Rain, Rain, Go Away

Dang this weather!

Nick and I got up, got dressed, and went outside to stretch before heading out for a run.

Of course, while we’re out there stretching, it starts raining! Bah! So, no run this morning. It may clear up later today and if not, tomorrow should be beautiful so at least we’ll be able to get one in this weekend – or so I hope! The weather seems to have it out for us lately.

Even without the run, I wanted the same breakfast :) 


We made some french toast with some of my Alvarado ST. Bakery bread, eggs, splash of milk, cinnamon and Honduran Vanilla. Yum.

While I cooked the french toast and cut peaches, Nick cooked some Virginia sausage (!) and made coffee.


We do make a good breakfast team  :)

We’re heading into town soon – I’ve got a haircut at 10 and Nick’s going to work in the lab while I do that + run errands + get groceries.  It should be a fun, busy morning.

I’m really hoping this weather clears up, because we have some fun plans at 2, but only if it’s nice.


Enjoy your Saturday!


  1. Our rainy weather must have headed your way–hopefully the sun peeks out for you this weekend!

  2. Aw hope the weather clears up! That breakfast looks delicious!!

  3. vat a delightful breakfast!! perfect for a cold weather! sure the weathers gonna clear up so that you guys can have some more fun eh?? hehe..
    cheers and have a great weekend!!

  4. mmm, french toast is such a perfect weekend breakfast-especially with some sausage.

  5. sorry to hear about your horrible summer weather. last year we had the same thing on the west coast. rain. rain. rain. we tried going camping three different times and it rained every single time (once it snowed because we were camping in the rockies).

    hopefully you can sneak a little bit of summer in! you need to feel like you had summer.

  6. ah this rain is unbearable! hope it clears up for you girl :)

  7. Great looking breakfast! Hope the weather clears up for you!! :)

  8. I hear ya! It poured yesterday right before I was getting dressed for my run and now its raining. I don’t mind if it starts once I’m out there but I don’t like to go out in it.

    At least you had a yummy breakfast :-)

  9. I was going to go for a run this morning too, but it started pouring right as I was getting up! Boo.

    Nothing spells “weekend” like F-R-E-N-C-H-T-O-A-S-T :-)

  10. I’ll take some of that sausage!

    Happy Saturday!

  11. That french toast look so decadent and yummy! I haven’t had french toast in a long time and I need to change that.


  12. i love cooking with my baby. have a great saturday!

  13. Aw, sorry the run didn’t work out for you! At least you tried. Your french toast looks awesome :)

  14. Michigan hasn’t been any better! I stepped outside this morning and i had clue it was already fall out? Hope your having a good day


  15. Yum! breakfast looks so good!

  16. That French Toast looks absolutely too good to be true!!

  17. Yum that french toast looks yummy! Sorry about the rain :(

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