Sunday Splits

What is it about Sundays? They start off so calm and smooth, but then they just fly by! I can’t believe it’s already 2 pm.

Nick had to go early to do sound today at church, so we didn’t make our normal Sunday breakfast.



It had been a while since I made Banana Split Oatmeal, and I had some bananas that were at perfect ripeness this morning.


I cooked up a batch of chia oats –

  • 1/2 cup oats, 1 cup water, pinch salt
  • 1/2 Tbsp chia seeds
  • cinnamon

I split a banana lengthwise in a bowl and spooned on the oatmeal once it was cooked.


Then I topped it with a few raspberries, a Tbsp of cinnamon raisin pb, and a drizzle of local honey.

I really like having oatmeal like this – it cools down so fast after getting it out of the bowl so I can eat even sooner  :)

I left for church a bit early, so I also stopped and got me and Nick a drink.


I got Nick an iced blueberry tea, and I decided to try their iced coffee with some skim milk added. I loved it! No sugar, no flavors…nothing but good, perfectly-brewed iced coffee + milk. It was just what I wanted this morning, and so much cheaper than getting a latte or something else.

We came home for lunch and split some of the dinner leftovers from last night.


Pasta leftovers are the best!


I put some eggplant slices in the toaster oven to heat them up and keep them crispy while Nick made some more garlic bread. All that was left was to heat up the green beans/broccoli and leftover pasta!


Easy. And this bread is really good. I’m already sad that it’s almost gone. It’s so seedy!

I’ve got one load of laundry washing and one load drying right now and a full day ahead!

  • Finish laundry
  • Vacuum upstairs
  • Make dinner
  • Bake cookies

I guess I better get moving!


  1. Satisfying leftovers AND a banana split-inspired breakfast? Perfect :-D

    Good luck with your to-do’s!!

  2. The couples that do the sound at church always impress me. I think I would have the bass to loud or something. So therefore you impress me. Also your banana split oatmeal impresses me. Have a good Sunday love!

  3. I love plain iced coffee with skim milk! Your leftovers look yummy! Love the banana split oatmeal idea!

  4. leftovers for lunch are always the best!!! :)

  5. I love that breakfast!! I don’t know why, but whenever I have iced coffee (even when I brew it at home) it always tastes sweeter than hot.

    Can’t wait to see the cookies you made :)

  6. Everything looks so yummy. Especially that oatmeal! Love the idea of banana split oatmeal – makes it more fun to eat. :)

  7. I agree; leftovers are the best!!! Your raspberries always photograph so beautifully – i tried to take some pics this morning but they just didn’t look like yours :(

  8. Banana split oatmeal looks like a fun twist to the regular stuff. Thanks for reminding me to try it :) Enjoy the rest of your Sunday!

  9. m’mmm oats are a very worthy substitution for ice cream in that ‘nana split!

    enjoy what’s left of your Sunday doll :)

  10. Weekends really do just fly by! It’s so sad.

    Love the banana split oats!

  11. LOVE that oatmeal :)

  12. Very creative with the banana split oats! I hear you on Sundays flying by. Yikes!

  13. Sundays do go by way to fast – I said the exact same thing today – how is it already 2 pm?

    And I agree, pasta leftovers are the best!

  14. Banana split oatmeal might need to get its own patent! That’s one of the best ideas EVER! And you are so right, Sundays have this way of starting off slow and then they just fly by. Too funny! Have a great week!

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