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Guff….my tummy is all gurgly again. I don’t know if this Honduran stuff kicking in again or something that is just not agreeing with me.

I’m not really feeling as bad as I did the first few days we were back, but I’m not feeling very good. Nick said I’m normally weird when it comes to my stomach, and that’s probably right. But I want to be normally normal! Maybe I need an allergy test or something.

My yogurt snack today was tasty, thanks to 2 things.


Fresh, local raspberries (ridiculously good) and dark chocolate covered dried raspberries (holy yum).


I got these raspberries today from The Chocolate Spike and they are delicious! Why can’t I find dried raspberries more often? They’re so good.

I had a fun snack break with some coworkers, finished up work for today and headed home. I was hoping to get in a run today (finally), but that was a no go. One, I started getting these weird stomach cramp-type things in my side, like in my ribs? but now they’re just everywhere in my poor belly.  Then it started raining when we got home. I’m hoping Nick and I are both feeling up to a run this weekend so we can get back to it. I miss it! but I don’t want to start when I already don’t feel great.

Dinner was good, again! These zucchini from the farmer’s market are just too good. I need more!


We heated up the leftover couscous, mustard chicken and veggies tonight – thank goodness I had something easy in the fridge because I did not feel like cooking tonight.


Lovely local veggies  :)

Alright guys, I’m off to lay in my pjs, read, and hope that my tummy starts feeling better soon.

What was the best part of your day today?

Mine was eating lunch outside with Nick and buying those awesome chocolates  :)


  1. You had me at chocolate covered raspberries! Hmmm…best part of my day was receiving a random phone call from an old high school friend and catching up on old times!

    Hope your tummy feels better>mine’s feeling gurgly too from all the fiber I just ate at dinner :)

  2. chocolate covered rasberries. where the heck do i find those! ahhhh….

    I hope your tummy feels better, mine’s been off today too and i’m not sure why. i hate that feeling

  3. Aww, man that stinks that you are having tummy troubles..hope you feel great tomorrow!

    Ahhh, those choco covered dried raspberries look TDF!! Num num!

  4. oh man that yogurt looks fantastic! i hope your tummy is better soon!

  5. Chocolate and raspberry are some of my favorite flavor combinations. I love adding raspberries to my chocolate yogurt or oatmeal…yum!

    My favorite part of today was my yoga I did this evening. I haven’t done any in a few weeks and I missed it. I felt so loose after and realized I need to add it back into my routine to loosen up my joints. I feel so much better when I do it.

  6. I’m REALLY liking zucchini these days. I might do a post abt them tomorrow! :D
    My fav part abt today was a great reunion with my high school friends!

  7. The best part of my day was definitely the meeting with a guy, I like a lot.
    I’ve never seen dried raspberries. I guess they are rare because they are rare in general and not easy to dry. Try chocolate covered peanuts, you’d love them!

  8. Aw, hope your stomach is feeling better soon :(

  9. dark chocolate raspberries!! I want some!

  10. I’m reporting that while making raspberries in the dehydrator did work quite well, I won’t be doing it again.

    They are better fresh, imo. You probably disagree. :)

  11. Chocolate covered raspberries?! I have actually never heard of/seen them. I bet you could make some good ones yourself :-)

  12. You find some really interesting goodies! Those sound amazing! Hope your stomach is normally normal again soon!

  13. I am so jealous of your yogurt, it looks amazing! I also drooled at the selection of chocolates at Chocolate Spike — you are a lucky girl! :)

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