Mish Mosh

Well, work is going well today! I have an experiment going to see how much more electricity I use when working from home compared to when I go into the office. Since Nick still has to drive into work, we’re not actually saving anything on gas (since we ride together everyday), so I’m trying to figure out if this is going to really up our power bill and if it’s worth it.

Roxy helped me today, by sleeping on the arm of the couch right beside me.


She’s crazy.

Check out this awesome hair that grows in between her “toes”!


And this is my favorite – when she gets in a deep, deep sleep, she sticks her tongue out.


Too cute.

I promise I was working, too! Not just taking pictures of her  :) 

I actually got a lot done this morning on some SOPs I needed to work on – there will be more of that this afternoon, I know. Fun, right? But they have to be done.

Lunch today was a total mish mosh of things in the fridge.


I made a big salad with some local greens and topped it with a fennel and apple “waldorf” type salad I made the other night.

I found this recipe in a magazine, but can’t find the link online. It’s basically just sliced fennel and apple, a few tablespoons of mayo or yogurt (I used yogurt), a bit of onion, salt/pepper, and walnuts.


This was my first time EVER trying fennel. I liked it…it tastes licorice-y, but I ended up not eating all of it. I think it just kept surprising me? Like I wasn’t expecting that flavor at all. I may just need to get used to it. I loved it with the apples + walnuts!


I also had the last of the couscous from the other night, some black beans, and 1/2 a huge tomato.


Very random, but very tasty.

Back to work!


Get your limericks ready for a LARAbar giveaway over at The Healthy Everythingtarian!  So much fun  :)


Have you tried fennel? What’s your favorite way to have it?


  1. I’m sure fennel was involved in some restaurant dishes I tried but I never cooked with it! Love the beans :)

  2. I love tomato cut up like that and just eating it! so yum


  3. I love your cat! She’s beautiful! Her tongue sticking out cracked me up, too. I know I’ve had fennel before at restaurants but it may have been fennel seed. I know that that’s a common ingredient in sausage. I’ve always been intrigued by fennel though. I was just never sure how to prepare it. Thanks for saying you’ve never tried it – made me feel more ‘normal’.

  4. Try the fennel with a salad with oranges. It works really well with citrus flavors.

    You can also slice it, boil it just until it softens, and then saute it with olive oil (or butter) and parmesan cheese and some salt and pepper. It’s delicious!

  5. My boy Boston sleeps with his tongue sticking out as well – too cute :)

  6. i’m not crazy about raw fennel….although in italy i did eat it a lot. everything in italy tastes better…

  7. Oh Roxy has such a sweet face! Love it!

  8. What a beautiful Cat! Let’s set her up with Scone?

  9. haha oddly enough roxy looks very similar to my boyf when sleepin — hairy toes and all ;)

  10. Fennel is one of my favorite flavors. I love it on pizza!

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