Cereal Change of Heart?

Today’s weather has been so strange! This 5 pm rain shower stuff needs to stop soon. It was cloudy off and on today, but no rain until the end of the work day – again! I just hope it will stop this pattern soon since I’m hoping to start training for some races this fall  :)

I got pretty hungry around 3:30 this afternoon and decided I needed some cereal. Why don’t I have cereal more often?


I had some Kashi Blueberry Clusters cereal with a little skim. I really do like cereal, but mostly for snacks. I just haven’t ever found a cereal that’s as filling as oats or eggs for breakfast. 

This cereal is good, though! I think it’s Nick’s favorite Kashi one.

I finished out the work day strong, got a lot more work done on my project, and got to the post office right before it closed to mail some birthday presents  :)

We didn’t get to run today since it was raining when Nick got home, so we took naps on the couch. 30 minute naps make all the difference…especially since I did not sleep well last night. I didn’t get tired until about midnight, which is late for me, and then I was just really restless for some reason.

And I can’t go to bed if I’m not tired. It takes me forever to fall asleep anyways, so I need to be a little sleepy when I’m actually getting into bed.

After we napped ourselves hungry,  I got started on dinner.

I love quick meals!


I also love eggs, any time of day  :)


I made enough brown rice last night for us to just heat that up tonight, so dinner took about 10 minutes to cook!

I did the same Eggs in a Nest dish, but with a few changes tonight:

  • I cooked 1.5 slices of bacon to add to the dish
  • I used salsa instead of the sundried tomatoes since I used the rest of mine in the dish last night

I loved the bacon + salsa in this! The sundried tomatoes were good, but the salsa was just spicy enough and still had the sweet tomato flavor.


Plus some strawberries on the side!


Is it sad that I’m already thinking about breakfast?  :)


Do you fall asleep quickly or does it take you a while?

I can fall asleep superfast if something is on in the background, but in silence it takes me forever! It’s like every noise jolts me back awake.


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  1. Dinner looks so yummy! I could eat eggs anytime!

  2. Definitely depends on how my day was and what I ate for dinner but usually I can fall asleep pretty quickly once I do some light reading.

  3. Cereal with milk doesn’t hold me over either. If I use Greek yogurt then I get a little bit more staying power. I love your love for eggs :) I never get tired of seeing them!

    It takes me quite a while to fall asleep. Usually I end up watching TV for a little while before I drift off.

  4. I had eggs for dinner too. Omelette style in whole wheat tortilla with Laughing Cow, Roasted Red pepper Hummus and salsa…Yum just thinking about it.

    I am like you and have to be tired to fall asleep. Last night I wasn’t and had a hard time. Didn’t fall asleep until around 12.30 even though I went to bed at 10. AHHH!

  5. You are so much like me. I have to have the TV on just loud enough for me to hear, otherwise i can’t fall asleep.

    The weather was pretty wacky today in MI too. It was rainy and then cloudy and then rain again. I couldnt run this afternoon becuase of it, but i lucked out and was able to run this evening!

    Dinner looks amazing! love quick meals!


  6. ohhh…those eggs look great on that rice! and i love the add ins!

    and i normally fall asleep pretty quick. i just have a bad time with falling back asleep when i wake up in the middle of hte night!

  7. that dinner looks really fabulous! it would be great for breakfast too, i’m sure….

  8. i’m with you on cereal for snacks, it’s great for that, but at breakfast it just leaves me hungry way too soon.

  9. I’m already thinking about breakfast too!! And I love cereal too!!

  10. I eat cereal anytime of the day! For sleeping it depends if I had a busy day or not. If I have been at school or work I am asleep as soon as I hit the pillow. On days where I stay home and relax all day I need to read a book or watch TV to fall alseep.

  11. I stay up late so that when i get to bed i’m exhausted. If i go to bed early it takes me too long to fall asleep. This way i trick myself.

  12. i fall asleep super fast if i read first. otherwise it often takes me a while.

  13. I usually fall asleep dreaming of breakfast! I used to fall asleep really quickly, but since moving, every noise makes me jump out of bed and turn the lights on. Lol.

    I love cereal too, though agree- more for snacks than breakfast. If I have it for breakfast, need to majorly bulk it up with protein (greek yogurt), fruit, nut butters, etc!

  14. I’m with you…. cereal is not my favorite breakfast as I could eat my arm after about an hour and a half. It is however a favorite bedtime snack around our house…. and my boys use it for “dessert”.

  15. I’m lovin your eggs in a nest dinner. I am just as big a fan of eggs as you so I’m gonna have to try that!!!! I like that cereal too, but for some reason I have a problem with blueberry flavored cereals. I much rather add the blueberries you know? Great eats though girl and I hope you have a great day!

  16. That cereal has me craving some! It’s been ages since I’ve had any.

    It takes me forever to fall asleep :( It’s quite annoying.

  17. I totally understand your sleeping woes. Glad you got that nap in.

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