Empty the Fridge

Well, my Monday is going – busy at work, so this morning definitely included this:



I worked until the last possible second that I could – my stomach was just about to eat itself, so I made the fastest lunch possible from the fridge.


I had a few random leftovers in the fridge, so I decided to put put them all on a plate and enjoy. It worked out pretty well!


I had leftover grilled mushrooms, green beans from last night and some yogurt dip with cucumber/jalapeno…


Plus the last piece of chicken from the other night, a few random grilled pepper pieces, and some of the roasted eggplant dip.


And some ww pita chips so I could actually EAT those dips on the plate  :)  This was a fun lunch to eat – some with utensils, some with my hands.


I just finished mixing up a batch of hummus and I’m going to put a load of laundry in the wash while I’m still on “lunch break”.


What’s the strangest/most random meal you’ve put together from your fridge?

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  1. COFFEE! A must in my life.

  2. actually that looks really good! lol.
    I put together a pretty random lunch today … not from the fridge but i had a fruit and grain bar, some pretzels, and a couple ginger newman oreos. lol. i dunno, i guess it was weird in theory.

  3. That kind of meal is the best! The ones where you have bites of this and bites of that are more fun to eat :)

  4. The other night I made a combo from my freezer and fridge. I steamed sweet potato, green beans, TJ’s roasted corn and peas with some frozen shrimp. I added some garlic salt and red pepper flakes and then topped it off with some spicy salsa and parmesan all in a big bowl. It was quite filling and got in lots of good veggies. I enjoyed the randomness of it all.

    And my day has included some coffee too. Just had my first cup of Chocolate Raspberry with FF vanilla creamer and some skim milk. Surprisingly it didn’t need any sweetner :-) Now to see if it wakes me up.

  5. OMG, I’ve had fried rice, next to an taco, next to celery and blue cheese dressing using up leftovers!

    Happy Monday – I heart coffee too!

  6. i love it when you can eat a bunch on random stuff…sometimes its the best that way!

    those whole wheat pita chips look scrumptious!

    hope you enjoy the rest of your day :)

  7. It’s amazing how delicious and nutritious leftovers can be. And it feels good to use them up!

  8. I love meals like this! When you get to pick and choose and peck at a bunch of different things! My favorite!

  9. I love leftovers! Random meals are the best!

  10. Yes, Katie has great ideas.
    I’ve had several strange combinations these days: basil bread with nutella and pb, garlic bread with pb. I think even tomato with nutella would go;)

  11. vat a perfect lunch you made from the left overs! looking delish! yumm!

  12. Ooh, eggplant dip sounds AWESOME!

  13. I love leftovers! I’ve eaten so many strange meals in my time..I’m not sure where I would even start to answer that question, lol.

  14. I love random “everything in the fridge” meals… they end up way better than you’d expect sometimes!

  15. I think I may need to starting adding a cup o’ joe to my morning routine–these classes are a lot of focus that I do not have in the AM hours! Hehe!

    You’re random meal looks pretty darn good to me! :-)

  16. can’t get my day started without the morning Jo :)

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