Foods Conquered

Well, I’m happy to say I had a few food breakthroughs today!

  • I loved the raw zucchini dipped in the guacamole – yum.
  • That sandwich I had at lunch that I was planning on picking the carrots  + cukes off of?


I ate it all – carrots, cucumbers and everything! Everything but a hunk of red onion that fell off. I have never, ever been a fan of raw carrots (I like them cooked) or cucumber unless it was on a gyro. They were both delicious with the other veggies and hummus, though – I’m not sure Ill just have a sliced cucumber on its own, but both were really tasty on this sandwich.

Yay! I like finding out something isn’t as bad as I imagined it would be  :)

I like Fridays at work – everyone is relaxed, there’s a little less to do, and we always end up talking football. Today was no different, and I enjoyed it. I can’t wait! 21 days!!!

Nick and I left work around 4:30 since he was able to get in to see the doctor, so I sat and read a book while waiting for him. He got more Cipro to take and is starting on that tonight – we’re hoping it will totally clear him of this Honduran stuff this time!

I went to pick up his prescription once we got home and found these!


I’ve been looking for these coconut m&ms everywhere! Hit up Rite-Aid if you’re looking – they had a whole bin of the single serving bags (thank goodness!). I am not good with those big bags of m&ms. It is just too easy to grab handful after handful. I haven’t tried them yet, but I’m thinking they may be my “What Not to Wear” snack for tonight  :)

After I got back, I made a quick dinner for us.


How can dinner be bad when you start with rainbow chard from the farmer’s market? I love rainbow chard. It’s so beautiful.


I basically made this Gnocchi with Chard + White Beans from Eating Well, but I subbed some ww shells for the gnocchi this time. The ww gnocchi at the store was $4 and these shells were only $1 ! Call me cheap, but I liked it just as well with the shells.


I’ve got to get baking to clear out some super ripe bananas, start on laundry, and finish my grocery list for tomorrow. I think we’re going out on the river tomorrow with some friends and then eating here.

What’s your favorite thing to make for other people? Something not too difficult or that takes too long to make…I have a few ideas but can’t decide!


  1. Raw zucchini & guacamole = I EAT THAT COMBINATION A LOT! Glad you liked it :-D

  2. haha i’m totally watching what not to wear right now! enjoy :)

  3. coconut m&m’s?! i can’t even fathom how amazing those must have been. unfortunately, i don’t have a rite aid! go figure :( enjoy ’em for the both of us!

  4. Oh man! I’ve been looking for the coconut m&ms everywhere too!! Thanks for the heads up! There’s a rite aid near my parents’ house. I’ll have to stock up on them to bring back to Albany!

  5. I love how excited you are for football – it makes me excited! However, I do live in Detroit aka home of the worst football team in history ;)

    For a dessert, I like making tiramisu for people because it’s SO easy, can be made ahead of time, and tastes like it took a lot more effort that it did!

  6. I just like to make a huge ass bundt cake…Just mix in one bowl, pour into pan, and you’re done! And delicious, too.

    And hee hee, you know I would have gotten the gnocchi myself. But $4 is kinda expensive compared to $1!

  7. When we have dinner guests, my husband makes planked salmon. Very easy….has to be for hubby to do it, lol. Soak a cedar or alder plank in water for a few hours, then put on grill, top with salmon and grill like you normally would. The edges of the board char and give the fish a deep smokey flavor. He puts a dressing on the fish about 1/2 way through cooking, can’t remember exactly what, but its like 3 ingredients. (soy sauce, brown sugar + mustard seed..something like that) This smokey fish will amaze your dinner guests! Leftovers are even better. I do the sides…salad, crusty bread, corn on the cob, a desert made earlier in the day, or day before. Can’t miss. Have fun with your friends.

  8. Mmm, coconut M&M’s, those sound dangerous!

    That rainbow chard looks so gorgeous! I’ve been wanting to try it, I’ll have to pick some up next time I see it!

    When I’m cooking for lots of people, my old standby side dish is a huge thing of skin-on mashed new potatoes, they are so easy and fast to make because there’s no peeling involved, just chop, boil, mash! I usually add a little evoo, and garlic salt and they are a hit every time!

  9. Yay, you found the coconut M&Ms! I hope you liked them!

  10. Chili Sorpresa is always a big hit and is super easy to make. The recipe is on my blog. No Cream Pasta Primavera is also a family favorite! Let me know if you want the recipes.

  11. Ooo I wanna try those M&M’s even though I am not a HUGE chocolate fan, but they still sound good :-) I like baking for people because it always brings a smile.

  12. ooo i wanna try those m&ms fosho!

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