Dinner For Breakfast

Or breakfast for dinner for breakfast?

I had some kale that needed to be used, so I decided to recreate this dinner today for breakfast!


Instead of using brown rice as the base, I just used some oatbran since that cooks a lot faster than rice.


I cooked some thinly sliced carrots + tomatoes with a little olive oil and salsa, then added a splash of water and about 2 cups of kale.

Put the lid on the pan and let the kale wilt just a bit.

Then make 2 wells in the kale, crack the eggs in, cover and let cook until the whites are done and yolks are still runny  :) Or until they’re cooked however you like.


And top with crushed red pepper, garlic and salt.

This was definitely not a normal breakfast, but I loved it! And I just realized that I forgot to add some guacamole! Dang it.

I do love getting in veggies at breakfast – it always seems like such a challenge since fruit is just easier to eat in the morning, but breakfasts like this make it easy!


What’s your favorite non-breakfast-food breakfast?


  1. I’m a big fan of eating veggies with my breakfast, so that looks like a perfect breakfast to me! The other day I kind of did the same thing–I had the lunch I brought to work for breakfast and the breakfast I brought to work for lunch. It just sounded better!

    Oddly enough, sometimes I like brown rice in the morning. I have a big bowl with either eggs or Greek yogurt and some veggies/fruit and I’m good! It’s easily digested and gives me a good amount of calories without filling me up too much.

    I just ate breakfast, but now I want it again–looks good!

  2. I love eating breakfast so I don’t know that I could ever eat a non-breakfast food. I was thinking about making a grilled banana & pb sandwich later though.. maybe I’ll make that for breakfast when I get back from spinning instead. Even at brunches, I have to eat breakfast. If there is breakfast on the menu at any restaurant I go to, I have to order it! haha I just love it!

  3. Veggies at breakfast! way to go girl! Breakie looks awesome! :)


  4. kale is a perfect breakfast green- i should do that too. I use spinach so why not kale?

  5. Leftover Chinese food/pizza is the best breakfast EVER! Haha. Or, maybe not now that I am not 19 waking up hungover :P Have you ever had kedgeree? It’s a smoked fish rice dish and REALLY good- I always had it for dinner, but it’s traditionally breakfast. good stuff :D

  6. hahaha whatever you wanna call it – that meal looks to die for!

  7. I won’t lie, there’s mornings that I’m tempted by that evil beast hummus. Just wait! One of these days it’ll get me!

  8. That looks really good Brandi! I would totally make it if I wasn’t allergic to eggs :(. Funny I came upon this post because I have been thinking about doing dinner for breakfast lately but haven’t jumped in. Although I almost ate my sushi from Whole Foods for breakfast this morning. Really thought, who says you have to eat certain foods in the morning of the afternoon. Its all about what makes you happy!


  9. I adore breakfast for dinner but I never thought of dinner for breakfast, what a great idea. Back in high school, I had leftover pizza for breakfast all. the. time.


  10. Yum that looks delicious!! I love veggies for breakfast!!

  11. Wow, that looks great! I’m more of a sweet rather than savory breakfast fan, but I do like a sandwich for breakfast now and again!

  12. I’m a long time eater of non breakfast foods for breakfast. My favorite “breakfast” in high school was rice with veggies and parm.

    I’ve been known to eat chicken nuggets as breakfast too :-)

  13. i LOVE getting in veggies at breakfast…much less pressure throughout the day :)

    i might have to copy this meal. it looks fantastique!

  14. I love veggies for breakfast, especially with eggs! I have been known to dip into leftover spaghetti and even Thai food for brekkie though!

  15. when i was macrobiotic (for 3 weeks) i really loved the breakfast of miso soup and brown rice.

  16. What a great breakfast idea!!

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