Favorite Things

Woohoo, it’s Friday!!!

You know what that means  :)  Jeans at work and the start of the weekend!

I should have known it was too hot for oatmeal, but I tried it anyways.


My trick to being able to eat it if I’m already hot in the morning is to use frozen berries. They cool down the oatmeal just enough, and the hot oatmeal thaws the berries at the same time.

Today, my bowl had:

  • 1/2 cup oats, 1  cup water, pinch salt
  • cinnamon
  • 1/2 cup or so frozen mixed berries, stirred in at end
  • handful fresh raspberries + blackberries
  • 1 Tbsp sliced almonds


No matter the weather, oatmeal will always be one of my favorite breakfasts.

What are some of your favorites? –


Clothing store?

Pair of shoes?

TV show?


Flavor of ice cream?



  1. Happy Friday!

    Cereal? raisin bran crunch

    Clothing store? River Island (UK store)

    Pair of shoes? hmm…just one? I love a pair of brown boots I have

    TV show? Scrubs!

    Movie? Oh, hard to pick…Patch Adams!

    Flavor of ice cream? Chubby Hubby :D

    Book? Again, hard to pick… I recently finished “Trust Me, I’m A Junior Doctor” which was great and also really liked “A Million Little Pieces” :)

  2. CHOCOLATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;)

    (As an answer to all of the above)

  3. I love questions… :0)

    cereal? anything with nuts

    clothing store? kohl’s…. like to be able to shop for everybody in one place

    pair of shoes? flat chunky slip on sandals from Target… bought them 4 or 5 years ago… actually bought 2 pair so I’d have another when the first ones wore out… sadly they are both to pitiful looking to wear anymore :0(

    tv show? house hunters

    movie? facing the giants / hope floats

    flavor of ice cream? choc chip cookie dough

    book? can NOT POSSIBLY have just one…..

  4. Cereal? Kamut Puffs doused in cinnamon ;-) Or Strawberry All Bran

    Clothing store? Any thrift stores

    Pair of shoes? Old Navy flip flops in a rainbow of colors

    TV show? American Idol

    Movie? Pay It Forward

    Flavor of ice cream? Birthday Cake

    Book? Any kind of Christian chick lit.

  5. cereal: quaker oat squares. or anything kashi
    pair of shoes: my rainbows and running shoes
    store: Abercrombie and Fitch and Hollister
    tv show: No reservations with Anthony Bourdain
    movie: transformers
    flavor of ice cream: mocha almond fudge
    book: pride and prejudice, witch from blackbird pond.

  6. Cereal? Fiber one!

    Clothing store? Banana Republic

    Pair of shoes? black gladiator heels

    TV show? Diners Drive-ins and Dives

    Movie? Home Alone 2

    Flavor of ice cream? Butter Pecan

    Book? anything james patterson

    Yay for it being friday, casual fridays are always the best! :)


  7. Some of these I can’t give just one! It’s too hard to pick!

    Cereal? Kashi Crunch

    Clothing store? H&M

    Pair of shoes? Right now I’m loving these sparkly flip flops except their blue so I can’t wear them with everything

    TV show? Lost/The Office/Real Housewives

    Movie? Pride and Prejudice/The Notebook/Eurotrip/Chicago/Moulin Rouge :D

    Flavor of ice cream? Tiramisu gelato

    Book? Pride and Prejudice

  8. I love Fridays because I don’t have to go to the office!

    What are some of your favorites? –

    Cereal? I love the Kashi Blueberry Bran flakes if I’m going to eat traditional cereal. But I love Oatmeal and cream of wheat.

    Clothing store? Gotta go with Banana Republic. I can’t afford a lot in there but what I have I love. I love the outlets when I can get there.

    Pair of shoes? Honestly I love my running shoes. Most days I just wear plan black flats or heels (rarely) with my uniform so I love to change into my Asics for a run. When I’m not wearing these I wear Bass Black Leather Thongs.

    *side note* I used to love my pointy toed brown crocodile stilletos but can’t wear them since my surgery for more than a half hour. I keep them around even though I know I’ll probably never be able to wear them again. :-(

    TV show? Grey’s Anatomy. I even watch the reruns because they are that good. Close second is So You Think You Can Dance.

    Movie? As Good As It Gets. This movie cracks me up.

    Flavor of ice cream? Vienna Mocha Chunk from Friendly’s

    Book? Time Traveler’s Wife. I picked it up in an airport when I had a huge layover and couldn’t put it down.

  9. Cereal? Special K or Puffins

    Clothing store? Anthropologie

    Pair of shoes? Flip flops or black flats

    TV show? Madmen/Gossip Girl/Big Love/Top Chef

    Movie? Say Anything

    Flavor of ice cream? Coffee

    Book? The Sun Also Rises

  10. Cereal? PB Puffins!

    Clothing store? It varies but H & M, Urban Outfitters

    Pair of shoes? Brown boots

    TV show? Seinfeld!

    Movie? Fight Club.

    Flavor of ice cream? Anything coffee

    Book? O0o…this is a hard one…Catcher in the Rye is a classic one of many!

    Fun questions. Happy weekend Brandi!

  11. cereal: quaker corn bran crunch. which it turns out is the same as puffins. just figured that one out.
    clothing store: ann taylor loft and j crew if the fiance’s paying, old navy and target if i’m paying…
    shoes: right now my green j crew flip flops, but most of the year my danskos! total teacher shoes, love them
    tv show: um… i really like bad reality tv?
    movie: clueless or heathers. sooo many quotes. bonus for the fact that the guy in clueless is named josh, just like my fiance :-) (he, for some reason, doesn’t appreciate when I quote clueless to him though…)
    ice cream: vanilla with fruit on top, or chocolate chip.
    book: hmmm…. le petit prince, en fracais.

  12. vat a perfect dish for breakfast!! yummm!! i shud give a shot soon

  13. cereal – pb puffins (surprised?)
    clothing store – tjmaxx, i’m addicted
    shoes – my ugg moccasins – i have been known to wear them in the summer time, they’re so comfy!
    tv show – any reality tv trash
    movie – momento, so.good.
    ice cream – birthday cake batter :)
    book – sigh, i hate to say it. but twilight! i also love the kite runner

    thanks for the questions girl this was fun :)

  14. Cereal? PB Puffins

    Clothing store? BCBG (but i can’t afford anything there so i just go to H & M)

    Pair of shoes? havianas flip flops

    TV show? Lost

    Movie? Too hard to answer! Probably “The Karate Kid”

    Flavor of ice cream? Mint chocolate Chip

    Book? This one’s hard too….my last fave was Curtis Sittenfeld’s “American Wife”

  15. Cereal? Kashi Honey Sunshine

    Clothing store? Ann Taylor Loft if I have $$, Old Navy if I don’t

    Pair of shoes? Reef Flip Flops – I live in them!

    TV show? Lost

    Movie? Spacecamp

    Flavor of ice cream? Moose Tracks

    Book? The Time Traveler’s Wife

  16. I had oats this morning too!! Yum! I don’t think it’s ever too hot for oats!

  17. Cereal- Fruit Juice Sweetened Corn Flakes with Almond Milk
    Clothing Store- my older sister’s closet
    Pair of Shoes- black vintage stiletto knee high suede boots LOVE THEM!
    TV Show- The Biggest Loser for reality and Glee for a series
    Movie- BBC version of Pride and Prejudice
    Flavor of Ice Cream- Pumpkin!
    Book- Pride and Prejudice

  18. Cereal – PB Puffins, but I never buy them

    Clothing store – Express maybe? Or Lucca. I like finding random things though.

    Pair of shoes – $10 heels I bought at Target last month, currently

    TV show – House!

    Movie – Can’t do that one, always changing!

    Flavor of ice cream – Chocolate

    Book – Same with movie ^

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