The Quinoa That Keeps On Giving

Happy Saturday  :)

This morning was nice and kind of relaxing. I took my smoothie to go, ran to WW to weigh in for September, went to Walmart to get/return a few things, and then headed to the farmer’s market + grocery store to get stuff for this coming week.

I got local, grass-fed bacon to try (yum – from a farm only about 15 minutes from us) and some fresh, local eggs today and I am psyched to try them both. Plus more peaches, a cantaloupe, some zucchini, squash and some OKRA!!! I wanted some so bad last week but they only had like 3 pieces left.

By the time I got back, Barefoot Contessa was on and I was ready for lunch.


Nick and I both had some of the quinoa dish and there’s still one serving left! I didn’t think it would last this long, but I”m glad it did – it made lunch easy today.

I heated up some of the quinoa, the last of the green beans from the other night, and cut up one of our tomatoes from the garden.


Plus some grapes.



and I got such a fun package today!!!


Rebecca was sweet enough to offer to send me some of these!


I have been looking for these bars EVERYWHERE and could not find them, so she offered to send me a few – I’m so excited to try them! Thanks again Rebecca!!!

Nick’s mowing the lawn, so I think I’m going to clean up around here a little – that will mean a little less to do tomorrow so we can definitely take a Sunday nap  :)


What’s your favorite chocolate bar?


  1. I’m obsessed with the THEO chocolate bars – gluten-free and soy-free and DELICIOUS!! :)

  2. Your garden tomatoes look so delish! I think Ghirardelli chocolates are the definition of melt in your mouth goodness. :)

  3. That is the best chocolate bar!
    There is also an amazing chocolate bar that is from Israel. It’s milk chocolate with pop rocks…simply amazing!

  4. yumm!! quinoa dish sound healthy and delish!! yet simple! hehe.. those grapes looks round and firm!!

  5. Ina is the besssssssssst! her and Geoffrey are so cute, no? I kind of wish she was my wife :)

  6. I love leftovers that keep on giving.

    Lucky you! That chocolate sounds amazing!

  7. Great about the chocolate! My fav one is our local milk chocolate with whole hazelnuts (250g). Once I made a special one for my mom: lime white chocolate, coconut, walnuts.

  8. Your lunch looks delicious, and I love the chocolate! My fave chocolate bar… maybe the Newman’s Organics orange chocolate? They remind me of the chocolate oranges I’d get for christmas when I was little :)

  9. Those Lindt bars are sooo good. Salt and chocolate is such a great combo. That’s definitely one of my favorites!

  10. Godiva Dark Chocolate bar all the way when I want to splurge :)

  11. Salty dark chocolate sounds like it would be dangerous! I love sweet/salty combos :)

  12. YAY! Glad you got the bars!! Enjoy them!!

  13. Green and Blacks Organic Maya Gold (Dark Chocolate infused with Spices and Orange) is a-may-zing. But I love Cadbury’s Dairy Milk Fruit and Nut so much because it reminds me of home. Whenever someone sends me some from home, I die and go to heaven a bit!

    I need to make quinoa again – love it!

  14. Oh man, I’ve been dying to try that chocolate too!

    My favorite is really any superdark chocolate . . . I love Twilight Delight (which I think is Lindt?) after it’s been in the freezer for awhile :-)

  15. Yay for packages! i received one today too! sooooo excited! :)

  16. Getting packages is the best! I see that bar everywhere! I need to try it!

  17. Wow that bar sounds interesting! Surprisingly, I am not a huge fan of chocolate, especially in bar form! Probably one of very few non-chocolate liking crowd ha. Enjoy yours though!

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