A Bean Tribute

Today’s lunch is dedicated to Rose, a fellow bean lover.

Really, could I HAVE any more beans in my lunch today?

Exibit A:


Leftover turkey/bean/corn soup with some guacamole.

Exibit B:


Refried bean/cheese wrap with more guacamole…


Almost all beans and I love it!


I love that they fill me up without weighing me down. Plus, there’s so many types that I don’t know if I’ll ever get sick of them.


What’s your favorite bean? Favorite bean dish?

Fact: My mom does not like any type of bean – she even makes chili for us and just takes her serving out of the dish before adding the beans :)  Love her.


Want a VitaMix? I know I do!


  1. Wow! How very sweet of you to dedicate this to me! This lunch looks like absolute heaven to me!

  2. mmm beans are good in EVERYTHING. cheap protein, what’s not to love?
    I made soup with beans last night… yum!
    I love beans on my salad, especially garbanzos (which are also great on pasta!)
    black beans with cilantro, garlic, salt and pepper are amazingly good-especially with a little sour cream on top.

  3. I LOVE black-eyed peas in place of pasta with tomato sauce :-)

    And lima beans with olive oil and garlic . . .

    And chick peas on salad . . .

    And almost all bean sprouts . . .

    Edamame . . .

    They’re so cheap, filling, and worthy of a post :-)

  4. Love all the beany goodness. I like to add refried beans to about anything to make a faux mexican meal in a snap.

  5. Hi Brandy – your bean wrap looked so good! I just tried that one recently with red kidney beans and it was quite tasty. I like all kinds of beans but my favorite might be cannellini beans – they are so buttery and smooth tasting. I like to mash them up into my avocado for a richer, more protein-ier (I know, not a word).

  6. I love pasta fagioli! I also like refried beans especially in a layered Tex-Mex dip… and I don’t mind a black bean here or there in a burrito. Other than that I’m not really big on beans though.

  7. I’m a total bean girl too! i think i pretty much love all kinda, but i really do love me some kidney beans! hahaha

    its a magical fruit! ;)


  8. I love black beans and garbanzos. They can both be made into hummus and eaten in so many different ways. I love almost any bean really after having lived in many different cultures that use them more than meat…..YUMMY!

  9. Something is going in the mail for you today!!

  10. i heart beans. so versatile and so yummy – love this lunch!

  11. This looks like a super amazing lunch! Such pretty pics. Yum!

    LOVE refried beans. That’s one of my faves. Another is garbanzos for hummus making! And I also love kidney beans in chilli. Oh! And black bean salsa! Ok so apparently I love beans a lot as well…

  12. Yummie lunch! You just reminded me that I did have one today…nice pictures!

  13. I used to abhor beans, but now I love ’em – particularly garbanzos, great northern and black beans.

    I love black bean burritos, beans in marinara sauce w/ cottage cheese and veggies, black bean and corn salsa, beans on salads, beans on sweet potatoes. Haha, I LOVE beans.

    Your lunch looked delicious is all it’s beany glory.

  14. Yum. That refried bean and cheese wrap reminds me of my childhood. I used to eat those on the reg.
    My favorite beans right now are black beans and refried black beans.

  15. Any kind of bean is good to me! :-)

  16. that bean wrap with guac sounds sooooooooo yummo!!!!!!

  17. my fav. bean dish = a bean burrito… refriend beans and cheese wrapped in a whole wheat tortilla. Gourmet? no. delish? yes ma’am.

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