And So It Begins…

Wahoo!!!! This is going to be quick because Nick and I are going to our local high school football game tonight  :)


Okay, so it’s not a college game, but I’m ready for some football! And our local team has been really good the past couple of years. Tonight is their first real season game AND it’s a home game (5 minutes away) so we’re heading over for the 7:30 pm kickoff.

This worked out perfectly – the only other plans I had for tonight were laundry (boo) and watching What Not to Wear, which I’m okay missing for football. Can you believe that, Mom?


I think all that sugar from the donut threw off my appetite for today – I didn’t even have an afternoon snack!

Lunch was the same thing I had yesterday: bean/cheese wrap dipped in guacamole.


And more of the turkey/bean/corn soup, with more guac.


We ran over to pick up my last pack of contacts at lunch and then work, work, work, until 5 pm.

TGIF, right?  AND we got football tickets today for a game this season and I’m super excited.


Dinner tonight was quick + easy since we have plans now.


I heated up some of the green beans + quinoa dish from last night and layered it in a bowl.


Why are things better in layers? This was tasty all mixed together.

Nick’s waiting to have dinner at the game – his choice for tonight? chili dogs. And I may take some change to spring for some candy or something fun at the game. We’ll see.


Alright – off to the game! I gotta change into team colors and brush my teeth.

I’ll try to get some good pictures of all the small town fun  :)


What are your plans for this weekend?

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  1. YUmmmmm. now I want that bean wrap even more!!!!! I have to hop to it and make that!

  2. mmmm guac…. enjoy the game!

  3. yum! i had a bean burrito today too!

  4. haha – contemplated going to the local hs football game, but decided to stay home… and i’m now watching ‘what not to wear’. :)

  5. Mmm… beans, cheese & guac! Hard to beat.

    Have a great time at the game tonight! I actually never went to a football game in high school OR college… wish I had.

    My boyfriend’s record release show and party is tomorrow, so there are a lot of family and friends visiting. Should be a fun and busy weekend!

  6. Good for you guys, supporting local HS sports! Your guacamole looks so good. I need to get back on the making-guacamole train. I swear I can eat a whole batch at once. And then feel disgusting.

  7. oh football season.
    i was never a football fan, but now i’m marrying a man who played varsity football for 4 years in high school… and pouts if i make him miss a college game. he’s a sooner born, and a sooner breed (literally-born in Norman!). i have watched more football with him last year than i had for the first 20 some years of my life. (my daddy is thrilled that I now know what’s going on in the game)
    have fun!

  8. Everything is better in layers! It makes food way more fun…
    Have fun at the game!

  9. I love Friday night games. Takes me back to my childhood :) Hope your team won!

  10. LOVE the quinoa dish! I like that you did a close-up to show the separate chewy and nutty grain! Really craving quinoa now! :D

  11. yumm!! food sound interesting! have fun! and hope ye team would win!

  12. love me the start of football season. my high school that i went to just had their first game tonight too! :)

  13. so i was just going to save “have a great time at the game” but i just realized i already read your post about the game — so, i know you had a great time :) google reader is so deceiving!

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