Game Day

Not a very creative title, but what do you expect when my head is full of football and ONLY football?  :)

I got all of the shopping done, my bangs cut, and just finished eating lunch.

The market was busy this morning!


Apples are in! I was excited to see them and I bought a few pounds of them for us to have this week. All in all, I got:

  • zucchini
  • yellow squash
  • cherry tomatoes
  • apples (burgundy + gala)
  • raspberries = probably the last of the season, or close to it
  • corn
  • fresh made San Francisco sourdough

All for $19, I think? Close to it. I can’t wait to try the apples.

I got an iced coffee while I was out this morning, with a little skim + cinnamon.


And there was a B on the lid!


Lunch today was thanks to Kroger.


I found some brown rice veggie sushi at their sushi counter! They also had brown rice california rolls…but I’m not big on fake crab.


I also had some random leftover veggies: broccoli, green beans, corn.


I am full of veg.

I’m already looking forward to my baked good snack this afternoon  :)  Pics + reviews later, I promise!

I’ve got to get going on laundry + pizza dough for tonight.


What are you having for dinner?

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  1. That lunch looks perfect!! and I love crowded outdoor markets :-) and look forward to fall apples alllll year.

    Dinner tonight is yet-to-be-determined — I have a friend visiting so we’ll probably go out!

  2. i love gala apples! :)
    its so sad that berries are almost coming to an end :( I need to stock up, and freeze them! So I have local berries in my freezer for smoothies. (haha yes, in the winter!)

    Dinner.. i have a date!!! Not sure where we will be going.. im hoping for sushi!

  3. sounds like another successful day at the market and a gorg. lunch :) perf saturday so far, eh?!

  4. Lovely market finds :) WOW, i love veggie rolls, I do need like 20 to fill me up!

  5. I’ve been intrigued by the brown rice sushi at kroger! Was it okay?

    Enjoy football day, we are! :-)

  6. Wow, the market is packed. We didn’t make it today because of getting out of bed too late/my yoga class. We did make it to Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s though. Hoooray for Saturday!

  7. Yay for the gala apples!! That’s my favorite type! Sourdough bread? Divine!

    My mom always gets TJs sushi but I’ve never tried it – your veggie roll looks awesome though :)

    Guess what – I’m watching football!! Haha!

  8. Dinner for me is a big salad. I picked up some random toppings from the salad bar today while grocery shopping to add to my spring mix I had at home.

    I bought some honeycrisp apples today. I love them! And I got some strawberries that I promptly ate in my van while driving to help my friends move :-)

  9. those sushis look delicious! :D
    I had shrimp for dinner!~

  10. I looooove fresh apples in the fall! So, so good. The sushi looks fabulous, too :)

  11. I enjoyed a greek salad which was DELISH! :)

    yay for game day

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