Alarm Strike

Some days, I hate having to decide what I want for breakfast.

I love all of my choices and it’s so hard to figure out which choice I want more.

There’s just something about breakfast….the first meal of the day, that first bite in the morning – I just want it to be perfect every day! Sometimes I think about just making everything I want and seeing how much I can actually eat.

But I won’t  :)

Today was just as hard to decide – the good thing is they almost always turn out delicious!

Since my alarm decided to not go off AT ALL this morning, breakfast was fast.

In fact, I’m probably just taking the bagel on the road  :)


I toasted one of the bagels we bought the other day – a chocolate chip one from a bakery in Roanoke! Good and local.


I really wanted to make a bagel sandwich this morning with the other ones, but no time! So I spread on a little pb for some protein, added some fruit and ta da! A complete plate.


Really – is there anything better than pb + chocolate?

Have you heard about these palm leaf plates? If not, head over here and check them out – you can also enter in a giveaway! I think they sound pretty cool.


  1. Peanut butter and chocolate is delicious, but I have to go with peanut butter and banana :)

    Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day as well, but for some reason this morning when I was packing my lunch/breakfast for work, I really wanted my lunch first. So, I just had my lunch for breakfast and will have my breakfast for lunch!

  2. Yum! your breakfast looks delicious!

  3. sometime the simple breakfasts are the best! looks delish! :)

  4. That bagel looks delumptious!! :) And those palm plates are so cute!

  5. Breakfast probably is my favorite meal of the day, but I don’t hold anything snacks, lunch or dinner either :)

    PB & chocolate – mmmmmmmmmmmm :) I ♥LOVE♥ Reese’s PB cups, but prefer peanut butter m&ms to Reese’s Pieces.

  6. You are right. There is nothing better than PB and chocolate. Last night we got home from a hike and I just ahd to have chocolate and pb….so I made some choclate pb raisin chocolate chip cookies. mmmm.

    So animal vegetable miracle is a pretty good book? i’ve definately heard about it but wasn’t sure if it was just a current book that people reading or if it was worth it. i’ll have to look into reading it!

  7. Peanut butter and chocolate holds a soft spot in my heart….I honestly don’t think there is any better combination in the world! That’s a bold statement, I know…but it’s true…!

  8. Nothing, nothing better in the world than PB and chocolate.

  9. PB and banana is pretty close :D

  10. This combination looks so yummy!

  11. I try to avoid too many choices in the morning because of lack of time. I usually have oats with fruit or a Luna Bar and Fruit.

  12. LOVE dishes! I too like my breakfast to be so satisfying and grand… and that’s why in a lot of ways I hate having obligation (such as work) so early in the morning… it forces me to be creative in how I can make something really yummy and awesome while I’m out of the house and kitchen.

    yum, bagels + pb!

  13. Not a chance! Love PB and chocolate! Hate when the alarm doesn’t go off. I must check mine 6 times before I can sleep!

  14. I have the same thing for bfast every day, or else I’m sure I would have the same dilemma.

    I overslept this morning too. But my alarm did go off, I have no excuse.

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