Local Flavor

Nick and I are just too cute   :)  Both on the couch, sitting with our laptops. Of course, he’s working on his dissertation and I’m blogging, but whatever!

I was hungry this afternoon!

I ate my snack of one of our golden jubliee tomatoes + homemade guac.


That held for me about 30 minutes, so then I broke into this.


yum. A slice of apple pie is always a good afternoon snack.

I had a lot of phone calls today at work, which is a little strange for me. It made for a weird day. Other than that, work was work for a Wednesday.

The family that bought the truck came by to pick it up today after work and one of their little girls totally made my day. I know kids often say things without thinking and I’ve heard some funny stuff before, but when they say something sweet, it just melts ya’! When the family was leaving, one of their little girls (she might have been 4 or 5?) leaned over in the car and told her mom “she’s pretty”, so when the mom turned back around to wave goodbye to us, she said back to her daughter “yeah, she is pretty”.

*blush* Seriously? I needed that today. I’ve been bloaty mccramperson the past couple of days which doesn’t make me feel too hot, so it just made my day. cute little girl.

I was excited for dinner tonight – almost everything was local!



I got the best zucchini at the farmer’s market this weekend. These little ones are so cute! I couldn’t wait to use them.

I sliced up all of these zucchini, 3 tomatoes from our garden, a pepper from our garden , and a small red onion.


I love that everything but the onion was either from our garden or our farmer’s market! Erin would be proud  :)


I layered the following in a 9×13 pan:

  • chicken breast topped with salt, pepper, garlic powder, dijon + whole grain mustard
  • zucchini
  • tomato
  • red onion
  • pepper
  • more salt, pepper, garlic powder and some thyme

Bake at 400 for 25-30 minutes or until the chicken is cooked through.

While that was in the oven, I cooked some Israeli couscous on the stovetop with some onion, garlic, and parsley. We love Israeli couscous. So doughy and delicious. And whole grain mustard is good on just about anything.


These veggies were so good! Wanna know the best thing? The zucchini actually tasted like zucchini. Not like the zucchini I used to get at the grocery store that really don’t taste like anything. Local produce is the best.

I’ve got a book to start tonight, but I’ve made a HUGE list of all your suggestions to take to the library over the next couple of weeks. I can’t wait! All of the suggestions sound great, so thanks!

What’s the best compliment you’ve ever received?


  1. When I was in AmeriCorps I had a student (3rd grader) ask me “Miss, are you married?” “no honey, I’m not” (confused look) “but you’re so beautiful!”
    nothing like children to pad the ego!
    Those little squashes are adorable! I wish I could convince my fiance that zucchini won’t kill you dead. It’s not as fun when you can’t share your food!

  2. Dinner looks amazing!!!!

    Best compliment i’ve received was that i had nice skin, even though i beg to differ sometimes. LOL

  3. I’ve never had Israeli couscous! I like how it looks so big. I bet I would like it. How do you make your guacamole?

  4. Aww that’s such a nice compliment :)

    Dinner looks gorge! So colorful. Love the localness!

  5. Dinner looks great! Israeli couscous is so good! Compliments like that from little kids are the best!

  6. Gorgeous local veggies! The picture of summer!

  7. abe and i are the same – always on opposite sides of the couches, laptops perched on our laps!!!

  8. oooh~ What a great meal! I’ve never tried Israeli couscous before but it looks so yummy! And I adore zucchinis these days!
    Best compliment: When my aunt professed me “100% recovered”! :-)

  9. aww that’s soooo sweet.

  10. local produce is the best! my favorite are local tomatoes…last week i ate my bag of golden cherry tomatoes before i got home from the farmer’s market! your zucchini dinner looks delicious :)

  11. Someone commented that I was “savvy”. I knew what it meant, but had to look it up in the dictionary just to be sure it actually was a compliment, lol.

  12. Aww! You are pretty!! My boyfriend and I sit with our laptops in bed at night. It’s like the couple that reads in bed before they go to sleep, only modernized. ha

  13. Those little zucchini are so cute! I have never tried Israeli couscous before….looks yummy. I’ve received quite a few compliments about my eyes, some people ask if I wear colored contacts because they’re so blue….but this was really cute- When I was a waitress a few years ago in Telluride (tourist town) a family at one of my tables complimented my eyes…and then the teenage girl drew eyes on her plate with ketchup and wrote “pretty eyes” in ketchup too. Random, but funny!
    All your meals look so good. go you! :)

  14. I love all your veggies today! I thought those tomatoes were lemons at first. How interesting!

    Kid compliments are the best, aren’t they? Sometimes kids are a little TOO honest about the negative things, but when it’s something flattering it just makes you feel so good.

  15. Oh, I love that dinner! Especially the local part :)

    Compliments are great! They always make me feel warm and fuzzy. Any time someone even thinks I’m “cool,” I sorta melt a bit inside.

  16. Aww, thats so sweet!! I think getting compliments from kids (esp. because they tend to be REALLY honest) or hearing someone say you’re pretty not directly to you are the best, they just seem so much more genuine.

  17. So cute!!! I’ve been bloaty this week too, ugh. Always nice to have a compliment to keep from focusing on it too much!

  18. I loved that story! That was so cute! I guess it’s the little things in life that make a world of a difference.

    And I forgot to comment on your post the other day about the shooting. Are you serious? I’m so glad that no one was hurt. But the fact that you actually had the bullet blows my mind. I’m not sure if I would have been tough enough to hold it. It would have freaked me out. Again, I’m glad everyone was safe and that that situation won’t deter you from visiting Honduras again.

    Best compliment? Hmmm, I’d have to say recently the best would be having a blogger who you have been following for months and admiring find your blog and give you praise ;)

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