Heavy on the Hummus

All I want to eat lately is hummus.

Garlicky, oily hummus.

What else should I have done yesterday except make my own while home on my lunch break?


Pardon the bad office lighting.

Today, I made a huge veggie + hummus wrap with my homemade hummus, some cilantro pesto, cucumber (what?), carrot (who am I?), tomato, and romaine.


I could barely get this thing rolled up – and yes, that’s about 1/2 cup of hummus on there  :)

I actually feel like hummus is the perfect vehicle for eating things you don’t normally like, too. I do not like raw carrots, and I have NEVER liked cucumbers unless they were in that greek yogurt sauce. BUT – put them with some hummus and I’m all in. Strange, huh?

Between the hummus + pesto, I feel like a garlic-breathing dragon today.


I also had a few random olives from the fridge and some of these awesome black grapes.


I’m hoping the sweet grapes will take a bit of that garlic away!


Do you like hummus? What’s your favorite way to use it?

*Recipe for my hummus to come!


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  1. I absolutely love hummus. My fav way to use it is in a wrap! :)

  2. i loooove looove loooveee hummus. my favorite way to use it is to put about 1-2Tbs in a bowl with some greens (spinach, mixed greens, chard, kale, etc.), toss it with my bare hands and then top it off with the salad toppings of the day. it makes for a great salad dressing replacement and a creamy, tasty, filling salad!

  3. I do luuuuurve the hummus! Your carrot eating reminds me of YET ANOTHER staple I forgot at the the grocery.

  4. I do like hummus. My fav way to eat it is spread on a wrap with cheese & tempeh, and grilled!

  5. I was just telling someone how much I adore hummus!! I like to eat it with carrots (I know, lame) but obviously would eat it with just about anything put in front of me :)

  6. yay hummus! i get the eggplant humus from trader joes. i dip steamed broc in it…and also turkey sandwich slices i get from costco. yeah total protein overload. sometimes i just eat humus straight up. yup, then i don’t speak to anyone that day.

  7. girl…i am allll with you on that hummus. i just bought the triple layer from trader joe’s – holy yumminess. red pepper, plain and cilantro all in one. loves it!!!

  8. This wrap looks sooooooooo good! I love hummus on wraps, sammies, salads, as a dip! Gosh…its good in sooo many ways. Can’t wait for the recipe!

  9. My favorite is jalapeno hummus from the greek bakery in town. The absolute best! I put a glob on a plate, top with chunks of avocado + tomato + cuke, then eat with light crispy thin + salty pita chips, yummy! Makes for a great lunch.

  10. Err, I love hummus. Like, with all my little garlicky heart. I am also a major fan of using it in wraps but also in bagel “sandwiches” or toasted sandwiches instead of butter.

    Woo hoo.

  11. I LOVE hummus! My fave lately is the Hot Enough Hummus from Sonny & Joe’s. I love it in wraps as well.

  12. I love hummus!! I put it on my taco last night for dinner! Yum!!

  13. I love hummus too and also use it on flat out wraps! I love garlic so its a good thing that my fiance has no problems with that, haha.

  14. Hummus makes everything taste better! I crave it daily :)

  15. What a great looking wrap! I love me some garlic and onions, my poor fiance lol.

  16. I loveee hummus.
    I got my fianceto start replacing mayo in his sandwiches-a turkey sand with hummus > turkey sand with mayo

  17. I’m a hummus addict. I like to try multiple flavors on multiple things. Lately my favorite thing has been eggs on a WW tortilla with Hummus, laughing cow swiss and salsa. I think I’ve eaten it every day. I just can’t get enough.

  18. I was getting addicted to that stuff awhile back…..lol, so good!! I loves me some hummus! :D

  19. i am a garlic loving hummus eater too! OMG….if i bought a tub of it, i know i could easily polish it off all by myself! hahaha!

    your wrap looks to die for! yUMMMM


  20. I could live off of hummus and be a happy girlie!

  21. i used to , but i overdosed on it a couple years back. hmm…maybe it’s time to try it again?

  22. I LOVE hummus! I go through phases where it’s all I want to eat, too. MY favorite way to eat it is in a wrap!

  23. I have honestly never tried hummus! I guess I am not a big fan of dipping things, but obv there is other ways to use it!! :-)

  24. agreed; hummus makes all things better.

  25. Hummus on Kashi crackers or naked Pita chips…mmmmm. I made it once – from a recipe in the Peanut Butter Planet cookbook. YOu put in peanut butter instead of tahini. It was DEEEEELISH!

  26. I love hummus! I think I’m going to make some tonight and replicate that wrap.

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