Running Fool

Now, this is sometimes my favorite kind of night:

Come home and run.

Take a shower.

Cook dinner in my pajamas. 


My lunch today was not pretty AT ALL, so I didn’t take pictures of it. I had some of the leftover white bean and chard pasta, but the chard had kind of stained the pasta? It still tasted good, but it was pretty ugly. I also had some roasted broccoli with it.

I ended up having a small snack this afternoon just to make sure I had something in my belly in case we got to run.


I had a lot of celery and some guacamole. Mmmm…I think I could eat avocado at every meal.

So, about that run….


We finally got to go!!!


Hello, old friends. I’ve missed you.


It was actually pouring today at lunch and for a good part of the afternoon, so I was scared that we wouldn’t get to go again.

It was still raining on our way HOME from work, but by the time we got home, it was perfect! The rain had stopped, and all the rain had cooled it off a little, too. Sunny and in the high 70s is perfect.

We took it pretty easy today and ran along the river. We ended up doing a little over 3 miles in 31 minutes, and I was happily surprised! Considering that we haven’t been running in almost a month, I’m happy with that. Our first 2 miles were at a pretty good 9:30 pace, but then into mile 3, I had to stop and walk for about 2 minutes because I felt like I was either going to pass out or throw up.

Luckily, I didn’t do either. I did have some side stitches a few times, but that’s pretty normal for me.

I was just so, so happy to be out in the sun and sweating like crazy. It felt great to get out there. I even looked up some races today, so we’ll see which ones I can sign up for soon  :)

Did I mention the cooking in my pajamas? I love that.

I was also really looking forward to dinner tonight.


I bookmarked this recipe a long time ago in Animal, Vegetable, Miracle, and finally had it on the menu plan for this week.

Tonight, I made Eggs in a Nest


It’s basically eggs poached in a mixture of onion, carrots, sundried tomatoes and kale, all on top of brown rice.


And I think I have a new favorite combination. Runny yolks + brown rice = amazing. I loved this combination.

We topped our eggs with some smoked paprika and chile garlic sea salt, and had some black seedless grapes on the side.

Perfect and easy dinner!

I’ve got some blog stuff to work on before Top Chef comes on!


What time are you usually in your pajamas / “home” clothes?

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  1. runny yolks is God gifts to the world :) end of story!

  2. Congrats on the run! That’s great!! Your dinner looks amazing – I’m very jealous of your chile garlic sea salt because I love all three components ;)

    PJ time? Literally the second I walk in the door. Wearing jeans in the house if it’s just the family seems so unnatural to me. I lounge in yoga pants unless I’m entertaining or out and about.

  3. I’m jealous of the run…except the passing out/throwing up feeling. I’m hoping to run outside on Friday.

    After I close the office I put on my workout clothes so I have no excuse not to do some sort of exercise at home or the gym. Then I get into PJ’s around 10 or so when I get home. But for me gym clothes are all about comfort so I like putting them on after taking off my uniform.

  4. In Winter I’m all over the slippers. Once the colder weather comes, I will definately have a blog post dedicated completely to my slippers!

    btw, thanks for the post on the eggs. i usually poach or sramble so it’s good to know it’s easy to try another way.

    glad to hear about your run. feels oh so good doesn’t it? after the nausea, right?

  5. i love runny yolks with brown rice and a little soy sauce….

  6. Glad you got your run in!

  7. my fiance has “indoor clothes”. when it’s not 90 degrees (like it is right now) he puts on his indoor jacket (a fleece or a sherpa hoodie), and his indoor shoes (slippers).
    i’m generally in normal clothes till bedtime, unless i go the gym or it’s super hot and i get sweaty…

  8. gosh cooking in pajamas is such a luxury! loving this, and congrats on the run! thats so exciting! :)

  9. ooo eggs in a nest looks fantastically amazing.

  10. too funny…i had eggs over kale last night! when i was in thailand, they ate eggs and rice ALL the time. it’s now one of my fave meals that reminds me of thailand…hmmm, might have to have those this weekend!

    happy birthday to your dad and have a wonderful day!

  11. Ooo I think I would love that dish, minus the rice though because I am not a big fan. Maybe some shredded sweet potato hashbrowns instead???? I smell a recipe brewing! ;-)

  12. Ooo I LOVE those nights too!! It’s so awesome when it’s time to go to bed and you don’t even have to change or wash your face, because it’s already done! Yes!!

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