A Good Run

Happy end to your Humpday  :)

I’m happy the week is already half over  – just 2 more work days!

I’m still not sure what type of melon that was, but it was so good! Probably one of the best melons I’ve ever had. The outside really looked just like a cantaloupe, so I was really surprised when I cut into it the other day and it was green. It didn’t really taste like honeydew, either. Either way, I liked it.

I knew I was planning a run today so I made sure to bring a snack to have at work this afternoon.


I topped the last of a container (about 1/2-3/4 cup?) of Fage with a Kashi Blackberry Graham bar.


I love these bars – they remind me of tiny pop tarts.


We actually went running a bit later than we normally do and that worked out perfectly today. It wasn’t horribly hot, but it was pretty muggy, so waiting until the sun wasn’t shining on us the whole time helped a lot. I was still a sweaty mess at the end of it, but we had a nice little breeze running down by the river.

3 miles, done. Not much and not a long run, but I’ve got to at least get back into the routine of running a few times a week before starting to train for these races.

Run, stretch, shower, heat up dinner.


Repeats of last night! and maybe even better tonight!


Same deal: blob of refried beans on bottom of bowl (yum), then soup, then guac + cilantro. Good and spicy, yet cooled down with the cold guacamole.


Now I’ve just got to figure out what I want for breakfast in the morning and if I need to do any prep work. Decisions, decisions…

Thanks for all your comments on my previous post – I like seeing results like that, but I do realize that this survey doesn’t accurately show what the average American woman thinks. That would require a much bigger survey, spread out across every part of the country, all different ages, etc. BUT it’s nice to see positive results, period.


I’m already thinking of a bowl of popcorn in a bit, so just pretend you’re seeing a picture of that, too.

Truth be told? I normally have some type of snack after dinner; it’s just never on the blog.

Why? Well, my snack usually happens after I blog at night and I’m not going to edit/update it or wait until the morning UNLESS it’s something fabulous  :)  Normally it’s popcorn, a glass of milk, cereal, something small like that.


Do you have after dinner snacks? What’s your favorite?


  1. i can’t end my night without some type of dessert :) i look forward to it all day!

  2. Sometimes short runs are just a good as long runs. I like the feeling of getting the run in even if its not as long as I’d like.

    I usually have some sort of snack. Lately its been an apple with cinnamon and some honey. But sometimes its yogurt and pudding mixed. It just depends on my mood for the evening.

  3. After a serious craving, I finally tried your kale & egg concoction for dinner tonight (with a side of yuca fries!). Let me tell you…. amazing, amazing, amazing!

    I’m embarrassed to say… but most nights I want a chocolate vitatop with natural PB. mmm. just finished one actually ;)

    • Yay Jill!!! I’m so glad you liked the kale + eggs! so good right? :)

      I’ve never tried vitatops, but that does sound like a good snack.

  4. girl i never end the night without snackies! psh i think i would go insane! Usually its popcorn for me too, i can’t get enough of the stuff! its so good! hahaha. Congrats on the run 3 miles is awesome! :)


  5. My after dinner snack is the same as my pre workout one- PB WW Toast! Yum!

  6. i always have an after dinner snack and 80% of the time its cereal! lol total rut i know!

  7. Mmm your dinner looks great! Usually my after dinner snack is Annie’s Homegrown Bunny Grahams. I’m on a kick right now!

  8. Dear, you KNOW I have dessert every night, right? uh huh, uh huh.

  9. i have an evening snack every night. lately it’s been frozen grapes.

  10. Oh boy does that soup look absolutely fabulous! I like to try to have fruit or berries as my evening snacks. Apple spread with AB hits the spot and gives me a little protein to boot.

  11. mmm, popcorn is one of my favorite evening snacks! solves salty cravings, and it’s a whole grain!
    depending on how healthy we’re being sometimes we have berries with yogurt… and sometimes we have ice cream :-)

  12. I had some popcorn tonight too. I don’t think blogging all snacks is necessary either. It’s usually something small for me too.

  13. I ALWAYS end my night with a snack! Actually, more like meal considering its size…teehee!

  14. After dinner snack…always something sweet!!! Kind of a bad habit, but oh well. You only live once, right?

  15. Haha, I do the same thing, I usually have some time of snack or dessert after I blog and before bed, and it never gets posted unless it’s something over the top gorgeous or yummy. It’s usually just a bowl of cereal or something boring though.

  16. Long time poster; first time replier here :D Love your blog! & just thought I’d add that your melon looks and sounds like it was a galia melon (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Galia_(melon))

    I tend to snack after dinner too. Has to be done ;)

  17. Thanks a lot for your tips, they are reasonable! I guess I really have a too small proportion of protein in my diet. I’ll add eggs, cottage cheese and peas.
    Wow, your breakfast was awsome! After dinner snacks..actually none, because my dinner is like breakfast (something sweet), that’s already snack;).

  18. mmm those little pop tart things sound amazing in Fage. Fage is the way to go. Do you like 0% or 2%? I’m a sucker for 2%. My fav after dinner treat is a little ice cream, a fudgcicle, or a mini container of greek yogurt mixed with PB2 and my fav decadent cereal. I also always finish my day with a hot cup of tea.

  19. when I was starting to run on the treadmill. I have lost 8lbs so far in 3 weeks. Have been following your progress. I started the 100 pushup program and just did day 1 week 3 yesterday and that was tough. I could not max but I will try again tomorrow. I also tried a light run today —not on the treadmill…OMG what a difference. I had to learn to pace myself more and control my breathing better…and I’ll be darned after about 15min I felt like I could go another hour ( JK). Then when I stopped I really felt it in my legs. WHat and awesome feeling. I can’t wait to run tomorrow for the real run.

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