Happy Birthday Dad! and Breakfast

Today is my Dad’s Birthday  :)

I know he reads the blog, so he better see this since his presents won’t be at their house yet!


We don’t live too far from our families, but I do wish we lived closer on birthdays.

I love my Dad – we’ve grown so much closer over the past 10 years, and I’m so proud to call him Dad.

I am thankful that he is supportive of anything I do, that he can always make me laugh, that he’ll sit and watch football with me for hours upon hours, and that he and my mom are still going strong, almost 32 years later? 32, right?



I’m so, so happy that I had him there to walk me down the isle and give me away. Although, he still says that he gave Nick a 5 year guarantee period, where Nick could “return” me at any time  :)


I am most excited that he was able to go to Honduras with us this summer. I knew as soon as he said yes that he would fall in love with Jovenes like we did – and I think I was right! He was probably the most important person on our trip this summer, since he was the only one who really knew what to do on that roof! We could not have done this job without him.

And did I mention that he’s lost over 25 lbs since Christmas? Yup, I’m proud of him for that, too. Extremely proud. He has been working so hard, and has just done amazing.

I’m sorry I can’t spend today with him, but I hope this post will stand in until I see him next month – and the gifts that are on their way will more than likely make him smile.

Love you Dad!!!

I had no clue whatsoever for breakfast today. I just could not decide. I guess it’s good that I can’t decide because ALL of my choices are good ones, but I hate that I’m so indecisive sometimes!

Since I’m working from home today again, I decided to go easy and make another smoothie since I have all kinds of snack options if I need them.


I took this packet of the Original Blend Amazing Meal from the sample pack I ordered 2 weeks ago and  blended that with some almond milk, 1 peach, and 1 Tbsp of cinnamon raisin pb (but I picked all the raisins out!). I just wanted the cinnamon flavor  :)


I also peeled my peach since I don’t have a vitamix or anything. My blender works, but it’s not superpowerful, so I peeled it and just ate the chunks with the peel before drinking my smoothie.


off to work!

Do you live close to your family? How often do you see/talk to them?


  1. First, Happy Birthday Brandi’s Dad!

    Next, do you like that Amazing Meal? I put it in my smoothie this morning and was totally grossed out by the texture.

  2. aww! Hope you dad has a wonderful birthday! :)


  3. Happy birthday to your dad!! Such a nice post about him and your wonderful relationship. :)

  4. Happy birthday to dear ol’ dad!!

    Um, I live VERY close to my parents ;-)

  5. This is my 2nd year living 2 hours away from my family and it still is hard because we are all so close and I am an only child.

    This is a really great post though–I cherish my relationship with my dad too!

  6. Happy Birthday to your father!! I love the pictures and it’s so great to hear about other writers who are close to their families :)

    Sadly, I live pretty far from my family, but I live right around the corner from my inlaws and my fam is never more than a phone call away!

  7. Happy Birthday to your Dad!! I love the return policy, sounds like something my dad would say :-)

    I live a 3 hour plane ride from my dad and a 7 hour car ride from my mom and a 14 hour car ride from Hunni’s Mom. We have only seen them if they come to us recently. Its difficult to find time off to go see them and money to do so. But we knew this when we moved here and told them all. It’s hard at times but I’ve never really lived near them since I was 17 so I’m kind of used to it.

  8. Such a sweet post!

    I’m about 2 and a half hours away from my family. I see them for major holidays and here and there in between. Wish I saw them a lot more.


    My family all lives within a 10 mile radius of each other!

  10. I love seeing family pics and happy bday to your dad. I live about 8 hours away from my family so I mostly see them on majors holidays and random vacations. Being away from them is the only thing I hate about living in NYC, but we talk or text a couple times a week.

  11. Thanks for the birthday post and the call this morning, I love you very much and cherish any time I can spend with you (and nick), you still are and will always be my favorite middle daughter (our little joke), thanks for being there for me, I am so proud of you and all you have done, you have grown up to be a remarkable young woman, thanks for the challange to lose the weight, even though we are some miles apart I want you and Nick to go out and help me celebrate my birthday, be good and have fun.

    Love you,

  12. ahhh happy bday to him! my dad just lost some weight too and he looks great. i love the 5 year guarantee! lol.

  13. What a sweet post for your Dad! Happy Birthday Brandi’s Dad :)

    I live pretty close to my family. It will be so hard if I ever move away.

  14. aw happy birthday to your daddy — how sweet :)!

  15. I live in DC and my fam is in NY, where I’m from. Distance is good. I see them about once every three months or so- that’s good enough.

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