Solo Sunday

Man, my abs are sore! Paddling in the kayak is different than a canoe – if you do it right, you actually use your abs more than your arms or shoulders, and I can feel it today!

Nick had to go to church early today to help with the sound, so I had breakfast solo today. And it’s back to Sunday breakfast!


2 over easy eggs on some oatbran –


Seriously – sometimes nothing beats this in the morning.

I also had a market peach + raspberries.


The raspberries were perfect, but I was a little eager on the peach. It tasted good, but it definitely wasn’t perfectly ripe yet. I’ll make myself wait on the rest of them  :)

I’ve got to get some coffee and get going!


  1. canoeing to work out your abs?! sounds like a fun workout to me!

  2. I love kayaking! We used to do it at camp and it is so peaceful!

  3. I am going to try savory oats for the first time tonight!

    Awesome that you got such a good workout on the canoe!

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