Walkin’ About

The smoothie was definitely a success today! I was skeptical about how filling it would be, but it held me just about until lunch time! Adding those oats is a perfect way to bulk it up a bit and give it more staying power. I’ll definitely be adding the oats if I’m planning on the smoothie being my actual breakfast from now on.

I had more of that melon + raspberries for a snack this afternoon.


I packed these in case I needed a snack this morning, but they ended up being the perfect afternoon pick-me-up.

Also, summer is apparently back today – it was hot! So hot that I did not run when I got home. I think it’s only supposed to be in the 70s next week, so I am looking forward to that!

I had important football stuff to talk about with my mom and dad and I decided to get in a little activity at the same time!

As soon as I came home, I got our green beans (from our garden!) cooking and called home. While I was talking to them, I walked around outside and by the end of phone call, I had gotten in almost 25 minutes of walking! Easy way to squeeze in some movement.


These green beans are so good and sweet. I need to find a lot of recipes – we have a lot more to use  :)


Tonight’s meal came out of the Jan/Feb edition of Clean Eating – I’m not sure of copyright and everything, so I don’t know if I can post the recipe?

How about I just list the ingredients – or what I used, since I did change a few things.

  • quinoa
  • orange juice
  • dried cherries
  • pecans
  • parsley
  • leftover turkey


This dish totally makes me want fall to be here already. I’m ready! Ready for cooler weather, sweats, hot cocoa, football, oatmeal every day….



What’s your favorite season?


  1. I am definitely a fall girl too! Although not so much when I realize the LONG and cold MN winter is approaching. Brr

  2. Something about the smoothie with the oats brings back old Core board drama for me… though I agree, its awesome!

  3. I love raspberries o so much and i need to start eating them more!


  4. Fall is definitely my favorite but my boyfriend HATES it. I love everything about it!

  5. I’m such a fall girl…leaves, weather, sweaters, football, soup…what’s not to love.

  6. Mmmm my two all-time fave fruits… and a fave blogger too!

  7. hi i’m a new reader! buy omg, i have those plates! kohls!! i love them!

  8. I’m SO ready for Fall too. I love fall; it’s my favorite season.

    I get clean eating but I did not see that delicious looking quinoa recipe in there…what page is it on?

  9. i’m ready for cooler weather too – we’re having a heat wave here and i’m craving tea!

  10. Your dinner looks fantastic! My favorite season is Fall, hands down. At least, Michigan Fall. I love the cool crisp air, changing and falling leaves, apple orchards, pumpkins, hay rides, halloween, everything! I’m like a Fall-a-holic. But here in Arizona… it just gets slightly less hot. It’s disappointing cause it doesn’t feel like Autumn :(

  11. My favorite season is fall, blue jeans, tshirts and flips flops, here I come!

  12. That quinoa looks great! I’ll have to look into that recipe.

    I’m not quite ready for fall but I am ready for football. So I guess I have to accept that the cold weather is coming.

  13. My favorite season is definitely Fall here @ home in Sun Valley, Idaho. The weather is perfect!!! I love all seasons, but I hate it when the snow starts to melt and things are all around shitty and sloppy. Blah haha. Love your quinoa! I need to make some of that!

  14. i’m so jealous of the hot weather – it’s freezing here.. i’m talking 55 degrees! boooooo.

  15. Fall is definitely my favorite season! Glad you like football as much as I do!

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