Lazy Bums

Well, no run again! Granted, it was raining on the way home and when we got home, but it’s stopped now. Nick just still isn’t feeling great yet (he’s getting better though!) and I don’t really like running by myself, so no run this afternoon.

BUT – we’re planning on going tomorrow as long as Nick is feeling good! I’m excited  :)


Thank you all for your snack ideas! I got some new ones after reading your favorites – I love finding new foods to try or combinations to put together. That always helps get me out of a food rut.


Nick and I both have our “spending money” for the month, and we decided we didn’t want the lunches we packed today. We went over to The Rivermill instead.


I love The Rivermill – the windows are tinted so you can’t see inside, and it’s such the little dive bar, but they have the best burgers!

I got their local bison burger on these awesome wheat buns with all the normal toppings: lettuce, tomato, onion, ketchup, mustard, and pickle.

Plus these.


I actually had never had their fries until today! They have that spicy seasoned salt on them, and every one of them was perfectly crispy and delicious. I usually order the side salad with my burger, but it’s $1.50 MORE to get a tiny salad? Ridiculous.

Lunch was good, and our bellies were happy.

Surprisingly, I didn’t even want a snack this afternoon! I thought I was going to be starving 2 hours later, but nope. Nothin. I was kind of sad because I brought a good snack to have,  but now it’s waiting at work for tomorrow.

So….then we came home, didn’t run, and I got started on dinner.

We had the same thing as last night – ww couscous, zucchini/squash cheetahs, tilapia.


Look how good my zucchini cheetahs came out!


Beautiful, and tasty, too.

Yeah, leftovers. Well, I cooked the zucchini and tilapia tonight – just the couscous was “real leftovers”. It was good and I enjoyed it,  but I was not looking forward to it. I’m glad the taste got me over that!

Since we’re done with dinner early, I have a feeling that there will be some snacking tonight…probably some popcorn for me  :)

But first I have to put all my clothes back in my dresser  – that should be fun.


Do you ever have to pay extra to get a healthier meal / side in restaurants? What do you think about that?


  1. i hate the paying extra for a salad thing, but the worst is breakfasts… some days i don’t want the toast OR the potatoes, you’d think if i got rid of both they wouldn’t charge extra for the fruit. boo.
    for a while one restaurant in our hood was charging extra for the salad, and they had the BEST salads. but they got new menus last time i went, and salads can be subbed now free! these are real salads-pretty baby greens, cuc, tomato, and spinach, not just the iceberg/cabbage/carrot thang some places do.

    …and now i want a salad.

  2. yea paying extra for healthy options or substituting is such a drag! if only everyone understood! haha. You know, i heard bison burgers are the best, especially cause they are real lean right? I wonder if alot of local restaurants are serving bison or is that not something you can find easily? No matter what though, your burger and fries look amazing!

  3. OMG! Those fries are calling my name! I can hear it! I don’t like it when restaurants do that – it’s like they want you to make a ‘poorer’ choice. I remember I was at this resto about a year ago and all the side veggies were $3 more but the french fries, baked potato, cole slaw, onion rings, mashed potato, and other fried sides came with your meal. It stinks but the waitress said it was due to the increase in prices. But, I’m glad you chose the fries. They looked too darn good to pass up!

  4. Yay for eating local bison! WTG.

    Well, bad for you food is cheap b/c it’s mostly corn, soy, or potato…all cheap crops.

    Healthier food is a smidge more expensive and restaurants don’t buy it in bulk the way they do buns and french fries.

    It’s just a matter of economics and doesn’t bother me. But I’m a french fry girl all the way, lol!

  5. Yeah it’s usually more expensive. But I have to tell myself a little more expensive on the front end will save lots of money in medical bills in the long run. Besides I snag a few of Hunni’s fries so I still get some :-)

  6. Wow! That burger looks amazing!!

  7. those fries look heavenly…
    i love tilapia! i think it is my fave fish.

  8. i hate paying $5 for steamed brocolli but i do it.

  9. I hate when they charge extra for salad instead of fries- especially in places where the ‘salad’ is just a 1/2 cup of lettuce and slice of tomato! I think it would be great if places offered a choice of side dishes…so many places just have fries as their default, but I think more and more people want alternatives. Without paying extra :P

    Loving the cheetahs! I think I’ll pick up zuchinni today- been on a broccoli kick lately. I made pancakes too, finally and thought of you!

  10. Those fries look great! I can see the seasoning on them, mmm. Yea, I hate paying extra for a healthy side. I think it’s stupid, but I’ll do it anyway.

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