Workin' It Out

Telework is going well today, except for some phone issues, but we’ll see what happens.

I will say that I love being able to make a hot lunch and decide what I’m in the mood for at home. Love it!


I bought these 2 portobello caps on sale this weekend so I knew I needed to use them today for lunch.

While I cooked them up in a pan with a little olive oil, I heated up a serving of frozen ground meat/zucchini tomato sauce from a few weeks ago and heated up some leftover steamed/roasted broccoli.


Like mushroom parmesan without the breading, frying, or pasta  :)  The sauce was delicious and just what I wanted. A touch of parmesan pulled it all together.


I really hope working from home works out, but if not, we should definitely have a fully stocked kitchen at work! :)  good idea, right?

I’ve got a busy afternoon ahead of me – back to work!

What’s your favorite Italian dish?


  1. mm portabello mushrooms!
    my fave Italian dish? gosh, does olive garden salad count? LOL.

  2. Looove the stuffed mushroom caps! My favorite Italian dish is gnocchi. It’s little balls of potato-y goodness. :P

  3. either lasagna or chicken Parmesan….yummy… i need to make some mushroom caps, yours look amazing! :)

  4. That looks much better than the lunch I packed for myself today. Jealous!! My favorite Italian dish… does Gelato count? :-) :-)

    I love teleworking too, although I only get to do it on Thursdays. It really is a treat, and I’m usually super productive with less interruptions. I usually have a better lunch too! Ha!! Enjoy your day!

  5. Your portobello mushroom caps looks phenomenal!! you’ve totally inpsired me :)

    My favorites Italian dish is probably stuffed shells with lots of spinach and melty cheese….mmm…

  6. my fave italian dish is pizza, especially the one with thick dough and little cheese.

  7. My fave Italian dish would have to be chicken parm – full fat, lighter version, baked, fried, half and half – I just love the breading, cheese, sauce and seasonings. I just bought some portobello caps today – too funny!

  8. My fav italian dishes are def caprese, bruschetta, linguini with clams, and really good bolognese. mm mmm mmmm basically anything Italian.

  9. Oh Brandi those mushroom caps look so good!!!

    There are too many Italian dishes to choose a favorite–but I love my mom’s lasagna, Jackie’s spag bol :) tiramisu, lobster ravioli, antipasta, wedding soup and my dad’s clam pasta.

  10. Still so jealous of your teleworking!

    Mushrooms are one food I’ve never learned to love, but that looks pretty tasty.

    My favorite Italian dish is home made pasta with lemon butter sauce. Simple and so indulgent!

  11. Oh how I love portobellos! That looks delicious!!

    My favorite Italian dish – Tiramisu :D

    T minus 1 hour and 18 minutes!

  12. those are great looking mushrooms!

    fav italian dish is def spaghetti w/ broccoli rabbe…so good.

  13. oh wow that is one great looking meal my dear! Love all the steamed broccoli.

    my favorite is my grandma’s stuffed shells :)

  14. Ooooo I haven’t had portabellas in a long time. I might have to buy some soon. My mom showed me how to grill them and the add some roasted red peppers, turkey and a slice of swiss. It’s divine!

    I love chicken marsala. I think it’s because I really can’t make it at home. I like other Italian food but I always end up with that at Italian Restaurants.

  15. I think my favorite italian dish is just good ol spaghetti and meatballs. Honestly, it’s pretty freaking hard to beat it!

  16. Love your filling in the mushrooms–I am always looking for ways to jazz mine up :-)

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