in college we were trying to make a milkshake, only with rum instead of milk (always a good choice, right?) and i didn’t have a blender, but i had a food processor.
    somehow, that night, it got irreparably broken.
    we still ate the booze-cream.

  8. Brandi that pizza is to die for! lovin it!

    I was such a college football fan today, totes thought of u! :)


  9. I want to eat your baking project. I’m excited for the recipe!

  10. So glad your enjoying your football game & you still have a whole season!

    I am dying to know what your baking project is!!

  11. Throwing hummus away would be so sad! I’d probably cry. I REALLY can’t wait to see your recipe especially if it’s zucchini muffins/bread. My neighbor gave us a honkin’ zuke that’s just waiting to be baked into something :)

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