Woozy Run

Boo to Sunday almost being over  :(  It’s been such a nice day! BUT I am ready for Iron Chef, so I better hurry up.

I did make cookies today – I tried this Chocolate Chip Muesli Cookie recipe I saw on the side of my Bob’s Red Mill Muesli bag.


The only changes I made were:

  • I made a recipe + 1/2 to make sure we had enough cookies to get Nick through the next few days. So I took each ingredient, used what it called for PLUS half the amount. So, not a full double recipe, but I’m not sure what to call that. A recipe and a half? I guess that works.
  • I also ended up using 2/3 cup applesauce and 1/3 cup canola oil because I ran out of applesauce.

They turned out really good, but a little more cakey than cookie. The flavor is great, though, and I love the mixture of the muesli ingredients + chocolate chips.


I had this (times 3) as a pre-run snack today  :)



We got everything on the to-do list done!

  • Laundry – last load is drying now and I’ll be folding during Iron Chef
  • House is vacuumed
  • Cookies are made….and half eaten  :)
  • Dinner – eaten and leftovers put away

We also went for a run today and it was awesome! I felt great the entire time, we did about 3.5 miles, and my pace was pretty good!

The only bad thing about today is my equilibrium has been off? It’s so strange when this happens, and I’m not sure why it does it. I just woke up feeling a little off and it’s been throwing me off all day. Like, I’ll just be sitting here but it feels like I’m moving or off balance, you know? So weird.

The good thing is I didn’t feel like that while we were running.

We got back home from running, vacuumed, took quick showers, then headed up to the garden to pick another 4-5 pounds of these:

More green + purple beans!

I already knew I was using some with dinner tonight, but I went ahead and washed all of them so I’ll only have to trim them this week when I’m ready to use them.

And check out the purple ones!


They’re green on the inside! They are so pretty…I kind of wish they would stay purple when they cooked!


I cooked a ham tonight, along with a sort-of green bean casserole-y dish.

For the green beans, I cooked them in beef broth until tender.

While the beans were cooking, I sauteed some mushrooms in a little oil, added 1 Tbsp of flour to the mushrooms until it cooked/absorbed, then added the beans and some of the broth to the mushrooms. Let that cook down and the broth thicken up from the bit of flour, add some salt and pepper and serve!


And since we have a few tomatoes that needed to be eaten, I just sliced up a perfect little golden jubilee to have on the side.

Good Sunday dinner  :)

Alright, I gotta get folding so I don’t miss any of the cooking action! It’s BATTLE COCONUT tonight! Better tune in – there should be some good dishes!


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  1. It’s Sunday night football in my house, so I will watch Iron Chef later! :D

    Love your dinner – so comfy! I have never seen purple green beans, so weird they turn green after cooking!

    Hope you had a great weekend! :D

  2. Those green beans are so pretty! Sorry you’ve been woozy, sometimes having allergies or drainage can do that to me.

  3. Those cookies look awesome!! Your pictures always make me hungry!!

  4. I’ve never had purple green beans! I think it’s interesting that they turn green when they cook.
    Hope you start feeling a little better! :)

  5. mmm girl those cookies look AMAZING!!!!!!

    I’m totally Tivo(ing) iron chef!!!! loving it!

    have a super fab rest of the night!


  6. Cookies AND purple green beans… sounds like a great day to me :)

  7. i love bob’s red mill stuff!

  8. mmm love those beans. my boyf’s mom grows/cooks em for us!!

  9. the purple beans are quite beautiful – i don’t believe i’ve ever tried one!

  10. Battle Coconut! I get so stressed out watching it, but I love it…

    Purple beans seem like something you would see there, as I’ve never seen them before!

  11. Fantastic! These delightful little cookies look wonderful! love the combo :)

  12. Those cookies do look cake-like, but yummy of course!

    I love Bob’s Co., but I wish it wasn’t so expensive sometimes.

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