Backyard Photoshoot

It’s the end of Humpday – can’t you feel the weekend coming?!?

This weather has me in the best mood – it is just perfect outside right now. I wish it would stay like this all year.

Work was good…it was work. I broke for a snack around 4 this afternoon –


Why is yogurt so good with dried fruit? I have this Hawaiian mix that has raisins, banana chips, pineapple, papaya, and coconut shreds, so I brought a little of that to put on my plain Oikos today. Hit the spot.

We had our chiropractor appointments after work today which was great! It felt like it had been more than a month since we’d been and now we’re all adjusted and feelin’ good. I also settled up my bills from my accident, so all of that is done and over with! I hope I never have to deal with that stuff again.

Instead of coming home for our planned dinner, Nick decided to treat us to Mexican with some of his spending money for the month.

Thank goodness this place comes with outside seating + a great view of our mountains.



That is why I love where we live…even if the shopping stinks!

My date looks pretty good, too  :)



We started out with some chips + salsa and I got a Diet Coke instead of water – they were out of tea AND we can’t drink the water here for about a week. They had some power surge, something broke….I don’t know exactly what happened, but we’re having to boil water at the house and then cool it in the fridge to have to drink. It’s fun…like the 1800s or something.



I got a veggie quesadilla that was jam packed!


There wasn’t enough tortilla for all these veggies! It was good – the veggies weren’t cooked too much and there was more veggies than cheese, which is rare.

And here’s Nick meat + starch plate.


He said “No veggies for me! Unless you count beans…and you shouldn’t because they probably use lard”. I won’t argue there.

Everything was good and it was nice to sit outside by ourselves and enjoy the weather.

Then we came home and TRIED to have a photoshoot with Roxy…


But she is not a model and does not enjoy the camera in her face…



She wouldn’t hold still!


Well, at least we tried.

Man, I need a haircut!


Okay – I have a question, and yes it is about football  :)

Since I’ve received some comments that some readers are into football as much as I am, I was thinking of doing the following:

  • putting a post up each Thursday with some games coming up that weekend so people that want to can list their picks of who will win each game
  • I can keep track of everyone’s picks until the end of the season
  • There will be a prize! (undecided as to what it will be) to the person/people who got the most right/participated the most, something…

Would anyone be interested in that? I think it would be fun, but if no one will do it, I’ll find some other football related stuff to post about  :)

OR – if I do any type of post about football, what would you like to see? Posts explaining the game, links to stories from that week, etc…


I’m going to prep a fun breakfast   – see ya!


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  1. that is hands down the perdiest quesadilla i’ve ever laid eyes on!

    speaking of pretty thangs — you = gorgeous :)

  2. Agree with jenny, i’m ready to literally jump through the computer screen and get that in my belly. if you don’t mind me asking, what restaurant were the two of you at? amaze!!!!!

    I would totes love it if you posted games and such that are upcoming! :)

  3. Aww Roxy :-D

    Sure, post away!

  4. I only care about football when its the Bears :)
    GREAT photoshoot, you two are so cute

  5. That quesadilla is my dream!

    Please explain football to me. I don’t watch it (besides the superbowl) and have never understood all the positions!!

  6. Wow what an awesome view!

    And Roxy is SO a model :) So purty.

  7. What a beautiful view! Where do you live?? You two are so cute :) I don’t know anything about college football, but I can put in some blind guesses! :)

  8. Wow! What a beautiful view! Roxy is pretty darn cute too!

  9. I would join in on a little predicting! I love love love college football!

  10. Dinner = amazing! That view is incredible too! Love it.

    You and the hubs are such a hott couple. :D

  11. I love football and what a great idea!
    No water for a week, how do you survive?
    Cute kitty picture, I’m a sucker for a cat!

  12. USC FOOTBALL! Haha! I’m not a football fan at all, but the spirit is contagious.

    Anyway. Cute date! And I love how veggie-packed your quesadilla was! Very nice!

  13. Yummy looking Mexican! The veggie loaded quesadilla looks amazing!

    And cute cat! Even if she doesn’t want her picture taken.

  14. The quesedillias look soooo good!! I’m not a huge fan of them, but this particular one is really tempting me!! (I feel lunch coming, I’m already hungry – almost 11am here!)

    And the pics of you three!! Totally sweet!! <3

  15. Is he your boyfriend? He looks so handsome! Wish you luck with the salty chocolate:)

  16. Cats are def not easy in photoshoots–mine is soo stubborn! My dog loves the camera though.

    Btw, those mtns are breathtaking!

  17. Haha, poor Roxy looks a bit frazzled! Cats are so funny.

    And, uh, yeah I’d be interested! You know I love me some Sooner, I mean college, football!

    I can’t believe it’s here already WOO HOO!

  18. I love football posts!

  19. You guys are so cute. I want to come hang out right now!

  20. I love that quesadilla. Just the way I make ’em. Extra veggies, light on the cheese. So good to use your fork (or fingers) to pick up the extra veggies :)

    I’d love to see some stuff on football. I know the basics and follow the NFL but I’d love to learn more about college football. I didn’t go to a college with a football team (we had futbol :-) ) and I didn’t have a big team near me. So I’d love to learn more about the college end and what teams are good (although I know this is a loaded question).

  21. i love reading seeing mountain pictures on your blog. I grew up north of Roanoke and it makes me miss home (currently in southern MD for grad school); and yes the shopping is crummy :) but its better than it used to be!

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