Cookie, Round 2

Again, breakfast made ahead of time saves my morning.

Last night, I mixed up another breakfast cookie.

I know, I’m addicted already! The one I had yesterday was so good that I just had to have another one.

I did at least switch up some of the ingredients  :)


  • 1/2 cup oats
  • 1 Tbsp shaklee mix
  • 2 spoonfuls applesauce (I usually use bananas instead, but I’m out!)
  • 1 Tbsp crunchy peanut butter
  • pinch salt
  • pinch cinnamon

Then this morning,  I slathered on some ricotta and added some fresh berries.


Love, love, love the ricotta with the berries and the peanut butter undertone of the cookie. Why are these so good? I wish I could have this for every meal today, just with different toppings.


Is there one food you think you could (in some way) at every meal and not get sick of?

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  1. Where do you get this “shaklee” vitamin mix? I’m very eager to try your bfast cookie!! It looks AMAZING!!!

  2. Lately, i have been ADDICTED to PB & jelly oats. I’ve tried every variation… even putting it on waffles, on vitatops, and of course, my oats and oatbran. it’s getting a little out of control…

  3. I actually eat apples at most meals. I love them sliced and diced and spiced and you name it. I’ve put them in savory and sweet. Usually I just sprinkle on some cinnamon but I’ve also had them with PB and honey on a whole wheat tortilla to eat for a meal. So delicious and I love the varieties available.

  4. Peanut Butter! I could eat that morning, noon, and night.

  5. is salad a meal!? hahaha. I’m addicted to alot of things. LOL

    Your breakfast cookie looks amazing!

  6. That cookie looks patriotic!! :-)

    It’s not really a food, but I could eat ketchup at every meal w/like every food. Lol! Good thing I don’t have to keep tabs on my sodium levels yet :-P

  7. Have you ever added cottage cheese to your cookie? It gives it a little extra tang and so good!

  8. I go through phases where I will seriously eat the same food for days on end. It was watermelon a few weeks ago… I went through a huge yogurt phase a couple months ago where I think it was just about all I ate…

    One time in college I decided I loved toast. Just, straight up toast. With a little butter. I went through a loaf of bread in two days. And then baked bread so I could have more. Weird, I know…

  9. Ummmmm…hummus or salsa ;) I hope condiments count! I could eat those two at every meal (particularly salsa)!

  10. I haven’t drooled this much over breakfast for a long time! Sure beats a bowl of shredded wheat…

  11. I love having a breakfast cookie with pumpkin mixed in…I haven’t had one in a while!

  12. Brandi what is the shaklee mix? Where do you get it? What kind of ricotta do you use? These look so good!!! Also I see all of your variations of pb, and I’m wondering where you get those too?!?! I wonder if there is anywhere down here where I can get some stuff???

    • Hi Veronica!!! :) I got the Shaklee mix from Nick’s mom (, which is where she orders her vitamins from. It’s just a chocolate powdered vitamin shake mix. You could definitely make these without it, though.

      And the flavored peanut butters are from Kroger, but I’ve seen some of them Walmart lately too. Harris Teeter might have them!

  13. mmm i love ricotta on breakfast foods, i’ve been using it on waffles :)

  14. hey! i just found your blog and i can’t wait to keep reading it! i just made my own, check it outt! your breakky cookie looks amazing. i have never made one before but i have seen them all over the blog world!

  15. Wow, nice breakfast treat! Love the oats and the ricotta cheese and of course the fruits on it…what a nice way to start a day. By the way, thank you for visiting my site :-)

  16. you are the breakfast cookie guru miss Brandi — teach me, oh wise one!

  17. Definitely Green Monsters. I’ve been doin it for like 2 months and I’m not tired yet!

    That cookie looks awesome!

  18. oh my goodness im so tempted to lick my screen everytime you post this.

  19. oatmeal!

    and your breakfast cookie is just another great example of how to use it. such a great idea!

    oatmeal as porridge, in bread, cookies, muffins, pancakes, ground up into flour.

    it’s totally a “stick to your gut” kinda food and that’s why I LOVE IT!

  20. Mmmm…I’ve never had a breakfast cookie! It looks yum. I could eat cottage cheese everyday for the rest of my life! I have been addicted lately. You can make it sweet or savory :)

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