Old Breakfast, New Lunch

It’s finally Friday! I was so confused all day yesterday because it felt like Friday to me.

But I know today is Friday because I’m in jeans + my Tech jersey. Best way to come to work, I think.

I repeated a breakfast from earlier this week today so I could use up the last of the beans + avocado…and because it was awesome!


I had 2 over easy eggs on top of some salsa, beans, and oatbran and then topped it off with some avocado.


I like starting out with veggies – makes me feel good and sometimes keeps me from getting into those donuts at work.

My lunch today is my spin on a wrap idea I’ve seen Meghann and Kelly make:

I took a wrap and layered on some almond butter,


Added carrots. The thin strips are key for me. I just used a veggie peeler to get these carrot shavings.


Some spinach


And instead of dried cranberries, I used some fresh strawberries.


Yum! What a great combo! Polly is definitely right about almond butter + spinach. You wouldn’t think to put it together, but I think almond butter + anything would be a good combo.

I also had some farmer’s market zucchini with the last of my homemade hummus.


Who knew I would be eating raw zucchini + raw carrots? I don’t even know who I am anymore. Although…I’m still not a fan of applesauce unless it’s mixed in something and I can’t feel the texture of it :)

One step at a time, people.


What new foods/combinations have you tried after seeing them on blogs?


  1. That wrap looks amazing! Spinach, carrots and almond butter are all such great go-with-anythings :)

    I would have never thought to try it with strawberries though – yum!

    Banana and milk in oatmeal, instead of on top of, are the first things that come to mind of what I’ve found from blogs!

  2. I agree, I think almond butter would taste good with about anything :) Hope you have a fantastic day!

  3. almond butter goes with everything – love it :-D

  4. Verrry interesting combo!

  5. That wrap combination looks absolutely delicious!! The bloggies are so creative!

  6. I tried Almond butter and other nut butters after reading blogs.

    I also tried the oats in a jar last night. Not bad but I think I needed something sweet.

    I tried Pure bars and hated them. But I did like the Clif Z bars and keep eating them.

    I’ve learned more to throw stuff together. I’m more likely to add a bunch of veggies into a bowl with some toppings.

    I also tried chocolate soy milk in my iced coffee after seeing it on Tina’s blog and loved it.

    I’m still not sold completely on the Green Monsters. I’m working at it though.

  7. Holy shiz, that wrap looks phenom!!! I used to always order this spinach, goat cheese, strawberry salad at a restaurant and it was my fav! I can only imagine with almond butter and in a wrap… diiiiivine! :D

    The green monsta was something I would have NEVER done without the blog world! And they are CRAZY GOOD!!

  8. Savory breakfast… I just can’t get ’round to it! Breakfast has to be sweet for me! But it surely looks yummie!! ;)
    Oh I’ve got a lot of things I discovered over the blog (ohsheglows.com for an example): Almondbutter, Hummus just as an exemple. I new avocado but never used to eat it like I do now. I’m sure there are other things but it’s late here and yeah… :) Have a good day!! *hug*

  9. I made this awesome salad at the start of the summer which was basically spinach, carrot, raisins and peanut butter reduced to sauce/dressing with warm water. I will be remaking with AB soon! It’s SUCH a good combo.

    Hmm I have learned a lot from reading food blogs! I discovered Almond Butter through them for a start!

    Your breakfast looks hella good lady. I am a big fan of veggies in the morning and savory/spicy breakfast foods so big thumbs up from me!

  10. oh my, i really need to get on that ab=spinach combo :)

  11. I have been debating jumping on the nut butter/veggie wrap train. Anything slathered with NB has to be good, right?

  12. Probably the most “out there” one would have to be PB with carrots. I need to try those wraps that Polly makes with the chicken, the ab and the lettuce.

  13. Yum that wrap looks awesome! I plan to try something similar over the weekend!

    I’ve tried so many things because of the blogs, I LOVE it!

  14. Almond butter and spinach, eh?? Why not?! I might just give it a try. The wrap altogether looks great :)

  15. I want to try a green monster soooooooooooooooooo bad!!!!!

    and i’ve never had any nut butters before..i know i’m crazy! tehehe

    TGIF girl! :)


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