Counting Down

Guess what?

Just one more day until college football begins! Ah, I love the smell of fall in the air.

It was actually chilly when we got in the car this morning, but it was perfect yesterday afternoon and last night. We turned off the air for a while and just had the windows open. I love it.

Lunch today was just a mix of random leftovers I found in the fridge, so not the most exciting thing, but it works. And it tastes good :)


Some ham + my green bean/mushroom dish.


Plus a sliced tomato – one of our last from the garden! I’m not sure how many more we’ll get so I’m rationing.


And some watermelon, too.



Did you know that September is National Yoga Month?


The yoga movement in this country is growing. At a time when everyone – regardless of gender, age, geography or socio-economic level – is looking for proactive ways to manage their own health, yoga provides a real, viable, scientifically proven method to do so.

Yoga can be effective in helping to address the health care crisis. Yoga is one of the oldest known sciences in the world and acknowledged by experts as a highly effective complementary alternative medicine.

Yoga is:

  • Universally available and financially, physically and culturally accessible for anyone.
  • Beneficial in the treatment of conditions ranging from pain relief, weight management and circulation to cardiovascular disease and digestive health.
  • Proven to help reduce pain in people with conditions such as cancer, multiple sclerosis, auto-immune diseases and hypertension as well as arthritis, back and neck pain and other chronic conditions.
  • Proven to be successful in the treatment of post traumatic stress disorder, chronic insomnia and depression.”

Want to know more? Click here

Also, you can go here to see if there’s free yoga near you! There isn’t one close enough for me to attend, but I will be doing some on my own, thanks to

Do you yoga?


  1. I love yoga and how it makes me feel. I never got into it until after my back surgery but it really helps keep me loose. It makes things much easier with the limited mobility in my lower back.

  2. Yay for yoga month! This will be the perfect reason to revisit my yogadownload classes :)

  3. I love that green bean/mushroom dish! YUM! I love yoga – it’s so calming and helps with flexibility :)

  4. I like the sounds of national yoga month. had no clue! I’ve tried it before and wasn’t much of a fan, but i want to try it again, because i feel like my body could use the extra stretching! :)

    Lunch looks awesome! even if its just leftovers!

  5. Yoga month should be every month! But thank you for pointing out that September is officially National Yoga Month. What a great idea! I know some people are afraid to try yoga and this will help give them the chance to try it.

    Awesome leftovers again! I love ham and string beans together, such a good comfort food. I cannot believe you only have one more day to go!

  6. Those green beans look delicious! I had no clue it was yoga month–funny because I just did some yesterday (the 1st) for the first time in a loooong time!

  7. I do yoga, not often enough, but I love it.

    Yay for football season!!!

  8. i like the *idea* of yoga, i just hate the crazy things the instructors say (“this is massaging your internal organs” “this connects the left and right brain” “this reverses the aging process”)
    after the “massaging your internal organs” time, any time i do yoga the fiance asks if my internal organs are well massaged now

  9. I’m counting down too, can’t wait!!!

  10. Oh I love yoga! I do it, but not nearly often as I should!

  11. wahoo I am so siked to watch the college dudes throw around some pig skin!

    I can’t believe I didn’t know it was national yoga month – I shall celebrate each day :)

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