Bats All, Folks

So, we had a bit of excitement this morning.

A little back story: We have this umbrella on our deck that you can fold down, and there has apparently been a bat living in it. Nick found that out this weekend, so he’s left the umbrella up the past couple of days to keep it from nesting in there again.

I went out about 10 minutes ago to feed Roxy and saw some nasty looking throwup on the deck (sorry for that this early in the morning!). Normally, if Roxy gets sick, it’s whole pieces of her food from eating too fast, but I had never seen anything like this. I fed her and went back inside to tell Nick.

When he came out and looked at it…..he saw a wing a little farther away.

Our cat is a killer! That is nuts.

She is not tiny or very fast, so I’m not sure how she could have caught a bat! I just can’t believe it! She’s caught birds before, but even that is hard to believe when looking at her. I wonder if she recruited one of the other cats around here to help her….


Of course, I’m glad I had already put my breakfast together after seeing that this morning.


Last night, I mixed up a breakfast cookie:



I mixed that up in a bowl, spread it on a plate, and let it set in the fridge overnight.

Then this morning, I topped it with the last 2 Tbsp or so of ricotta, a pinch of unsweetened coconut, strawberries, and raspberries.


I think I’ve actually been craving these cold breakfasts lately, which is strange because it’s not even that hot here! But I really missed this yesterday.


Do you have any crazy pet stories?


  1. Oh, ew! lol At least your breakfast was yummy!

  2. My dog Peanut is a pom mix and thinks she’s a cat. We have a blanket at the end of our bed for her and Leo (our other dog). Every night she comes in and makes a “nest” out of it. She uses every part of her body to make this nest. Pushes it with her head and front paws…jack rabbit kicks it with her hind paws…bites it to move it. It is the funniest thing and one of our night-time rituals to watch her until she gets it just right and flops down.

  3. Wow, Roxy the bat killer. Crazy!!

  4. Well, my cat growing up–BlackJack–had way more than 9 lives. We think he had atleast 15. He was a very adventurous and brave cat. BlackJack always got into fights and would disappear for a couple of days, leaving me CRYING and calling his name for hours, and then we would see him walking on the field. We knew when he would be gone that he would come back bruised, scraped, and scratched up because he was ALWAYS getting into fights. We initially rescued/STOLE him from his current owner because he never fed BlackJack and would leave him for days to defend himself. So, after begging my dad, my dad stole him the day we moved out of the neighborhood. I’ll never forget how my dad did that. :)

    Anyway, one time he corned a COPPERHEAD. The copperhead was striking at him but BlackJack was smooth and did not get hurt. My dad, neighbor, and BlackJack were a team and eventually killed the snake. I like to think BlackJack was protecting us from the snake–if it weren’t for him, we would of never known there was a copperhead out there. My dad called BlackJack “The Squire.” I think it’s a perfect nickname. He was the best pet I have ever had, many he rest in peace. :)

  5. Yikes! No crazy pet stories here…though one time my mom brought home a blanket that she had kept at work (no idea why! lol) and when she took it out the bag and shook it, a dead mouse came flying out! Hmm. Lovely.

    Anyway! Your breakfast cookies always look amazing! I have tried almost identical recipes and mine are always a flop- do you use jumbo oats? I think mine are too fine…

    Have a fab tuesday (Wednesday? I am s disorientated today!)

  6. that is so crazy about the bat. your cat is one fierce feline!! hahahah

    breakfast looks awesome. i still have to make a cookie!

  7. Yay for breakfast cookies! That’s what I made for breakfast this morning, inspired by you! I need to remember to pick up some ricotta at the store next time – everytime you use it, I want to try it on something.
    No crazy pet stories yet and I hope it stays that way! I don’t how well I would deal if Cinnamon brought me a “treat”.

  8. The Brat attacked a squirrel and the squirrel attacked back. Luckily she didn’t get any crazy diseases or anything but I was a terrified pet mommy!

  9. OMG, that is too funny! Bats are fast too!

  10. Delightful!! Dead-bat-barf to start off your day! :P I’d be glad that breakfast was already made too!

  11. Woah. I can’t believe the kitty caught a bat? That seems so hard.


    Pretty pretty breakfast pics, as usual.

  12. My miniature schnauzer Rufio has caught baby bunnies in the past. He is soooo proud of himself, and thinks he deserves a reward. He is also the best exterminator, since he loves to eat all of the bugs he can get his little paws on!
    I just found your blog, and it’s great. I can’t wait to try to breakfast cookie tomorrow morning!

  13. Oh no! Poor little Roxy – I always feel so bad when pets barf (even if they did just kill another animal) ;)

  14. You keep reminding me that I really need to have an oatmeal cookie for breakfast! I just have to remember to prepare it the night before.

    Crazy thing about the bat! When I was little, someone told me that bats like to rip out blonde hair, so I was TERRIFIED of bats for a long time :)

  15. just perfect for breakfast!! sure gonna give a try!!

  16. Ha my cat is a killer too unfortunately! She brought a rabbit into my parents basement and it was still alive. My dad when down the rest day and saw it staring at him and ran away. They had to call animal control. Luckily the bunny made it!

  17. My family has pet chickens. Which is kinda awesome just in and of itself. But at one point we let eggs hatch and had EIGHT roosters.
    We never had understood why people had cock fights until we got to watch them in our front yard…. it’s mesmerizing!

  18. Your breakfast cookie looks immense!!

  19. Your cat Roxy looks too cute to do that! BTW, your breakfast cookies look totally awesome. What am I waiting for? I need to try one!

  20. whoa what a dramatic start to your day! I am personally freaked out by bats so more power to Roxy!

  21. Haha, cats have pretty amazing instincts. I’m not all that surprised. I would have been grossed out too though.

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