Winding Down

Who’s ready for an exciting Friday night?

Not me, apparently. Well, it’s exciting for me anyways:

  • yoga
  • dinner in pjs
  • college football + What Not to Wear
  • laundry
  • baking project – done! you’ll see it tomorrow  :)
  • grocery list

We’re such the crazy couple, huh  ;)  We like it though. Friday nights are kind of our “wind down” time for the week. I like coming home from work and just being able to do whatever I want and know that I don’t have to pack my lunch for the next day or worry about anything with work.


That wrap was so good at lunch today! Really – if you haven’t tried that combo, do it. You’ll enjoy it if you like all of the components separately. All I really tasted was the almond butter + strawberries, but the carrots/spinach gave the wrap a good crunchy texture. I will definitely be making that again.

My snacks today were not enough – I was hungry all afternoon!


I dug into this watermelon and then quickly moved onto this little bag of almonds.


That held me over for a bit, but then I grabbed 2 Laffy Taffy on my way out of the office. No pics…I can’t walk, eat AND take pictures at the same time!  :) 

Once we got home, I went downstairs to do some yoga before heating up dinner. I did just a quick 20 minute gentle hatha download from Perfect way to end my work day.


Dinner was pretty easy tonight.

I made more okra (just like I did last night) plus roasted some broccoli with the okra, and heated up the sloppy joe mixture.


You can kinda see some of the purple okra! So good.

My baking project is cooling as I type, so I’ll have a recipe + pics + review tomorrow.

Off to lounge! TGIF.


What are you doing tonight? Any plans for Labor Day weekend?

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  1. I have what not to wear on right now, and i’m so excited!!! I’m addicted to the show! enjoy your night love, i think i’m veggin out on the couch tonight too! :) have fun!

  2. First weekend on my college campus, aka, responsible drinking (i am recently 21 afterall, must be responsible now:-0) ) and parties with friends i haven’t seen all summer.

  3. That’s my kind of night! I’m baking, lounging, and going back home (I’m at my parents’ house). Hopefully going on a day-trip with my boyfriend tomorrow…

    Have a great weekend!

  4. haha your Friday night sounds strikingly similar to mine :) I’ll be lucky If i stay awake until 10!

  5. I just finished my sermon and now I’m going to go eat a peach and chug some water. Too late for the gym but I need to rest anyway. We’ll see what’s on TV.

  6. You know what? I’ve never had okra before! It looks so tasty the way you make it. I’ve seen it at the store and I’ve wanted to buy it but was never really sure what to do with it. Now I know! That wrap looked really good, too! I guess it’s odd for me to put in fruit with AB in a wrap? I don’t know why b/c it looks amazing! BTW, at dinner tonight I looked up and the restaurant had the VA Tech game on – I so thought of you! Have a super duper long weekend!

  7. your friday plan sounds pretty good… yoga and groceries are my favorites! :D
    oh……. okra looks yummy~ I need to get some fresh okra to try it out (only had frozen so far)

  8. labor day weekend = work/bird counting for me! no time off till next saturday! eek!

    and love love love the okra…i still need to try it one of these days!

  9. thank god you commented on my blog. now i can read this fabulousness!!!

  10. oh wow!!! your okra looks so amazing!! I just bought some today to boot!! yayy!!

    my friday evening.. studying for an interveiw at Lancome!! YAY

  11. Your wrap from lunch looks amazing. I love the combination of spinach and strawberries. I like to stay in on Friday nights too! The weekend goes by too fast when we go out.

  12. You are a party animal ;)

    I love those kind of Friday night, they really set the weekend off right!

  13. Ooo can’t wait to see the baking project–you always have such yummy recipes!

  14. I see you have a light my fire Spknork (Spoon, knife, fork). I love mine; I use it at work all the time.

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