Sucked In

Ah! I think the tv has it out for me today.

I got sucked into watching The Notebook this afternoon and now I’m watching National Treasure until Iron Chef comes on. I love these movies! Good thing all the things I needed to do were inside today  :)  I’ve got the last load of laundry in the dryer and waiting for me, so I’m going to fold those as soon as I’m done with this post.

While working on laundry / watching my sap fest this afternoon, I did have my other slice of cake that Jen and Ross left with us last night.


This cake is so good! The peanut butter in the icing makes it so rich and gives it such a deep flavor.

And yes, I did just eat it right out of the tupperware  :)  Cake makes for a good snack, especially with a cup of milk.

After that it was more movies + laundry, laundry, laundry….until dinner! We actually ate later than we normally do since I was working on stuff and Nick was stripping / staining some dresser drawers outside. I knew he wouldn’t want to come in and eat until he was done, so I held off getting dinner together until he was close.


I made myself a pasta bowl with some of the leftover rainbow chard / white bean pasta and some roasted broccoli.



I love making pasta bowls. I just put a layer of some veggie (spinach, greens, broccoli, green beans, etc) and then layer on your pasta dish! It’s a great way to get more veggies in your pasta if you don’t want to cook them into the dish OR a good way to use up leftover veggies, too. Once you mix everything up, it just tastes even better!

The sheets are waiting! and I’ve got a few posts to prep for this week  :)


  1. Pasta bowls = infallible.

  2. I acutally like to put a little bit of left over pasta on my salad. It means I have to use little if any dressing and I get that nice flavor of the pasta dish. I love doing this with my leftover greek orzo pasta with shrimp and feta. Sooooo Gooooood!

  3. Sometimes Sundays are great movie days! Nice job on getting all your laundry done! I wish I could say the same… oh well!

    Your pasta looks delish!

  4. LOVE The Notebook! Ryan Gosling…can’t get much better ;)

    I’d eat it out of the Tupperware as well! Why bother dirtying a dish?! That looks fantastic!

  5. i love doing leftover pasta + extra veg. good lunches, and I can crank the pasta: veggie ratio far beyond what the fiance would go for….

  6. i get sucked into the notebook ALL THE TIME! that cake looks good (it has PB in it, which automatically makes it delicious) and love the rainbow chard in the pasta bowl. i love concocting new mixes too…so much fun!

    have a good night watching iron chef!

  7. Cake good
    Pasta bowls amazing
    movie days + laundry so productive and i love it!

  8. The notebook is my all time fav! Your eats look yum!

  9. haha i get sucked in all the time, usually by 90210 marathons on SOAP!

  10. I love the Notebook!! It made me cry so hard the first time I saw it!

  11. oh yes pasta bowls – bowls of sunshine

  12. mmmm that cake looks tdf!

  13. I did laundry today too! Must be a laundry kinda day!

  14. I love getting sucked into the TV on Sundays. I feel entitled to it, haha.

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