The Excitement Begins

We’ve been gone all day!

We left the house at 9:30 this morning and didn’t get back home until 6!

The rain stopped about an hour after I got into town, thank goodness, so our afternoon plans didn’t get rained out  :)

Overall, it was a pretty productive day!

– hair is cut

– got my stuff from the market

– Nick worked on his dissertation

– groceries are bought + put away


Since I was running some errands after my hair appointment (and before our 2:00 fun), I grabbed us some quick lunch to have before heading over to campus.


I got a hummus + veggie sandwich on honey wheat bread, plus some iced blueberry tea. They kinda’ skimped on the hummus today, but it was still good.


Then we found a place that I am SUPER excited about!!!!


That’s right! We finally got a frozen yogurt place here!!!! Ah, I almost screamed out loud when I saw it  :) and I’m pretty sure I was much more excited than Nick about it, but whatever.

It was good, but kind of pricey. I won’t be going all the time, but I loved how tart the yogurt is – I got strawberries + chocolate chips, and Nick got raspberries + chocolate chips.


So cute, right? I’m going to have to keep a separate “frozen yogurt fund” for this treat.

After eating our yogurt, we headed over to the VT football scrimmage! It had stopped raining, and the weather was perfect while we were out there.


I can’t wait for football season!!! 2 weeks….2 weeks….


So exciting. It was fun to see the players in action, and it made me even more exciting for the start of the season.

I dropped Nick back off in the lab after the scrimmage was over and went to Kroger to finish the grocery shopping. Ugh, it was so crowded. Just another reminder why I normally go early in the morning before everyone else is there. It was just a mess with all the kids coming into town…

Nick’s mowing the lawn right now and he wanted dinner before he went out there, so we made a quick one.


We quick “baked” some HUGE potatoes in the microwave and topped them with leftovers from last night: chicken, peppers, mushrooms, pesto.


Plus some greens on the side.

I’m going to smell like garlic all night again  :) 

Alright – laundry is calling!

Do you have a frozen yogurt place? What’s your favorite toppings?

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  1. I have never had frozen yogurt!! I tried Kafir though recently which I believe is similar and had frozen raspberries on top – so good! Your combo looks preeeetty incredible.
    That sandwich looks so pretty – sad they skimped on the hummus – what gives?! Hate when places do that.
    Love pesto with all my heart so dinner looks ridiculously good too!

  2. i think i am officially the only blogette around without a froyo place.. sadface :( enjoy it for the both of us!!

    i am obsessed with pesto – like, i want to bathe in it…is that strange? if so, forget i said anything ;)

  3. They have a similar sandwich at my local coffee shop that I get when I stop in for lunch. So yummy..but they are very generous with the hummus.

    I’m jealous of the local football team to route for and the fro yo. My college only had soccer so I never really picked a college team although I love Football. And we have no Fro Yo around here. I might be able to find it in Albany but not in my neck of the woods. But I do love the mix of fruit and chocolate when I can get it.

  4. There’s a froyo place on every corner in NYC — BAD for the bank account!!! I love any combo of fruit & chocolate chips :-)

  5. ah football. up here in canada college football isn’t as big in the states. But we have the CFL (Canadian Football League – one step below the NFL) and right now we are halfway through our season and our team is losing soooo bad….under 500. i can totally understand your excitement over a new football season. hope your year goes better than ours is!

  6. I’ve NEVER had that tart (aka REAL) frozen yogurt…I want to try it so badly! Yours looks awesome….chocolate chips and strawberries are hard to beat!

  7. Oh my gosh–frozen yogurt is my FAVorite! The perfect combination for me is peanut butter yogurt and Reeses or Heath Bar mix ins. YUM

  8. Skimmed on hummus?! That should be illegal!

    We’re just now starting to get real froyo around here – I haven’t tried it but your creation looks amazing!

  9. Love fro yo!! I love Pinkberry(although we don’t have any around here of course) I loved the blueberries and Cap N Crunch! :-)

  10. Brandi-
    I think I read your blog half for the college football posts! Love that there are other female bloggers that love it as much as I do! I worked for my college’s team for two years and loved every minute of it. Keep the pics coming! :)

  11. vat a great combo.. never tried this b4! i shud give a try some time soon! yumm!!

  12. holy cow that frozen yogurt looks AMAZING! ah i want some so bad now. lol

    looks like you had a real fun day! :)

  13. mmm, I love me some real frozen yogurt! i used to live by a place that had the BEST stuff, and they had honey and cinnamon flavored froyo (that was still tart and yogurt-y tasting). I’d get it with raspberries, strawberries, and blueberries. So so good…

  14. That sandwich looks delicious!!

  15. That humongo sammie looks awesome, and putting pesto on a tater is brilliant!

    Yay for football! I cannot wait! I’m even beginning to like Virginia Tech a bit, since they’re not in the Big XII I can root for them – unless they over play Oklahoma…

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