Bug on my Lips

Get ready for some pictures! I was hungry this afternoon!!!


My stomach decided to be super hungry today, so I ended up having 2 snacks today. First, I had this pack of chocolate superfood blended with some almond milk and a banana. This is one the sample packs I ordered 2 weeks ago to try.


I really liked this one! It tasted similar to a different chocolate vitamin shake mix I have, and it went really well with the almond milk + banana.

About an hour after my smoothie, I broke into this.


yum, yum, yum. I need stock in Larabars!


Just look at that huge chunk of almond! I loved this bar. I’m not sure I’ve met a Larabar that I haven’t loved yet  :)  I hope I can find the new flavors soon!

More work followed this snack, and then a run! Yay!

Nick ended up having to stay a little late in the lab and finish some stuff, so I went on my own today.

I had a pretty good run today – the weather was good, I only got a few tiny side stitches, and I made pretty good time. I ran a little over 3 miles tonight and felt great when I finished.

The bad thing about today’s run? There were these little bugs everywhere! I had them on my lips, sticking to my forehead, going down my throat, flying into my eyeballs….I mean, I got home and STILL had some congregating on my shirt!


Ridiculous, but funny.

After I shook them all off, stretched, and showered, I heated up dinner.

Now…I actually wasn’t planning on having leftovers tonight, but my avocado wasn’t thawed yet so I pushed tonight’s plans until tomorrow. I just can’t have Mexican flavored meals without guac now, so I did what I had to do.


I had a little of the leftover turkey, paprika mashed potatoes, green beans, and some sliced tomatoes from our garden.



There aren’t many things better than tomatoes right out of the garden.


Now I’ve got to figure out what to pack for lunch tomorrow…


Is it “buggy” where you live? We normally don’t have bugs here at all in the summer; it’s rare that we have lots of gnats or bugs, but the past couple of weeks have just been crazy!


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  1. When I ran high school cross country and we ran through a cloud of gnats, everyone would yell “protein!” because we consumed so many. Gross!!!
    I love Lara bars and am dying to track down the new flavors!

  2. there is nothing more then i hate then bugs. when i go running at night i have the same problem that you had today!

    all your eats look so amazing! :) makin me hungray!!!!


  3. It is very buggy here! My car is a mess from driving to Orlando, and I’ve been known to swallow some smaller bugs when running. Yuck!
    I have yet to try any Lara bars, but might have to soon. Even my brother likes them!

  4. I actually didn’t like that Larabar! It was too sweet for me! That’s so crazy with the bugs! Your dinner looks yummy though!

  5. the good thing about LA is that it’s not bug crazy…i grew up where there were tons of mosquitos and that’s not a problem here….

  6. No bugs to speak of here in Oregon. Now Michigan, that’s another story! As a kid in the Midwest, if you were outside at dusk, you would get eaten alive.

  7. Yum, delicious snack and dinner! There are a ton of bugs in NC, but when I lived in Sweden there was none. Weird.

  8. sorry about the bugs! usually i don’t run into bugs when i’m running, but somehow when i’m walking back home, EVERY BUG IN THE NATION decides to tell me of their existence in my left ear.

  9. you’re right…it’s awesome to eat produce straight from your backyard!

  10. We don’t just get bugs in the summertime, we get BUGS. Big bugs. Roaches are common around here in the summertime. I don’t mind small bugs much, but big ones freak me out. The cat sure loves it whenever one happens to sneak into my apartment though.

  11. I love to run/walk on the bike trail near my house. But, the bugs are so bad, it’s almost not worth it unless I go super early.

  12. Ewww – I HATE bugs. Despise them. Yes, I live in Oregon and we have sooo many bugs; it’s so moist and damp here, insects love it! I’m with ya on the larabars — never met one I didn’t like!

  13. thank goodness my apt doesn’t have bugs (yet), but my previous house in VA was INFESTED with cockroaches! In the sink, all around the kitchen table, even in the bathroom…it’s DIsGUSTING!

  14. It’s funny ’cause I saw these bugs on the wall of the restaurant I was at tonight!

  15. Still only two snacks though you were very hungry…I’m much worse. Did the snacks fill you up?
    We don’t have many bugs here, rather mosquitos which are disturbing my sleep lately

  16. Eeew on the bugs! We actually don’t have many bugs here in arizona, but the ones we do have are HUGE! Seriously! Like, an AZ cricket is 3 times the length and width of a Michigan cricket. And I hate the big ol nasty cockroaches. But we dont get lots of those lil bugs.

  17. Sadly, we have a ton of bugs around here. Mosquitos, especially and they sure love me. They don’t really bite my husband very much, though.

  18. Those tomatoes look WONDERFUL! You are right. . .there is nothing like a tomato fresh out of the garden.

  19. Ohh gosh, MN is known for mosquitoes! Yuckkk

    I was super hungry all day yesterday too; musta been the back to school!

  20. ugh, bugs! It’s awful for me at work out on the golf course.. i get eaten alive! honestly I’m pretty sure there are bug bites covering 99% of my skin… blahhhhh.

    have a great day, Brandi!

  21. Eww. Sorry about the bugs!

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