Paddle, Jump, Swim, Eat

Wow, what a day  :)

I got back from getting groceries and everything about 1/2 an hour before our friends, Ross and Jen, arrived, so I put all the food away and heated up a quick lunch.


I heated up the last serving of the enchilada pasta, added the last of my sliced zucchini and a dollop of guacamole. This was a spicy bowl!


The raw zucchini was really good with this because it cooled down the guac + pasta a little bit.

As soon as I was done eating, I changed clothes and helped get snacks and stuff together for the river trip today. Nick had cleaned the house up for me while I was gone getting groceries and running errands – what a guy, huh?  :) I am very thankful for him for that because I knew we were going to be eating at our house once we were done on the river.

We got on the river around 2:30 or so and started the 7 mile trip.

We had a small chance of rain and it was drizzling just a little right when we were about to put in, but it stopped! The weather was actually perfect today – warm, but overcast so it never got too hot and it never rained, either.

We paddled for a while and then stopped to swim for a bit. Then Nick and Ross saw a rope swing on the other side of the river, so we hopped back in and went over to that side to play on that for a while.

Fact about me: I am not a daredevil or one to do things like this normally. They were all going off the rope swing into the water and I just watched for a while, but then they finally convinced me to do it once. It was fun, but I kind of “leg flopped” into the water and smacked the back of my thighs on the water when I was going in – that burned! But at least I did it and had fun  :)  And the water felt great today.After a few cannonball and spinning moves contests between Nick and Ross, we headed back down river.

We floated down the river some more and got out one more time to swim for a while. Nick also got out his fishing rod a few times when the water was calm and moving pretty slowly – he caught 3 fish today! He threw them all back, but it was exciting seeing him reel them in.

We were out on the river for about 3- 3.5 hours, I guess? It was a lot of fun. I’m glad we were able to go today with Ross and Jen! They had just bought a canoe and wanted to take it out, and it was good for us to go because it had been a while since we had the kayak out in the water.

We got back to the house and started prepping dinner. And what a dinner it turned out to be! So much good food.

While we were getting stuff ready, we got out these chips I bought today and some hummus.


I’d seen these Food Should Taste Good chips all over “blogland” but just started seeing them in stores here. I found this bag of multigrain ones on special today and I had a coupon that I had found online so I decided to try them. I hope I can find the rest of the flavors, because I can’t wait to try them now.

Um, I think these are my new favorite chips! They taste like really good tortilla chips with a little more texture – and they were really good dipped in the hummus.

We had so much good food tonight. If I could have this meal all year round, I totally would.


  • ground bison/ground beef combo burgers with local fresh tomatoes + lettuce, 1/2 slice provolone, ketchup mustard
  • corn
  • mini caprese salad with fresh tomatoes, mozzarella, basil, olive oil, salt + pepper
  • oven roasted potatoes (from the market) with salt, canola oil, garlic powder, smoked paprika
  • grilled green beans!
  • plus a Yuengling

Some of the veggies were from Jen’s grandfather’s garden – the corn, some of the cherry tomatoes, and the green beans, and the rest was either from their garden or from the farmer’s market. So good!


I loved the grilled green beans, and I think I could eat caprese salad all day every day.

We also had some amazing chocolate cake that Jen made, and I apparently ate it too fast to take a picture. All I can say is that it had coffee in it and peanut butter in the icing – yum.

and hey! I didn’t even fall out of the kayak today  :)  Much better than the last time.

What did you do today?


  1. yummy dinner looked amazing! :)

  2. nick cleaned?! what a catch!

    oh that dinner <3 i may or may not have just drooled on myself a little bit

  3. I love the FSTG chips–they’re super sturdy for some serious salsa dipping! :-)

    I did a rope swing for the first time last summer & I ended up making a complete idiot out of myself–I didn’t let go soon enough and it was a disaster lol.

  4. YUM to the spicy bowl :D

    Sounds like one fun afternoon!! Your dinner is basically summer on a plate! Love it!!

  5. I love Food Should Taste This Good chips. My favorite are the buffalo flavor because they have just enough kick to them that I love them but don’t overdo it.

    Today I finished my sermon and all the Sunday prep I had to do. Then I went to the movies to see Julie and Julia and then finished the day with Reality TV while I did some yoga. Good day in my book :-)

  6. That sounds like such a fun day! Your dinner looks so summer-y and delicious, too. Haha, I drove the whole freakin day.

  7. I love canoeing! I go with my mom every once in a while… quite a workout!

  8. Sounds like you had a blasy day……whoo-hoo for you being a she-devil :D

    Food looks amazing!

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