The Donuts Dreams Are Made Of

Normally, I can avoid the donuts that show up every Friday in our office.

But some weeks…I plan out ahead of time which one I’m going to have.

Today was one of those days. Well, actually, last night I was already scheming to enjoy my donut, so I woke up craving it.

Krispy Kreme? No thanks.


Dunkin Donuts? Eh.


Fresh, locally made donuts from Carol Lee’s? Yes, please.


For some reason, I have always loved the cake donuts. Maybe because I don’t feel like I’m just eating sugary air? Who knows, but this chocolate iced-chocolate cake donut is definitely the best I’ve ever had. And I know where it’s made and that it’s fresh every morning. Top that, Entenmann’s.


Oh, and I snagged one for Nick, too. He likes to have them as “lunch dessert” if I can grab a sprinkled one for him.



No chocolate icing today, but they do always have Hokie-colored sprinkles, which makes it a bit more special.

Carol Lee also has 2 amazing flavors in their iced yeast donuts: maple glazed and toasted coconut. Those I do enjoy…but I think I still like the cake donuts best.

Oh yeah – and remember those donuts that I French-toasted? They were Carol Lee’s, too.

I think it’s a good thing I don’t live closer to the shop.

What’s your favorite local food?

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  1. A chocolate cake doughnut is my absolute favorite. Your photos have me drooling and I’m not even hungry! It can’t just be a plain cake doughnut with chocolate frosting either. It has to have chocolate in the dough. My husband made that mistake once. I turned up my nose and had oatmeal instead! Ha! We don’t have many local places where I live. The chains have infiltrated the market but there is one good smokehouse bbq joint that we enjoy.

  2. omg omg omg I am DROOLING!! Chocolate cake doughnuts are my #1 fave doughut in the world!!

  3. MMMM. This makes me crave an apple cider doughnut from Amherst! :)

    My favorite NY local food are pizza and bagels! In MA…hhmmm…asparagus and apples.

  4. Those doughnuts look amazing! YUM.

  5. oh.em.gee.. it’s taking every ounce of will power in me right now to not get up and go to dunkin donuts right now!

  6. Those doughnuts are calling my name! So pretty and such good pictures! Yay! You know how I love zee pics.
    Also your breakfast from this morning looked delightful and THANKS for the free sample thingy – very cool! I’ve never tried the chia seeds!

  7. OK now I’m seriously craving some baked goods.

  8. Those are my favorite doughnuts too!!

    Favorite NYC local food = fall apples!!
    Favorite VA local food = figs from my mom’s fig tree :-)

  9. mmm local baked goods. i’m pretty sure when they’re local it means they’re good for you.
    up until 2 months ago i lived half a block from a bakery that more or less sold crack… amazing amazing baked goods, and things like little baby sized tarts with fresh fruit. crack.
    they also sold stumptown coffee, which is my fiance’s favorite locally roasted coffee.
    so basically, the whole place was just crack.
    they had pizza nights too. amazing pizza and then they gave you a loaf of bread AND cookies when you were done.

  10. Ughhhhhh….get out of here with your donuts, they look WAY too delicious and I want them :)

  11. omg yum!!!! Thank god for desserts that don’t make u SICK with too much sugar!

  12. Oh man! Now I want a donut!

  13. A donut once in awhile for me is such a super treat!! I love those little Debbie one’s covered in powdered sugar :-)

  14. Berries and all fruits actually from all the local u-picks!

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